An all-new genesis of Ceramic Surface Protection that is the Optimal Protection for your Caravan, Camper, RV or Motorhome!

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Protection Brands is a division within Australia's largest and best dealer protection provider who has been operating in Australia for more than 65 years and has protected more than 5 MILLION (5,000,000 +) vehicles in Australia during this time.

It is our extensive 65+ years experience, advanced product and technology that is continuously updated and developed, dedication to consumers, in-house R&D as well as manufacturing and best in class protection products for the automotive, aerospace and caravanning industries that has ensured Protection Brands is the OEM, Dealer and consumer partner of choice for over 5 Million Australians!

Working with some of the largest Dealer Groups in Australia as well as some of the most recognized vehicle OEMs such as Mercedes-Benz Asia Pacific, Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicles, Mitsubishi Motors Australia, Honda Australia and Mazda Australia, Protection Brands is uniquely positioned to know everything your vehicle needs, inside and out!

In conjunction with our award winning and globally recognised product ranges such as Permagard & CERFACE, exclusive to our business; Protection Brands now has an adventure or leisure vehicle specific Ceramic Treatment range that is purpose built for the Caravanning industry.



Utalising best-in-class products that are exclusive to our business, Protection Brands is in the unique position to you with Australia's newest and best Ceramic Surface Protection for Caravans, Campers, RV's and Motorhomes, that is leisure or adventure vehicle specific!


Check out a recent interview with GoRV about the OptiVAN range and how we can protect your investment!

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The Optimal Caravan, Camper, RV and Motorhome specific protection product range for leisure and adventure vehicles!

The OptiVAN range is an extension on technology N.A.S.A. devised from the ceramic-based paints used on space shuttles for their heat insulation and anti-corrosion properties.

OptiVAN Exterior

Is Australia’s first leisure vehicle specific treatment that is a two-step Ceramic Surface Exterior Protection Coating AND also utilises the proven protective capabilities of Graphene against a huge range of contaminants.

The OptiVAN Exterior protection, augmented with Graphene interlocks with your Caravan, Camper, RV or Motorhomes surface, creating an extra tough layer that delivers extreme durability and a long-lasting super gloss finish.

BUT, just creating an extra tough layer of durability wasn't enough for us. We needed to achieve what no other protection product has to date and with OptiVAN....

We have!

OptiVAN's Independent testing (Hardness & thickness ratings)

During the final stages of preparing the OptiVAN range, Protection Brands had the OptiVAN Exterior independently and lab tested. The results far exceeded our own expectations and we can now officially say that the OptiVAN Ceramic Exterior protection is the:

Hardest and Thickest Ceramic on todays market.

Test was completed on 28/7/2022 by KOTITI who is a global testing & research institute for R&D and innovative technology. Results of the test:

  1. 1.OptiVAN Exterior achieved a result of "OVER 9H" on the Mohs scale. (9H is as hard as they can test and most other ceramics can only say they "achieved" 9H. OptiVAN exceeded 9H).
  2. 2.OptiVAN Exterior achieved a average thickness level of 9 microns, making it one of; if not the thickest Ceramics on todays market. (Most other ceramics are between 2 and 4 microns thick).

Combine these two results and we have achieved the strongest, thickest and most durable Ceramic Paint Protection on the market.

OptiVAN's Exterior Treated Surfaces

OptiVAN is the complete exterior 9H+ Graphene Ceramic protection range for your Caravan, Camper, RV or Motorhome that is applied to:

  1. 1.All Painted Panels (Front, Sides, Rear & Roof)
  2. 2.Checker Plate Panels
  3. 3.Body Stickers & Decals
  4. 4.Windows
  5. 5.Skylights
  6. 6.Sunroofs
  7. 7.Solar Panels
  8. 8.Head Lights
  9. 9.Taillights
  10. 10.Blinker Lights

OptiVAN Interior

Works to keep the interior of your Caravan, Camper, RV or Motorhome fresh, easy to clean and mess resistant and is a new all-in-one Leather, Fabric, Plastic and Vinyl Protection.

The technology included within OptiVAN Interior adheres to every fibre of textile material and provides a flexible barrier, preventing stains from food, drink and soiling from everyday use.

