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A little about us

We work with remote communities in West Africa to improve access to clean drinking water, increase awareness of waterborne diseases and build long-term civic infrastructure. Since forming in 2007, our US-based fundraising staff and our African action team have worked together to improve thousands of lives – and we’re just getting started.

Our Values

We believe that:

  • Access to clean drinking water and safe sanitation facilities are basic human rights
  • Education has the power to transform communities right around the globe
  • People in the developing world know best how to improve their lives

What we do

Our teams on the ground in Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger work directly with communities to provide immediate access to safe drinking water while also laying the groundwork for long-term change. Our approach is three-pronged:

1. Water Access and purification

We quickly assess the current situation in a community: is water readily available and, if so, is it safe to drink? If there is an urgent need for clean water, we truck it in. Otherwise, we distribute materials such as water purification tablets, portable water filters and gas-powered stovetops for water boiling. 

2. Water Education

Working with local governments where possible, we present information to remote communities that helps them:

  • Independently purify or filter drinking water where needed
  • Identify waterborne diseases and prevent their spread
  • Divide and manage water resources among the community

3. Water Infrastructure

In consultation with remote communities, we draw up a long-term action plan that will create water security and improve health outcomes. Our goal is to provide each community with:

  • A reliable source of water for drinking and washing (either from a well or river) and the means to clean that water
  • Sanitation facilities (including handwashing facilities) that minimize the spread of disease
  • A plan for sustainable agricultural activities, including the installation of irrigation infrastructure if needed

What it costs

Contributions to WaterWorks have a direct and measurable impact.

  • $10 Pays for a family water-filtration device
  • $100 Pays for water purification tablets for a community of 500 people for a month
  • $1000 Pays for equipment and labor to build a well in a remote West African community.

All donors to WaterWorks can opt to receive our monthly newsletter via post or email, plus quarterly updates on specific regions and communities.

"WaterWorks focuses on the big picture and helps empower communities, which makes it one of the most effective charities I’ve come into contact with in West Africa."

 - Hans Guber, director of operations, UNHCR (West Africa)

Where we're going

Our goal is to have created long-term water security and safe sanitation facilities for 100,000 people by 2025. But we need your help.

How you can help

Give a one-off contribution to WaterWorks and make an immediate impact on the ground.

Or sign up to give regularly and we’ll connect you with a specific community or communities so you can follow our progress more closely over a period of time.

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