Software Testing Ownership Model

Prepared By Moolya

Prepared for Kuvera

July 2022

Client Introduction

  • Kuvera was started in 2016 to be the first Indian completely free investment management platform. They also provide Loans for Investment security.  
  • Considering the competitors in the market and the features they provide, the Kuvera team has opted to be an exceptional Wealth Management product.
  • Kuvera team has decided to provide build and deliver a quality product along with possible investment options
  • They currently have built applications on Mobile (Android and iOS) / Web to support various Business flows.
  • With the growing features of the application and considering the rate of user spike on the platform, Kuvera realized the need for expert hands in testing to solve the problems they were facing with current Ad-hoc release cycles. Hence they planned to onboard a testing team to help them achieve smoother and quality releases

Test Scope



Problem Statement / Challenges:

  • Kuvera is a fast-growing product in the finserv (financial services) domain and needs domain knowledge to analyze the quality of the product.
  • The team needs to be aligned with the testing cycles & add necessary efforts to build regular release cycles.
  • We realized a dedicated environment with test data for testing the application was also missing initially.
  • Moreover, regression testing was time-consuming due to third-party dependencies.
  • Blocker, High and Medium priority issues are only addressed for the new features. A couple of issues have been deferred for the upcoming releases
  • Previously deferred issues were not addressed in the major release

Our Approach to the solution

  • We started with understanding the business view and roadmap.
  • Picked up exploring the production application and discussed challenges with Kuvera Team.
  • Contributed to setting up a process and also making necessary improvements.
  • Introduced automation to reduce manual efforts and increase test coverage in the shortest time.

Device Coverage

Test Coverage in contrast to application scale

UI Test Automation Approach

Test Data Management

Test data is the key to executing automation test suites in different environments (staging, e2e, production). This section aims to understand the process or steps needed for data setup, cleanup, and reusability.

The above objective can be implemented with the concept of Test data setup and tear down functions in the Automation Framework:

Test Reports

Overall Features Automated

Automation Roadmap Progress

Moolya Value Addition

  • Up-skilled on the following and supported with deeper test coverage at API and server levels
  • Detailed bug logging helped developers to fix issues quicker & hence saved debugging time
  • Automation identifies new changes in the application like text changes, new fund house added, etc. Helped to understand the change when a new Fund House NJ was found on production without any prior heads-up to the testing team.
  • Release process stability (3 weeks cycle)
  • Suggesting movement of ‘Release Notes’ from google sheet to Jira tool and currently same is practiced from Kuvera team
  • Conduct release retrospect meets after each production release to discuss things that went well & things went wrong
  • Extended Device & Browser coverage using Browserstack & Sofy tools from release and also found platform-specific bugs
  • Request for feature KT in advance from product and also to share requirement document
  • Continuous follow-up with the dev team to get bug closure
  • Based on user reviews UI/UX test charters are defined(P3)
  • Better visibility of test execution using the coda
  • Code re-base to staging as per production post every release
  • A few issues were identified in the early stages

Product Updates At Moolya

At Bugasura, We look at user feedback and reviews to provide pure value and serve them the best we can.

We found out that our users were having trouble with Jira sync. And last week's sprint was all about it.

We got this Big Big Jira Update for you !

Bugasura and Jira are now in complete sync

Mapping Fields: Map both the system and custom fields between Bugasura and Jira.

Auto push: Sync all issues in one click

Pull feature: Changes made to issue details inside Jira, will also reflect in Bugasura.

Auto-sync: Issue details, comments, and attachments are all synced automatically when an already synced issue is changed.

Moolya Capabilities

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