The Purpose Project Course

with Carolyn Tate

Purpose Educator & Author of The Purpose Project

Empower your people to bring their own why to work (BYO Purpose)

Dear Purpose-driven leaders

There's so much evidence now that we're entering the Purpose Economy. Your people need to know why your company exists beyond a profit, and they need to know why they're turning up to work beyond a pay packet.

That's why I published The Purpose Project over two years ago. The book has become an essential handbook for leaders and employees with a deep desire to bring meaning to life at work.

The real power of Purpose lies at the intersection of company Purpose and personal Purpose (BYO Purpose). The Purpose Project Course builds on the key lessons and practises from the book and offers a simple methodology for leaders to coach people to find their own Purpose and connect it to the company Purpose.

What are the outcomes for your people?
At the end of this course, your people will have:

  • 1.A proven path to find their Purpose and bring it to work.
  • 2.A way to connect their Purpose to the company Purpose.
  • 3.A clearly defined Purpose Project with measurable outcomes.
  • 4.The ability to deliver a 3-5 minute Talk on Purpose.
  • 5.More direction, meaning and happiness each day at work.
  • What are the outcomes for your Company?
    At the end of this course, your company will have:

  • 1.A happier, healthier culture centred on Purpose.
  • 2.Improved performance and productivity.
  • 3.Reduced costs associated with employee disengagement, mental health issues and talent loss.
  • 4.An improved reputation as an 'employer of choice'.
  • 5.Loyal customers, increased market-share and profitability.
  • What's in the course?
    The core components of this course are:

  • 1.The Purpose Project Book
    A practical handbook filled with models, practices and stories.
    Read a sample
  • 2.The Online Course
    7 on-line lessons sent over 7 weeks direct to your people.
  • 3.The Leaders Guide
    A guide for leaders to facilitate learning and coach people.
  • 4.The Purpose Leader Induction Days + Support
    A one-day training workshop for leaders and two-days of implementation consulting.
  • I also offer customised services such as keynote speaking, workshop facilitation and group or private coaching for Purpose Leaders and/or participants.

    How do you get started?
    Get started now by doing the following:

  • 1.Read on about the course.
  • 2.Review the Course Welcome Email.
  • 3.Read the Terms & Conditions.
  • 4.Determine your number of participants and leaders.
  • 5.Determine the total cost and accept this offer.
  • Wondering if this course is for you? Contact me for a no-obligation Purpose conversation @ or call +61 412 806 950.

    Thank you for treading on the path to Purpose with me.

    With love and Purpose

    Carolyn Tate

    Maggie's Purpose.

    To be the champion of real conversations at work.

    Maggie brought her Purpose to life and changed the way her team connects and communicates so they now bring their whole-self to work.

    (Oh, and she's no longer looking for a new job).

    Read about Maggie's path to Purpose

    About The Online Course

    Who should do this course?

  • Purpose can't be mandated, so it's recommended that you invite people to participate in this course and allow them to opt-in.
  • 20% of your people who really care about Purpose - your Purpose Activists are the ones to invite. They will create 80% of the Purpose effect. See FAQs on how to find these people.
  • People who are restless, high-achievers, searching for meaning at work and at risk of leaving your company.
  • The self-starters and self-leaders who are avid learners and into personal growth and development.
  • People who are experiencing life-stage changes ie approaching retirement, considering new careers, changing personal circumstances ie kids leaving home.
  • People about to be retrenched due to automation or down-sizing and who could be 'repurposed' and redeployed.
  • How does it work?

  • 7 on-line lessons are delivered to each participants email in-box over 7 weeks at 9am each Monday.
  • Each lesson is 30 minutes long and includes a short video, some written content and an assignment to complete.
  • The assignment takes around 2 hours to complete each week and includes reading sections of the book, reflection questions and action to take.
  • An additional 1 hour per week may be spent in coaching or class time with the Purpose Leaders.
  • Estimated total time to be allocated to complete this course is 25-30 hours over 7 weeks.
  • What's the outcome for each person?

    The lessons follow a 7-step process building on core activities and learnings from The Purpose Project book. At the end of the 7 weeks, it is expected that participants will have a;

  • 1. Clearly written Purpose statement.
  • 2. A Purpose Project to work on.
  • 3. 3-5 minute Talk on Purpose.
  • What's in each lesson?
    The content for each lesson is outlined below:

    Lesson 1
    Start it.

    Get started on The Purpose Project course

    Learn more about course creator, Carolyn Tates' own path to Purpose and how to set yourself up for success so that in 7 lessons and 7 weeks you'll be ready to bring your own Purpose to work.

  • 1.Learn what's in the course and how it works.
  • 2.Write your Statement of Intention.
  • 3.Prepare yourself for Purpose success.
  • 4.Find a Purpose Buddy.
  • 5.Complete the Purpose Pulse-check.
  • Lesson 2

    Learn it.

    Learn the fundamentals of Purpose

    Learn what Purpose is, why it's needed and how we can bring our own Purpose to work while also contributing to company Purpose.


