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We helped Jungle Concrete to become an efficient logistical operation, distributing quality concrete to the greater Chicago metropolitan area.

By enhancing their fleet tracking ability and putting more power in the hands of drivers, trucks are now always deliver the right order to the right site with precision punctuality.

It's A Jungle

When Every Second Counts

In a big city like Chicago, there’s always something being built. But because concrete needs to remain in its liquid form so that it can be poured and surfaced properly, delays are hard to manage.

Big-city traffic, combined with a multitude of of construction sites big and small meant that deliveries were often poorly scheduled, leading to wasted concrete, lost revenue and dissatisfied clients. Jungle Concrete’s fleet needed to be on time with the right amount of product to ensure successful delivery and satisfied customers.

“I started out at construction as a teenager, I’ve seen everything. But Compass Consulting really opened my eyes to the high level of efficiency a modern construction business – any business – needs to have.”

Bill Peters

Head of Logistics, Jungle Concrete


Real Time Tracking

We carefully reviewed Jungle Concrete’s entire operation, from suppliers to fleet coordination to the opinions of the people who drive the trucks. We uncovered insights that illuminated more than just getting from A to B – we learned how Chicago moved.

It became apparent that Jungle needed a real-time tracking solution that would allow trucks to be diverted to different sites if building schedules were running behind – or ahead – of schedule to ensure that the right mixture found its way to a construction site ready to receive it. We also implemented a communication system that worked for teams preparing concrete mixtures, logistics team at head office, drivers on the roads and third party foreman on site.


Wastage reduced 32%

By putting a smartphone in the hand of every driver and updating all mapping systems at head office, every truck could be tracked in real time with delivery details updated and pushed to units on the road immediately.

Drivers were empowered to communicate with head office when traffic was bad or sites were behind schedule. Not only did this lead to a more punctual delivery service, but wastage has been reduced by 32%.

Scope Of Work

We provided the following the services for Jungle Concrete:

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