Group Think.

Mining our hive intelligence.

Terminology FYI: "Group Think" is a tongue-in-cheek term, because actually we want the opposite. The term comes from George Orwell's classic 1984 (see here for more).

The purpose of a "Group Think" is to gather different view points, arguments and insights from across the company on critically important matters.

The forum is private. It is a communication channel between yourself and founders only. So speak your mind, have strong opinions, argue for whatever you believe is the right course. If it's a contrarian position to the rest of the company, or the founders, or common opinion, so much the better. Add it to the mix.

The point here is to avoid conformity of thought - in a word to avoid: group think (see what I did there? 😬).


  • 1.Founders will email the team with question(s).
  • 2.You deliberate, cogitate, mull, inspect, dissect, formulate and reformulate, until you've come to your own conclusions on the matter.
  • 3.Email your thoughts to myself & Mark.

  • Reason Wins.

    To be clear, "Group Think" is a consultative process and not group decision making. We're not voting on a course of action democratically. We are gathering the spectrum of paths available to us, and the arguments for each. Weighing the merits of those arguments is the job of the founders and the board.

    If you want the company to take your proposed path: make the most compelling argument. Volume of voice won't win, quality of reason will.