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Construction Proposal

Prepared By: Timothy Reynolds

For: Frontier Development

Date: 4/3/2025

Let's Build Something Excellent.

Dear Frontier Development:

Thank you for the opportunity to discuss your project and learn more about what you are hoping to accomplish.

We believe that we have the adequate industry experience and availability to deliver your project on time and on budget.

We also believe that we have communicated well so far and believe that this will be both and enjoyable and successful collaboration.

Thanks for the opportunity and look forward to your thoughts on this proposal!

-Timothy Reynolds, General Contractor

Proposal Outline:

1. Project Summary

2. Timeline

3. Logistics

4. Company Profile

5. Job Site & Project Estimate

6. Terms & Conditions

Project Summary


This proposal is for a 10 unit apartment complex to be built for Frontier Development at an estimated cost of $600,000. It will be built at Northwest Johnson Street, Portland, and will begin on 19/06/2025.

Work Scope

This proposal is a comprehensive estimate for the full range of goods and services required to complete this job from start to finish. All materials, labor, goods and services are included in this estimate.

Plans & Permits

We will secure all required permits and other documentation prior to the start date of this project. As previously discussed, Frontier Development has already received final plans back from engineering and are currently in the process of being approved by the city of Portland and are estimated to be verified before the start date.


Frontier Development is responsible for providing the following:

  • Bathroom facilities on site
  • Security of all personal property
  • Access to electrical power and lighting
  • Garbage receptacles


Phase 1: Foundation

During the first three months we will be site preparation, grading and building the foundation for the apartment complex.

Phase 2: Framing

The next two months will consist of framing the complex in preparation of completing the building process.

Phase 3: Building

The next six months we will be installing doors, windows, roofing, flooring and siding, installation of HVAC, plumbing, and electrical, painting and other tasks related to filling out the complex.

Phase 4: Finishes

The last month of the project we will be finishing all the fine details, such as cabinet finishes, trim work, and other detailed tasks.



Material selection will be based upon previously agreed processes and budgets discussed during our discovery meetings and reflected in the price of this proposal. If material becomes unavailable we will use the next best alternative.


Frontier Development will provide all necessary bathroom facilities, garbage receptacles and access to power during the construction.


We will secure all building permits before beginning construction, and Frontier Development will receive all city and county approvals prior to beginning construction.

Site Management

We will assume ownership of excess materials used on the site and will leave the site clean and free of debris upon completion of the project. We are not responsible for theft of personal property left at the site for any reason.


A good faith effort should be made to respond to all communication efforts within 48 business hours. Monthly meetings will also be held to provide project updates and address any issues.

Company Profile

Reynolds Construction has been building great homes and complexes since 1988.


Reynolds Construction is an employee-owned company located in Portland, OR. Founded in 1988, we've built our reputation by getting projects consistently done on time and on budget. We now have a team of 20 full time staff and have great relationships with our vendors and subcontractors.

Mission Statement

We strive to build the best possible structure with every project we engage through a combination of ethical practice, organized systems and only hiring people that support a positive, result-focused culture.


  • 4-20 unit apartment complexes
  • Small motels
  • Single-story commercial structures

Past Projects

Below please find a gallery of recent projects we've completed.

Left Coast Central Offices

Cherryview Historic Apartments Renovation

Tiki Street Motel

More Projects

Build Site & Estimate

The details

Reynolds Construction got our job done on budget and about three weeks ahead of schedule. They navigated several challenging situations with wisdom and communicated with us along the way. We will always be working with them.

-Sunscape Homes

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions (Summary)

A detailed TOC will be signed when everything is finalized on paper.


We offer a one year warranty  against all defects of workmanship and materials. This warranty does not include:

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Defects in equipment or appliances covered by the manufacturer
  • Cracks formed after concrete sets
  • Damage from sunlight
  • Loss or damage due to weather or acts of God

Unforeseeable Events

{Client Name} is responsible for all unforeseeable conditions that may arise during the course of this project. For significant events, {Client Name} will contact us and submit a change order to adjust the estimate.


In the unlikely event of a dispute, it may be submitted to a private arbitration service in the State of {State}


Payment for this work will be completed in the following manner:

  • 30% due to start work
  • 40% due at the midway point
  • 30% due upon completion

Next Steps

We are excited to work with you!

Please use the calendar below to schedule a follow up meeting to discuss this proposal in detail.

You can't build a great building on a weak foundation. You must have a solid foundation if you're going to have a strong superstructure.

-Gordon Hinckley