Software Testing One Time Release Readiness Model

Prepared By Moolya

Prepared for Alaan Pay

August 2022

Client Introduction

  • Alaanpay is a company providing a set of software solutions for expense management.
  • Alaan, which was founded last year, aims to manage all company expenditures made by employees through corporate cards and generate automated invoice payments.
  • The employees are issued corporate cards through which they can make payments this transaction gets updated on a Portal which the Corporate admin of the company will be maintaining.
  • Alaan has also developed a mobile application for employees through which they can manage their corporate cards and the payments made.

Test Scope

Testing Objective

Source of Information

Quality Criteria

Test Approach

Promises by Moolya

  • Moolya will ensure all personas 1st - Alaan admin, 2nd - Client admin,3rd - Client employee (spender), and flows & functionalities are fully tested
  • Regression tested to ensure there is transparency on the quality level achieved across the product
  • This will help the AlaanPay team to take an informed launch decision
  • The test planning and execution of this will be managed by Moolya
  • Help set up proper QA processes and culture and the right collaboration approach between QA, Tech, and Product

Test Coverage in contrast to application scale



Platform Coverage

  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Browsers



📱Device Coverage

Physical devices available-Oxygen OS

Test Statistics

Mobile OS



Moolya Value Addition

  • Plan for Exploratory testing approach
  • Plan for Release readiness testing approach
  • Browser / Device coverage
  • Bug reports
  • Regressions

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