Net Accomodation Prices & Minimum Stay Requirement (8 Bedrooms)

Until 26 March 2020

Price Per Night

All Nights *

USD 1,495 Net

26 March 2020 TO 30 November 2020

Price Per Night

Friday & Saturday Nights

USD 2,145 Net

Sunday to Thursday Nights

USD 1,795 Net

1 December 2020 TO 28 February 2021

Price Per Night

All Nights *

USD 1,495 Net

1 March 2021 TO 30 November 2021

Price Per Night

Friday & Saturday Nights

USD 2,245 Net

Sunday to Thursday Nights

USD 1,945 Net

* except 16th December to 5th January and Lunar New Year – for these see

** We will offer a discount of USD 50 per room per night if less than all 8 bedrooms are required (Minimum 5 bedrooms)

Venue Hire Fee


Price Per Event


USD 1,675 Net


USD 1,945 Net

1 Night Wedding

USD 1,500 Net

Banjar Fee

IDR 4,000,000 Net

Minimum Stay

1 night minimum stay if the stay is adjacent to an existing booking

2 night minimum stay if the stay is between Sunday and Thursday nights inclusive

3 night minimum stay if a Friday and / or Saturday night is included in the stay, However, Guests can have 2 night weekend if they pay an additional 50% of the price of a midweek night

Maximum Stay

1st March to 30th November - 4 Nights

1st December to 28th February - No Maximum Stay

Extra Beds

If guests require additional accommodation in the villa, we can provide foldout beds in all the rooms if required. We charge USD 50 per person per night, including complimentary breakfast, for guests who require extra beds.

Villa Vedas General Inclusions

  • Welcome drink, cold towel and seasonal fruit basket upon arrival
  • Complimentary breakfast each day for 2 persons per room
  • 5 hours of complimentary spa services for the couple or their guests
  • Complimentary WiFi
  • Butler service from 0700 to 2300
  • Full housekeeping service
  • Concierge / villa manager service
  • 24 hour security
  • In house private chef and sous chef
  • Bathroom amenities
  • Mini bars in all rooms (complimentary 2 x beer, tonic water, soda water, coke)
  • Mineral water
  • Tap water goes through an extensive filtration and purification system, is also potable
  • One unit baby cot + baby chair (upon request prior to arrival)
  • Finns Club Platinum membership (gym, tennis, bowling, discounted golf, Splash Park) 
  • Two bicycles available for guest use
  • Pool table available for guest use
  • Two automatic scooters (Honda PCX150) available for guest use (license required)
  • No Increase In Prices and Minimum Stay In High Season: Please note that we do not increase our accommodation prices or our minimum stay requirements in high season between June and August, which makes Villa Vedas the logical choice for couples who would like to get married in high season.

    Low Season Weddings: Villa Vedas can seat up to 80 guests inside the villa in the unlikely event that it rains all day, and we offer cost-effective low season weddings between 1st December and 28th February, with hefty cost savings of USD 1,950 on a 3 night weekend wedding as compared to the same weekend wedding in high season.

    One Night Weddings: For guests who want to get married in a 5 star villa without a 5 star price, Villa Vedas offers highly cost-effective one night weddings, which includes a reduced venue hire fee of USD 1,500 (compared to USD 1,945 for a 2 to 4 night wedding).

    What constitutes an event?

    What constitutes an event?

    An event is a social gathering or a celebration where the total number of guests exceeds double the sleeping capacity of the villa (ie. >32 guests), or when a significant amount of equipment (such as an external sound and / or light system) is brought onto the premises. Commercial events are not permitted without prior written consent from the villa. 

    However, Villa Vedas will allow before or after wedding lunch and/or dinner parties for up to 100 guests without an additional venue hire fee if it is catered by Villa Vedas Catering (VVC), our in house catering company. If a before or after event is catered by an outside caterer, an additional venue hire fee will apply. 

    Even if Villa Vedas does not charge a second venue hire fee because it is catering the before or after event, a second banjar fee (which is based on the banjar’s opinion of what constitutes an event) might be payable if it is attended by a large number of guests , and/or lights and/or a sound system are used. 


