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March 2018 | Prepared by Story Seven.

We helped Throne Publishing evaluate their entire author process, creating a streamlined visual representation that allowed them to polish, refine, and easily explain to customers their unique value proposition.

By objectively mapping each step of Throne's proprietary process we were able to bring clarity to their business. This not only allowed them to increase their direct customer sales, but also allowed them to improve upon efficiencies within their business and spur growth in their operation.

Design made

for clearer communication.

In an industry like publishing, there's always competition. However, Throne Publishing offers something unique. They aren't your average cookie cutter, ghost-writing, transcription as a service, type of publisher. Throne takes time to understand the author's expertise; teasing out their unique stories and lessons. They also know how to train author's to use their books as a tool so they can build authority.

Explaining how they do business is about more than rattling off steps to their customers. It is not only about showing how they would be able to replicate their process time and again with each author, but it is also about showcasing their care for each author in their publishing process, who may not even be clear on their own value yet. 


Process Visualizations

We carefully reviewed Throne Publishing’s entire process, from first author contact to sending a final product to the printer. We uncovered golden nuggets that illuminated more than just getting an author from A to B – we learned how Throne helped bring their author's stories alive.

It became apparent that Throne had something special in their outlining process. The magic was in how Jeremy Brown, the CEO could take an author interview and turn it into an entire table of contents. Jeremy's author sessions were a thing of beauty. We broke down what happened in his sessions and he was able to create and brand his proprietary "Awaken Workshop."

"Story Seven helped me make my proprietary process visual and easy for others to understand. I always had the process, but people only pay for what they see and understand.  Story Seven helped me do that."

Jeremy Brown

CEO, Throne Publishing


Awaken Workshop generates $100k

After we helped Throne create their Awaken Workshop process as a visual, it generated over $100,000 in new business for them within the same calendar year. 

"This makes my upfront investment into Story Seven's work, obviously, more than worth it.  In this coming year, I expect this workshop to drive over $250,000 in revenue. Thanks for your help, patience and support, Story Seven!" -Jeremy Brown, CEO of Throne Publishing

Not only did the process visualization help Throne Publishing generate revenue directly from their Awaken Workshop, but it also reportedly helped leadership take the next step in creating an entirely new experience for their customers. 

Scope Of Work.

We provided the following the services for Throne Publishing:

1. Idea Distillation + Process Mapping

  • Employee and leadership interviews
  • Diagramming and visualization sessions

2. Visual Explanation Packages

  • Customer workbook creation
  • Cycle of Fullness Creation
  • Sales collateral utilizing process sequences
  • Awaken diagram refinement
  • Process refinement after customer testing

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