Software Testing Staff Aug Model

Prepared By Moolya

Prepared for Wealthy

August 2022

Client Introduction

  • Wealthy’s aim is to help investors and Professionals to become wealthy.
  • Any Professionals can earn money by suggesting the products to their friends, family & other people with the “wealthy partner” app. Sell & Earn
  • It provides a platform the investors where investors can invest in Mutual Funds, Insurance, pre IPO and Debentures.
  • Wealthy giving earning opportunities to the wealth advisors, any Professionals can register as a ‘wealth advisor’ in the wealthy partner app, wealth advisor has to suggest suitable products to the clients by sending proposals for the products.

Test Scope

Test Coverage

Test Deliverables



  • No updates on the feature changes while testing the same Features.
  • No updates on upcoming Releases before testing
  • No updates on the upcoming changes in the Product & Testing item

Our Approach to the solution

  • Tech: Feedback to developers on how they can prevent these issues and reporting bugs and observations by deeper technical investigation than surface-level issues
  • Product: Feedback to BA and PO on the requirements and usefulness to the business.
  • Test Value: Implementing different coverage models.



Lessons Learnt

Quality Reports


Moolya Capabilities

Case Studies

With NFTs buzzing around the markets like busy honey bees, Lysto offered Moolya a great opportunity to work for KGFVerse. It is India's first ever metaverse project conceived and launched by Hombale Films Productions as a promotional event for the release of the film: K.G.F Chapter 2 in association with BookMyShow.

Each team and every business we work with comes with their own challenges, and their own story. One such story in the making as we post this is our journey with Collibra. Collibra is a data intelligence and data governance company based in New York, USA. They aim to “make data meaningful” and ease out complex data management.

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