  • 1.Learn the real definition of Purpose.
  • 2.Discover how to BYO Purpose to work.
  • 3.Learn why projects work best to test Purpose.
  • 4.Connect your Purpose to company Purpose.
  • 5.Watch a short Talk on Purpose video.
  • Lesson 3
    Explore it.

    Explore your Purpose with ikigai

    Overview: Get curious and start to explore the options and potential for Purpose through the ikigai Discover your Purpose model and exercises.

  • 1.Learn how the ikigai model works.
  • 2.Score yourself on the ikigai model.
  • 3.Reflect on the exploratory questions.
  • 4.Consider potential Purpose Projects.
  • 5.Gain clarity of Purpose.
  • Lesson 4

    Name it.

    Name and write your own Purpose statement

    Overview: Produce your own clear Purpose statement so it becomes your guiding north-star helping you make clear decisions on your Purpose project.

  • 1.Learn how to write a Purpose Statement.
  • 2.Learn how it compliments company Purpose.
  • 3.Write your statement in 8 words or less.
  • 4.Share and finesse your statement.
  • 5.Watch a short Talk on Purpose video.
  • Lesson 5
    Plan it.

    Plan a project to bring Purpose to life

    Overview: Create a simple project action plan to experiment with your Purpose and share it with your leader/manager to gain support for it.

  • 1.Research your project options.
  • 2.Write a plan with measurable outcomes.
  • 3.Share the plan with your Purpose Buddy.
  • 4.Talk to your manager/leader about this project.
  • 5.Refine the plan and commit to it.
  • Lesson 6
    Share it.

    Share your own Talk on Purpose

    Overview: Write your own powerful Purpose story and share it in 3-5 minutes with others to seek support and accountability.


  • 1.Learn how to write a powerful Talk on Purpose.
  • 2.Write your own talk in 300-500 words.
  • 3.Practice your talk with your Purpose Buddy.
  • 4.Share it with your manager/leader and others.
  • 5.Watch a short Talk on Purpose video.
  • Lesson 7
    Do it.

    Bring your Purpose project to life

    Overview: Commit to your project, enlist the support and resources required, take action, measure your Purpose progress and learn how to remain on track.


  • 1.Write a Statement of Commitment.
  • 2.Enlist the support, resources, people you need.
  • 3.Take the first 3 steps to bring it to life.
  • 4.Take your Purpose Pulse-check.
  • 5.The course in review and what's next?

  • Zara was retrenched after 30 years with a global IT company.

    ...and she could have been repurposed and made a significant contribution to the
    health & wellbeing of her co-workers.


    The Leaders Guide

    This comprehensive guide for Purpose Leaders has been provided for leaders to support people with their learning and to offer Purpose Coaching as your people progress through the course.

    I offer a complimentary Purpose Leader Induction Day with leaders before the course kicks off. The day is designed to give leaders practical ways to use the guide and coach their people.

    I also offer two days of project implementation support.

    The guide includes the following:

  • 1.Introducing The Purpose Project Course
    A lesson plan to help you introduce The Purpose Project course to participants (either in-person or on-line via webinar).
  • 2.The Purpose Pulse-check
    A simple survey to help you measure, both individually and collectively, how people are going with their Purpose and course.
  • 3.The Weekly Coaching Guide
    A coaching guide with specific questions pertaining to each lesson to help guide people in their Purpose work and address questions/concerns. Can be used in group or private coaching.
  • 4.The Community of Practice Guide
    A checklist to help you set up your own online, and/or in-person, community of practice so everyone can support each other on the Purpose adventure.
  • 5.The Knowledge Bank
    A list of resources, research and further reading or watching to help leaders expand your knowledge to become a Purpose expert in your workplace.
  • How it works in 7 steps

  • 1.Determine which employees you'd like to offer the course.
    Purpose can't be mandated, so it's best to invite people to participate and allow them to opt-in. How you do this, is up to you. See FAQs for suggestions on how to do this.
  • 2.Determine who your Purpose Leaders will be.
    Again, this can't be mandated, so invite people to opt-in. I recommend 1 Purpose Leader for each 10-20 employees. Their role is to support your people through this course with coaching.
  • 3.Produce a list of your Purpose Leaders contact details.
    Populate the excel spreadsheet provided and send it to me. Each leader receives the Leaders Guide in PDF format via email for review prior to the induction training day.
  • 4.Produce a list of your employees/participants contact details.
    Populate the excel spreadsheet provided and send it to me. Leaders and employees will receive an automated email over 7 weeks at 9am each Monday.
  • 5.Send The Purpose Project books to everyone.
    The book is an essential foundation of this course. One book for each person will be delivered to your head office for distribution by you. The course can only commence once books are received and leaders are inducted.
  • 6.Conduct your Leader Induction Training day with me.
    Gather your Purpose Leaders together for a one-day induction workshop with me at your location of choice. Leaders must have the book and the Leaders Guide at least two weeks before training.
  • 7.Kick-off The Purpose Project course!
    Once the above steps are in hand and everyone's on-board, it's time to kick this course off and create a Purpose ripple-effect across your company!
  • Sample of the course

    In this video: Welcome from Carolyn Tate, author of The Purpose Project and course creator. Discover how I found my own path to Purpose, the lessons I've learnt and why I've created this course for you. ______________________________________________________________________________

    Welcome to The Purpose Project Course

    Congratulations for taking the first step on the path to Purpose!

