Discovery Follow Up Template

Recap from last week

Template Creator:
Alexine Mudawar
CEO @ Women in Sales

(Champion), (Decision maker),

Insert personalisation e.g. It was wonderful speaking with you both! I hope the offsite in Boston last week was productive!

A few of the big themes I heard on our call:

  1. 1.Speed up demo routing to reps
  2. 2.Increase demo booking rates
  3. 3.Qualify demo opportunities further (without burdening the buyer)

Were there any key areas I missed or that you'd like to add?


(Rep name)


Include champion quote e.g. Right now, I fear we’re losing good opportunities because prospects are not getting assigned to reps fast enough. Our current tech set up means there’s a delay and RevOps has to jump in to manually assign some leads.


Next steps



Impact Assessment & Working Session w/ RevOps (Felix)



Demo w/ CRO (Lucy)



Business Case to CFO (Maria)