Kangaroo Shoes Case Study

We partnered with Kangaroo Shoes to create an augmented reality game for their new Smart Shoe For Kids. Our campaign took Kangaroo Shoes from the 31st largest online children’s shoes retailer to the first.

The Challenge

Kangaroo's Growing Pains

A Commodified Product

Kangaroo Shoes had been hugely successful as online retailer of shoes for children, but when they approached Abacus they were having trouble growing their marketshare. Children’s shoes had become commodified and it was hard to stand out among the competition.

A New Technology

The Kangaroo Research & Development unit had been experimenting adding with Internet-Of-Things capabilities to their shoes but were unsure how to market the new technology. Kangaroo tasked Abacus with creating a campaign to launch these new shoes, generate awareness and raise Kangaroo's marketshare. We were thrilled and set our team of expert strategists, designers and technologists to work.

Our Solution

AR Gaming + Fit

Our Strategy & Discovery sessions unearthed a big theme around kids and footwear: the relationship between technology and physical exercise. There is a common notion that they are mutually exclusive. But after working on this concept we had a breakthrough. We realised with the right mix of technology, footwear, strategy and design they could actually enhance one another. Paired with Kangaroo Shoes new Smart Shoe, gaming could actually help kids stay active. 

We built an augmented reality game called Arena in which kids earned “power points" by staying active and fit.




The augmented reality game Arena we created with Kangaroo turns the dynamics of digital games and exercise upside down. The more time children want to spend gaming, the more active they are.

“Abacus has a magical mix of strategy, design and technology that completely transformed our Smart Shoe business”

Adamo Miyozaki

COO of Kangaroo Shoes.


We’re proud to say that over the course of this campaign, Kangaroo Shoes went from being the 31st largest online retailer of children’s shoes to the first - and were completely sold out of their new Smart Shoe For Kids within two months of the campaigns launch. 

Scope of Work

Branding Services

  • Branding Strategy
  • Visual Identity and Assets
  • Collateral
  • Brand Guidelines

Design & Development Services

  • Content Strategy and Production
  • User Flow Mapping
  • Wireframing and Prototyping
  • Visual Design

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