Ultimate Medical Center

H O W W E G E N E R A T E D 240 Q U A L I F I E D


In less than 2 week

The Challenge

Ultimate Medical Center recently started holding seminars to generate leads for Stem Cell Therapy. They struggled to consistently bring in new people to their seminar, as well as qualifying leads prior to collecting their information. Additionally, they also needed help getting “found” on search engines, capturing their patient data (by location), and tactfully remarketing to that patient base.

Ultimate Medical Center

Why Ultimate Medical Center

"Being one of the first to provide innovative, inspiring and novel treatments has enabled us to gather high levels of experience in patient treatment. Currently we are one of the top rated weight and fat loss clinics in Colorado. We are also one of the first clinics to offer regenerative medicine in the state. In health care, as in any field, experience matters."


  • Creating a Optimized website where they can be searched and found based on Stem Cell Therapy or Regenerative Medicine  
  • New Patients
  • Tracked all incoming phone calls and emails to develop detailed patient profiles
  • Used an automated patient feedback to help convert interested prospects to new patients
  • Encouraged new referrals by sending existing patients friends-and-family experience offers to share
  • 139 Total Messages Received in 7 day period
  • Meaning each lead cost $11.59 Cost Per Conversation
  • With a 50% Completion Rate with Our Messenger System, this Generated 69 Leads for the Business. With the owner closing 20% of these leads, this means 6 new clients and $24,000 in Revenue

Where we're going

Our mission is to educate as many people on regenerative medicine by 2020

"Together we can help more people" 

Founder- Kavon Chatman