How VisitMaui tripled their monthly traffic with BARRL

We helped VisitMaui triple their monthly traffic through a combination of targeted search terms and a long term content marketing strategy.

Since working with BARRL, we're outranking every single competitor, and with metrics like that, it’s hard to argue.

Kiera Miyozaki — VisitMaui


The Challenge

Drive coastal tourism to the island of Maui, and increase traffic to the official government website.

Boost tourism interest

With tourism numbers and bookings declining over the last five years, VisitMaui wanted to drive back interest to the beautiful island of Maui. Competing with the other islands of Hawaii, Maui's positioning had been diluted, with more tourists choosing other "adventure fuelled" islands.

Kiera Miyozaki, Marketing Executive at VisitMaui, has the wonderful chance to lead the organization's marketing efforts. She says, "BARRL helped us get the core problem we were facing, and tailored their approach every step of the way. They never once suggested a blanket solution, and took the time to really understand the island's market". 


The Solution

Create a long term strategy that would compound over time.

A compounding strategy 

The team at VisitMaui wanted to reposition Maui as an adventure destination—and after in depth research into their competing space and the island's offering, we worked together to create a campaign that would see a positive return over time. 

Kiera wanted to equip the team with the ability to continue with our marketing strategies after the end of the campaign. 

“BARRL became an extension of our team—they kept us involved every step of the way. By keeping their actions transparent, they gave us knowledge to continue improving even after the campaign end."

To kick things off, we begun by looking at competitors and the gaps in the market. We analyzed the gaps for healthy keywords, potential links, a longterm content marketing strategy that would allow Kiera to guide the team in the coming 6-12 months.

By focusing on white hat strategies, we gave VisitMaui a compounding approach to their search rankings, allowing them to stay ahead in the coming years. 


Increase traffic to the VisitMaui website

Grow the email subscriber list

Increase affiliate link conversions


The Results

An increase in website traffic and overall rankings for key search terms.

3x monthly traffic

We’re proud to say that over the course of this campaign, VisitMaui consistently tripled their monthly traffic. In this time, we launched their blog as the main driver of engagement, and the team has continued executing our recommended strategy. 

VisitMaui is now ranked #1 for adventure-focused keywords, and affiliate link conversions have increase by 65% year on year.

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