The treated surface is easier to clean while the micro-technology offers ongoing protection. Surfaces are more durable against harmful UV rays and high temperatures that cause the interior surfaces to dull and fade.

OptiVAN's Interior Treated Surfaces

OptiVAN is the complete interior protection range for your Caravan, Camper, RV or Motorhome that is applied to:

  1. 1.Curtains
  2. 2.Carpets
  3. 3.Cushions
  4. 4.Lounges
  5. 5.Bedframes
  6. 6.Headboards
  7. 7.Cupboard surfaces
  8. 8.Internal Flooring
  9. 9.Internal Walls
  10. 10.Shower screen doors
  11. 11.Shower Walls & Tiles
  12. 12.Benchtops
  13. 13.Tabletops

Antimicrobial Shield

Utilising the leading technology in hygiene protection, the Protection Brands Antimicrobial Shield not only kills 99.99% of all bacteria, mould and pathogens, it also actively repels and eliminates future infestations.

With an airborne application process, the Antimicrobial Shield reaches all exposed surfaces to permeate the parts of the Caravan, Camper, RV or Motorhome that you don’t see. This makes our Antimicrobial Shield a viable and inexpensive alternative to traditional treatments.

  • Tested to inactivate 99.9% of COVID-19 for up to 28 days
  • Kills 99.99% of S.aureus, E.coli, P.aeruginosa, E.hirae, C.albicans and A.brasiliensis
  • Non-toxic sanitiser
  • Protects your interior for extended periods of time
  • Reduces cabin odours from things like pet odours, mould and mildew
  • Invisible and odourless
  • Tested, approved and as utilized by the Australian Navy Fleet. More information on this can be found here:

What sets us apart even further in comparison to other brands, is our LIFETIME WARRANTY and after purchase support.

Protection Brands is focused on delivering the highest level of customer service and no where more important for this is in the event of a warranty enquiry or claim.

The OptiVAN range includes Australia's best LIFETIME warranty coverage for Caravans, Campers, RV's and Motorhomes and when compared to other major providers to the Caravanning industry, there are things we do NOT do and things we absolutely DO do, such as:

Things we do NOT do (that they do):

  • There are NO annual or ongoing inspections applicable
  • There are NO annual or requirements for reapplications
  • There are NO additional costs or hidden fees that apply
  • Vehicles do NOT need to be registered at all times for the warranty to remain valid
  • We do NOT have a limit of $ liability (whatever it costs to repair a your vehicle, we pay it or fix it)
  • There is NO limit to how many claims you can make
  • There is NO requirement for you to attend the same location they had the products fitted for warranty repairs

Things we DO do (that they do NOT do):

  • Lifetime Warranty!
  • We DO warrant against loss of gloss
  • We DO warrant against bug splatter damage
  • We DO warrant against tree sap damage
  • We DO warrant against water marks & spotting
  • We DO warrant against water etching damage
  • We DO warrant against mineral buildup
  • We DO warrant against bird dropping damage
  • We DO warrant against bat dropping damage
  • We DO warrant against berry staining
  • We DO warrant against leaf staining
  • We DO warrant against oxidisation
  • We DO warrant against discolouration
  • We DO warrant against fading
  • We DO warrant against road grime
  • We DO warrant the Hydrophobic properties of the protection
  • We DO warrant against Environmental fallout damage
  • We DO warrant against Sunscreen damage
  • We DO warrant against the staining of interior materials
  • We DO warrant against Coffee / Milk / Soda stains
  • We DO warrant against Lipstick or Make-up stains
  • We DO warrant against Ultraviolet light (UV) damage

No other protection product for the Caravanning industry warrants against as many contaminants as the OptiVAN range, nor looks after you as well as the OptiVAN range. Period! ...

And we can prove it here >>>> OptiVAN Warranty Coverage and Competitor Comparison

For a product and Warranty Comparison table that highlights some of the differences in product and warranty terms between OptiVAN and other caravan protection companies, please contact Sheri, Dan or Adam on the below or visit > OptiVAN Warranty Coverage and Competitor Comparison

Should you have any questions or would like more information on the OptiVAN range, please do not hesitate to contact:

Sheri McEntee

Customer Sales & Delivery Coordinator 0404 599 738

Dan Rice

Development Manager 0455 897 730

Adam Camilleri

Sales Manager 0499 701 743