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Launch and scale with the right people at the right time.

Dexter Cousins | September 2020

People grow companies.

Getting the right people at the right time is the biggest challenge facing any founder.

And it's also the secret to scaling effectively.

Tier One People gives founders the blueprint to scale. Then delivers the right talent and the right commercial partners at the right time.

We've helped fintech like Revolut, 10x, TrueLayer, Cover Genius, Klarna and many others grow fast.

Grow without the growth pains.

Getting from 1 - 100 people is the biggest challenge facing every founder.

The secret to scaling success lies in hiring the right people at the right time.

But our research shows 90% of founders have no Talent and HR support around them.

We analysed over 100 Fintech startups. Here is what we found.

The startups with the support of a Talent and HR professional in the first 30 employees could scale much faster because they had double the staff retention.  

Hiring the right people and setting the right foundation early, is the secret to growing without the growth pains.

But most founders can't afford the salary of a Talent and HR specialist in the early stages (when it is at its most effective.)

Tier One People have the solution - Talent and Growth Services.

Providing founders with the blueprint to scale and the skills to execute. You only pay for our time and get the benefit of our expertise, network and intelligence.

It makes scaling way more affordable than paying agency fees.

We work with you, planning and navigating each stage of growth, delivering the right people at the right time.

Your Free Consultation.

We offer a Free one hour consultation, providing you with a roadmap to hiring for scale, that's yours to keep.

Book your free one hour consultation.

Or you can use the hour to focus on any one of our advisory services.

  • People, performance, values and culture.
  • Talent attraction strategies and employee branding.
  • Develop position descriptions, interview structures and skills assessments.
  • Salary, benefits and ESOP guidance.
  • Board and executive team composition.
  • Talent mapping, competitor research and head hunting.

  • If you would like to engage us for additional services, you can do so on an hourly, daily or weekly fee.

    "We started working with Dexter in 2018, just as LWC was gaining traction with the Big 4 banks. Not only did we save thousands on recruiter fees, but his advice saved us a significant amount of money on hires and a lot of potential headaches in the business. We made a successful exit from LWC in mid-2019, with Dexter providing us with guidance on the market, where it was headed and if the timing was right. Dexter's professionalism and expertise in Fintech is unmatched and we can highly recommend his services." David Washbrook - Look Who's Charging

    Execs on demand.

    As your business grows you need the expertise of specialist leadership talent in areas like Product, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Tech and Risk.

    Hiring executives can be very expensive and risky. Especially in the earlier stages when the business only needs expertise in short bursts.

    Tier One People offers an 'on demand' network of startup ready, proven executive Fintech talent.

    Ready to deliver results for you, execs on demand can be engaged on a daily, weekly or project basis.

    Every on of our execs has been vetted by people we trust. Hand picked for their proven capability to deliver in the fast paced, complex and highly regulated world of Fintech.

    Execs on demand is the ideal solution for any startup founder looking to IPO, develop new products, grow to the next stage or win new clients.

    "In a service sector that has become more and more transactional, the value placed on trust and delivering for the long term have become diluted in importance. However, the opposite is true for anyone looking to build a sustainable business built on great people. I could see there was a strong value alignment between Tier One People and Revolut in this regard."

    Matt Baxby , CEO Australia, Revolut

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