Virtual Experience Programs

Virtual Programs that empower your team to navigate change and embrace innovation through a mindset of courage and connection

Given the current requirements for physical distancing, team members are pushed to adapt to the new normal, navigate their day fraught with distractions, and adopt new forms of communication with other remote team members.

This new normal requires new ways of thinking, communicating, and connecting with others that we can help practice via the remote experiences described below!

What We Do

It’s only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow, and transform. ― Roy T. Bennett

The entrepreneurial spirit, the ability to thrive in unknown and uncertain environments, is not a skill that comes naturally to most but is a necessity for creativity and innovation. To fight employee complacency and encourage employees to expand their comfort zone, we create programs that foster a culture of innovation and growth. We do this through recurring mindset training, designed to expose your team to the discomfort and challenge necessary to condition a mindset of innovation, reframe obstacles as opportunities, and innovate from the unknown.

Virtual Sessions

Virtual Programs - Experiential Workshops

Our Virtual Experiences can be facilitated remotely by shipping or purchasing VR headsets or by using a smartphone app and video conferencing tools to remotely re-create the experiential and social dynamics seen in the video below.

3 Virtual Program Delivery Options

  • Option #1 - We utilize a smartphone app downloaded on each participant's phone and Zoom video conferencing to facilitate an experience focused communication workshop. This will allow for any size team to participate and adapt to the communication challenges that teams are now facing.

  • Option #2 - We ship 6 sanitized VR Oculus Quest headsets to 6 people within a 25 person or less team. 6 people have the opportunity to experience the program with the VR headset but all can participate in the program in other ways. We utilize a combination of Zoom + VR to facilitate the program. When the program is over, they ship the VR headsets back

  • Option #3 - We outfit your entire team with a personal VR Oculus Quest headset for an additional $500/person (pending headset availability). Providing your team with personal VR headsets will allow them to simulate in-person meetings as well as virtual office space that they can utilize on a daily basis, increasing employee efficiency, focus, and collaboration. 
  • Available Programs

    Communication Under Pressure Program Details

  • Utilizing VR or your IOS and Android smartphone application, we’ve developed an experiential team development program centered around the key themes of communication, an essential component to healthy, aligned, and effective teams.
  • We'll discuss and experience the importance of listening, empathy, and clear speech in accomplishing a goal amid a pressure-filled environment with a ticking clock and challenging instructions. In this experience:
  • We utilize a smartphone app downloaded on each participant's phone + Zoom video conferencing to facilitate this experience-centered communication workshop.
  • We'll focus on key elements of communication including empathy, asking good questions, hearing and listening, remaining calm while under pressure, and seeking to understand before being understood.
  • The program consists of an intro, the experience via your smartphone, and a debrief.
  • Each team will consist of four people working together to diffuse the virtual bomb. 
  • Adventure-Athlete Q&A + Custom Coaching Session

  • From our podcast, "Inside the Adventure," we have access to over 100 action sport record setters and boundary breakers who live and constantly practice the mindsets of adaptability and focus in the presence of fear. Whether they are traversing Antartica on foot, navigating class V rapids alone in an unfamiliar river, or winning gold in the Olympics, they've mastered the ability to optimize peak performance and thrive in the face of adversity.
  • Through our network of inspirational Adventure-Athletes around the globe, we can lead a powerful and effective virtual Q&A via Zoom video conferencing on the topics of communication, teamwork, and focus in a pressure-filled environment.
  • We'll learn your business, your current challenges and opportunities, and the condition of your team to develop a customized program with the right speaker to inspire your people with a well-timed message in-line with your team's current goals. The end of the session is conversational in a Q&A fashion for facilitated discussion and application of principals for action.
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