    Menu Type

    Classic Menu

    (per person)

    Premium Menu

    (per person)

    Balinese Buffet

    IDR 225,000

    IDR 375,000

    Asian Fusion Buffet

    IDR 250,000

    IDR 450,000

    Western Buffet

    IDR 350,000

    IDR 600,000

    Seafood Buffet

    IDR 400,000

    IDR 700,000

    Meat BBQ

    IDR 400,000

    IDR 700,000

    Asian Set Menu

    IDR 350,000

    (3 Course)

    IDR 400,000

    (4 Course)

    Western Set Menu

    IDR 500,000

    (3 Course)

    IDR 580,000

    (4 Course)


    IDR 100,000/hour

    IDR 100,000/hour

    Live Station Add ons

    IDR 85,000 - IDR 160,000

    IDR 85,000 - IDR 160,000

    Soft Drink Packages

    IDR 200,000 (Basic)

    IDR 300,000 (inc mocktails)

  • All catering prices are net, and include applicable government tax and service charge
  • Catering prices include up to 100 tiffany chairs and 10 round tables
  • We will “mix & match” our menus, with appropriate pricing adjustments (up or down)
  • 10% deposit to confirm use of our catering, and 90% balance 2 weeks before check in
  • Kindly check Villa Vedas Menus below:

    Villa Vedas Premium F&B Catering Menus

    Villa Vedas Classic F&B Catering Menus

    Villa Vedas Set Menus

    Villa Vedas in-House Menus



    Villa Vedas invites up to 2 guests who have booked the villa and paid a deposit to have a taste test of the villa’s in house catering free of charge. Guests above 2 in number and guests who have not yet paid a deposit for accommodation at the villa will be asked to pay the cost of ingredients + 30% (the same as for our in house menu) to do taste tests, which will normally be done in the staff quarters if the villa has resident guests when the taste test is scheduled. In the event that the guest decides to use VVC as their caterer, the taste testing charge is deducted from the catering invoice.


    Villa Vedas Catering (VVC) offers a high quality and competitively priced catering and bar service, and there is no charge for use of VVC’s catering services.

    However, guests who prefer to use an outside food caterer are free to do so, subject to payment of a service fee of USD 500 for midweek weddings (Sunday to Thursday evenings inclusive), and of USD 750 for weddings on Friday and Saturday nights from 2021 onwards.

    Guests who prefer to serve their own drinks from our bar are required to pay a service fee of USD 500. 2 bar staff, glasses and ice are included in this service fee. It is suggested that guests purchase at least a soft drinks package from Villa Vedas (to which they can add alcohol without corkage) in order to avoid paying a bar service fee.


    Guests getting married on a Friday or Saturday night from 2021 onwards are required to purchase F&B with a minimum value of Rp 50,000,000 from VVC during their stay at Villa Vedas. It is suggested that guests with more modest F&B budgets consider a midweek wedding, when no minimum F&B spend is required, and furthermore the minimum stay and accommodation prices are lower.


    Villa Vedas has a large commercial kitchen which can be used by outside caterers (after payment of the outside catering charge of USD 500) for plating, but not for cooking. Outside caterers who wish to use our commercial kitchen to cook food are required to pay a service fee of IDR 2,500,000.


    Outside caterers are required to set up their mobile kitchens in the parking area, NOT inside the villa.


    Villa Vedas allows guests to supply their own alcohol without a corkage charge. If a guest chooses our IDR 300,000 soft drinks package, we will provide bar staff, ice, garnish and mixers, and make alcoholic cocktails of the guest’s choice.


    With its 120 m2 of pool decks deployed the villa can host up to 220 seated guests, and up to 300 standing guests.


    Villa Vedas has no curfew, but we normally suggest a voluntary 3 am curfew to our guests.



    50% to confirm the booking & 50% 2 months before check in

    Venue Hire Fee

    50% to confirm the booking & 50% 2 months before check in

    Banjar Fee

    50% to confirm the booking & 50% 2 months before check in


    10% to confirm the booking & 90% 7 days before check in

    However, we will normally accept a 25% deposit on the accommodation and venue hire fee for bookings where check in is more than 12 months in the future, and we will try to assist our guests with their cash flow situation if the need arises.

    Please note that a 10% non-refundable deposit is payable on our catering. As we only cater at Villa Vedas, and we already have an accommodation and venue hire fee deposit from our in-house guests, unlike outside caterers we do not need a large catering deposit from our guests


    For the convenience of our guests, we prefer just to hold a passport until the guest folio is settled at checkout, against which we can advance substantial credit without having to take a security deposit.

    However, if guests prefer not to offer up their passport as security, we require a security deposit of IDR 10,000,000 (or equivalent in other currencies), which must be topped up with additional IDR 10,000,000 deposits as soon as the guest folio exceeds the amount of the security deposit.

    The security deposit is refundable on check out if paid in cash on arrival, or within 3-5 days of check out if paid by bank transfer.

    Cash is preferred as it can be returned during check out, which avoids an unnecessary administrative burden for both parties.

