Qwilr is looking for a

Wordsmith to join our team.


This is no minor thing: you will be the voice of our brand and the voice of our company.

We’re looking for a writer with a mastery of tone, who can sculpt language to suit a range of contexts and situations.

This role is based in sunny Sydney, Australia.

What The Wordsmith Will Do:


  • Customer case studies & success stories
  • Website copy and landing pages
  • Newsletters
  • Blog posts
  • In-app copy
  • Product announcements
  • Templates and template packs


  • Craft Product Messaging: when we release new features or upgrades we need to formulate value propositions and messaging, explaining why this feature delivers value. 
  • Coordinating With Product Team: working with Design to understand the user needs that drove product changes, and ensuring that our language is refined and ready for release dates.
  • User Research and Interviews: understanding our users, what drives them and what their commercial environments looks like, will be a vital part of succeeding as the Qwilr Wordsmith. 

The Hard Things About This Role

(Which Are Also The Best Things).


At Qwilr we’re building something that has no precedent, chasing exponential growth and grappling with scarce resources. This is the genuine startup experience. Our days are filled with problems to be solved. Sometimes it means making mistakes and that’s OK. In the world of startups you need humility, independence and a good dose of fortitude. But if you’re the right kind of mind, it’s also the most fun you’ll ever have.


Our first principle as a company is “Undeniable Bestness”. We believe in winning our race by being the best, not throughs hacks and shortcuts. This means we have a high bar of excellence at the company. For product, design, code, language and for people. There is an ingrained craftsperson streak in us. Now, no beating around the bush: excellence is damn hard work. It requires a lot of iteration and a lot of: “why isn’t this working?”. We go back to the drawing board, because we care deeply about the things we produce.


Words must flow into business outcomes. Balancing craft and aesthetics against metrics results can be a challenge in every discipline. But it is also one of the most rewarding skills to strengthen. To succeed as our Wordsmith you’ll need to invest in understanding our commercial landscape, and how what you write fits into the dynamics of business.


Ira Glass, of uber-podcast This American Life, talks about a gulf between taste and execution. How one may have great taste right from the beginning, but spend a lifetime getting one’s execution to match. This is one of the major challenges for our Wordsmith. Not only having great taste when crafting just the right language to engage our audience, but also being able to clearly articulate for themselves and the rest of the team why a piece of language is off-tone and how it could be improved. 

The Great Things About This Role


We have tens of thousands of users, across 80 countries, creating qwilrs in over 26 languages - and we are growing every day. Your words will reach a lot of eye balls. 


From founders, to marketing, to design, to support and sales - language is a first class citizen at Qwilr and a cornerstone of how we embody “Undeniable Bestness” for our audience. We take language and good writing seriously.  


Qwilr has no requirements about attire or what time you turn up at the office. What we care about is that you produce excellent work and collaborate well. For some people that means working from home a few days a week. For some people that means sleeping late and working in the night. For some people that means going to the gym in the middle of the day. Whatever it is that makes you comfortable, focused and able to produce great work and collaborate well.


Happy and healthy people can focus, push themselves when it matters and do great work. Exhausted and stressed people do not do good work. Part of Qwilr’s focus on “Undeniable Bestness” is a focus on encouraging employees to be mentally rested, to take leave and to lead fulfilled lives outside of work. We want the best people and we want to keep them. That means ensuring that life is compatible with work and ultimately, enhance one another. 


We’ve got that list of impressive backgrounds we can reel off (Google, Microsoft, Campaign Monitor, Harvard etc) - but what you really need to know is this: Qwilr is fierce about finding the best people and providing them an environment to flourish. That means we’ve got a team of really smart people, who really care about, and take pride, in what they do. 


“Clarity Through Collaboration” is one of our three principles. Many important company decisions begin by gathering thoughts from across the entire company, emphasising a diversity of opinion and perspective. Sound arguments can come from anywhere and can have a profound impact on the direction of the company.

Our Vetting Process - What To Expect.

1 - The Letter: this job is fundamentally about words and how to use them. While we are a company pushing the paradigm of what communication can be in the 21st century, we also have a lot of respect for the lineage of communication that’s come before us (i.e. like Qwilr Postcards). So the first step in this process is to write us a letter (see below for all the details).

2 - Meet The Founders: if your letter resonates with us, we’ll have you email us the traditional CV and you’ll come in to meet the founders, Dylan (our CEO) and Mark (our COO). This will be an informal chat. An opportunity for you to get to know us at a human level, and for us to get to know you.

3 - The Circuit: the practical part of our vetting process will give you the opportunity to show us your command of language. You’ll be creating some short writing samples across different mediums and contexts. These may include website copy, (very short) blog posts, a newsletter, in-app messages, email copy etc. 

4 - The Reverse Interview: if you ace The Circuit writing, you’ll do a “reverse” interview with a few of the Qwilr team. At Qwilr we believe fundamentally that great people build great companies. So our approach to company building is quite simple: find the best people and create an environment for them to flourish. But don’t take our word for it. Speak to the team members themselves and hear what they have to say about it. 

Why Qwilr?

Qwilr makes it easy for people to express themselves using the web. You can read more here: http://blog.qwilr.com/why-qwilr/


Think you might be our Wordsmith?

We’d love to hear from you.


To kick off the application process, submit a letter to http://jobs.qwilr.com/o/wordsmith/c/new answering the following:

Pick any tool, app or service you use for your work that you love. In (not more than) 750 words, tell us why you love it and what, if anything, you would change about it.