Software Testing Ownership Model

Prepared By Moolya

Prepared for Gullak

August 2022

Client Introduction

The Customer is an Indian Fin-tech(Financial Technology) based startup that helps the customers develop a habit of regular savings by starting micro-savings for them and investing them in gold in order to show the customers the power of compounding to make them switch from older methods of investment like Banks and FD which give a lower rate of returns as compared to gold.

Test Scope

Problem Statement / Challenges

  • The customer wanted to launch two major features in their application in order to promote savings and investment in gold i.e. Save Daily and Save on Every Spend.
    • SaveDaily - This feature promotes micro-savings as well as investment in gold by creating a goal for the user with a starting amount anywhere between ₹10 to ₹500 and then giving an Autopay mandate for this goal using any of the two UPI apps i.e. PhonePe and PayTM. Once the goal is set, the application will send a notification via the UPI app with which the user has created the mandate every day and deduct money from the said UPI app the next day.
    • Save on Every Spend - This feature promotes the name of the application, where the user can save the remaining change(chillar) from any online transaction that the user does in one whole day. This can be done by allowing the application to read SMS in order to detect the spending done by the User in a day. The application lets the user create a goal for a feature and asks for his/her permission to detect spending via SMS, then if the other goal (Save Daily) is not created or created for a mandated amount less than that of SoS, the user will be guided to create an autopay mandate for this goal in the same way as for the other goal.
  • Some other minor features included Save More where the user can add additional money to the already created goals in order to reach their targets faster and Withdraw where the user can withdraw money from any of the two goals created at any point in time.
  • Other than these feature-based challenges, a major challenge was the co-existence of an app with the same features and an existing market with about 5 million-plus active users. The target was to make the User Interface and User Experience much better, more comfortable, and simple than the existing app which was the major issue of the existing application.
  • Many other features like Rewards based on referral codes, rewards for successfully setting up Autopay, rewards for adding amounts more than 500, and many more to come were introduced at later stages of the Application and many more features like giving options to the user to save monthly and the UI has also been revamped.

Tools Used

Moolya's Approach to the solution

A thorough regression testing of the application starts right from the application design and development stage till the time a final product is released for production. The testing takes place in an exploratory(manual) format for now and will shift to Automated tests in the foreseen future once the app becomes stable in the market. The exploratory testing takes place in two parts which include the Backend and the Frontend part of the app.

Backend testing

Backend testing took place by testing APIs for different flows for the app as much as possible by writing and executing various test cases, edge cases, and complex flows or features that couldn't be converted into the form of APIs in order to test it, we would have a testing session where the testers, as well as the developers, would sit together and test what would happen when certain test cases are executed by testers by looking at the backend logs as well DBMS system called Kibana and in table format in Metabase.

Frontend testing

Frontend testing takes place by uniformly writing down all the test cases as well as edge cases possible and executing them as well as creating documents on the coda page for proper documentation and regression. All the bugs and irregularities found in the app are noted down in Bugasura for bug tracking and regression.


Overall, the testing done for both front-end as well backend and integration as a whole is taking place quite smoothly and will be done so in the form of the exploratory testing method until automation is required and given the go-ahead.

Test Coverage in contrast to application scale

Device Coverage

Device Names

Android Version


Samsung Galaxy Neo

Android 5

2 GB

Redmi Note 4

Android 7

3 GB

Vivo V9 Pro

Android 9

4 GB


Android 10

6 GB

Samsung M31

Android 11

8 GB

Test Coverage


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