    Kindly note that any damage caused to the villa will be borne fully by the guest on a joint and several basis, and that liability for any damage caused is not limited to the amount of the damage deposit. It is in the interests of everyone that no damage be caused to the villa.


    Guests can pay for food, beverages, massages, transport and other incidentals ordered at the villa in cash or by credit card (subject to a 3% surcharge). If settlement is by credit card, the charge will be in Indonesian Rupiah.


    Fireworks displays are permitted, subject to payment of an additional Rp 3,000,000 fee to the banjar for their letter of recommendation, which is required to obtain a fireworks permit from the central police office. Bonfires are permitted on the beach at no additional charge. Use of drones is permitted.


    In the event that a guest cancels a booking, the following cancellation fees will apply: 

    50% of the accommodation and venue hire fee will be forfeited if the cancellation is made 60 or more days before the start of the rental period (banjar fees will be refunded in full). 

    100% of the accommodation and venue hire fee will be forfeited if the cancellation is made between 1 and 60 days before the start of the rental period. 


    Weddings attended by 120 guests or fewer can be comfortably hosted by the villa, however for larger events of between 120 and 300 guests the villa can offer structural pool decks that are finished in white melamine that can cover all of the 20 metre relaxation pool or part of the 40 metre lap pool, thereby providing a significantly increased stylish usable area for events.

    We can offer up to 4 sections of pool decks, each of which measures 5.38m x 5.48 m (29.48 m2), so in total we can create an additional 118 m2 of usable space over the pools.

    Guests can choose to use 1, 2, 3 or 4 sections, and they can position them over any pool they wish. Some guests might use just one section as a walkway across the 20 metre relaxation pool, whereas others might use all 4 sections so they have extra space to dine on the pool.

    We charge Rp 10,000,000 per section (equivalent to Rp 339,000 per m2), however we can sometimes offer slightly lower prices if two consecutive sets of guests would like to use the pool decks, as we can achieve cost savings on the assembly and disassembly of the decks if they remain in place for two consecutive weddings.

    Lay Out

    Villa Vedas Gallery


    We are opening Bali Beach Glamping (, a fabulous 40 room beachfront glamping resort on a hectare of beachfront land right next to Villa Vedas by July 2020.

    BBG will have a small but stylish beach club, restaurant, spa and gym, and having well priced accommodation next to Villa Vedas means your guests can party until late into the night without having to worry about transport back to their accommodation.


    BBG offers 20 tents at 5 x 5 metres, 5 family tents at 7.5 x 5 metres, and 15 tents at 3.2 x 3.2 metres. Prices for the 5 x 5 metre tents are Rp 2,250,000 net per night and the 7.5 x 5 metre tents are Rp 2,950,000 net per night (including taxes & service charge), but discounts ranging from 10% to 25% are available for multi tent bookings of 5 to 25 of the larger tents, and the smaller tents are priced at Rp 1,350,000 net per night, to which a 10% discount applies if 10 or more tents in total are booked.

    The following discounts apply for bookings of 5 or more 5 x 5 metre and 7.5 x 5 metre tents:

    5-9 Tents: 10% discount

    10-14 Tents: 15% discount

    15-19 Tents: 20% discount

    20-25 Tents: 25% discount

    Booking Conditions

    A 25% deposit is required to confirm a BBG booking. If you book 5 or more of the larger tents in order to avail of these discounts, your deposit is refunded on a pro-rated basis by BBG as your wedding guests pay their deposits directly to BBG (we handle the admin), and we suggest that you book 5 tents or more to secure the available discounts for their guests, and distribute the tents to their guests, whereupon your deposit is refunded to you by BBG.

    If you and your guests end up booking more tents, the larger discount that applies to the larger number of tents is provided as a F&B or spa credit for your guests at the restaurant, bar or spa.

    Deposit & Refund Policy

    For bookings made more than 6 months before check in we require a 25% deposit

    For bookings made between 2 and 6 months before check in we require a 50% deposit

    For bookings made less than 2 months before check in we require full payment

    At 6 months before check in, an additional 25% is required to increase the deposit to 50%

    At 2 months before check in, the balance of 50% is required

    Guests who have paid a deposit have no obligation to make additional payments, and their Villa Vedas booking is not compromised if milestone BBG tent payments are not made.

    However, if milestone payments are not made as they fall due, all monies paid to date are forfeited, and the booking automatically lapses unless an agreement has been reached

    Payments made are not refundable under any circumstances, other than if there is a closure of Bali’s Ngurah Rai airport.

    Bali Beach Glamping Gallery

    Boho Wedding at Bali Beach Glamping Gallery

    Contact Us

    PJ Sakti

    Phone/Whatsapp: +62 819 1640 4648