    For many of us, the idea of finding our work Purpose, can seem like a daunting and impossible task. However, my experience has shown that every single person has a gift to give and fully realise.

    Purpose is not found out there, in some other job or company or even in another country. You were born with it. It's already there waiting to be unearthed and brought to life. The best part is, that you can bring it to life no matter where you work. (I call this BYO Purpose.)

    Purpose is a practice, just like yoga or any other activity you give your devoted attention to. It's also a process. It's brought to life step-by-step over time rather than in a single instance, as you would have learnt from watching the video.

    My intention for this course, is to make Purpose practical and doable for you, through a process, and with practice.

    Outcomes of this course

    By the end of the course, you will have:

  • A proven path to find your Purpose and bring it to work.
  • Your own Purpose statement connected to company Purpose.
  • A clearly defined Purpose Project with measurable outcomes.
  • The ability to deliver a 3-5 minute Talk on Purpose.
  • More direction, meaning and happiness each day at work.
  • _____________________________________________________________________

    How it works and what you'll learn

    Over 7 weeks we're going through 7 lessons following this process:

    Lesson 1: Start it. Set yourself up for course success.

    Lesson 2: Learn it. Discover what BYO Purpose means.

    Lesson 3: Explore it. Dig deep into your own Purpose with ikigai.

    Lesson 4: Name it. Write your personal Purpose statement.

    Lesson 5: Plan it. Prepare a project to bring Purpose to life.

    Lesson 6: Share it. Tell your Purpose story in 3-5 minutes.

    Lesson 7: Do it. Get started on your Purpose Project.

    Each week, every Monday morning at 9am you'll receive a lesson containing a short video from me, some written content and an assignment to complete. 

    You will also have a nominated Purpose Leader/Coach who will be in touch with you to share how they can best support you on your Purpose adventure.

    Stay tuned for Lesson 1: Start it! Are you ready?

    Yours on Purpose

    Carolyn Tate


  • 1.How does The Purpose Project Course work?
    See 'How it works in 7 easy steps' above. Essentially you provide me with a list of the people who will participate and the names of the Purpose Leaders. Once they all have a copy of The Purpose Project book and I have conducted the Purpose Leader Induction Day, I send out 7 lessons over 7 weeks via an email direct to peoples in-box at 9am each Monday. The leaders guide is sent direct to the nominated leaders prior to their induction training day.
  • 2.How many employees should do this course?
    To create a Purpose movement at work, I recommend at least 20% of your people do the course together. These 20% will create 80% of the Purpose effect. So if you have 1000 employees, I would recommend 200 people complete the course (excluding Purpose Leaders).
  • 3.How many Purpose Leaders should we nominate?
    This is up to you, but I recommend at least 1 leader per 10-15 participants for adequate support and to ensure participants complete the course and achieve their desired outcomes.
  • 4.Can the course be completed without Purpose Leaders?
    Yes, the course is a stand alone course that can be completed by participants themselves individually or in self-organised pairs or groups. There is no leaders guide offered in this instance.
  • 5.How do we identify the 20% of people who should complete the course?
    This is up to you, but here's a couple of ideas;
  • a.Invite me to deliver a short workshop/keynote on Purpose to inspire people to want to complete the course. Check out this offer
  • b.Send out an 'expression of interest' form to all people and ask them to complete and respond.
  • c.Host a series of Lunch 'n Learns to introduce people to The Purpose Project and the book and invite people to sign up.
  • d.Find your Purpose Leaders first (maybe L&D people, Heads of Depts, self-leaders) and invite them to an information session. Work with them to find and invite people.
  • e.Make an announcement on your internal comm's system or send an email to all employees and ask for them to RSVP yes if they're keen.
  • 6.What if participants drop out and don't complete the course?
    This may happen as people's circumstances and interests change during the 7 weeks. It's important to ensure you invite the right people to participate and provide the support they need to complete it. You should be aiming for 80% of participants completing the course.
  • 7.How do we ensure people complete the course and achieve the results?
    This is up to you, but here's a few ideas;
  • a.Invite people to submit an 'expression of interest' before accepting their application to participate. This will ensure they are keen and willing before getting started.
  • b.Set up an event or events to be held in your office/s at the completion of the course. Invite participants to deliver their Talk on Purpose at this event. (There's nothing like a commitment to share their talk to get people motivated!)
  • c.Establish the weekly Purpose Coaching and support to be provided up front and book times for this in participants calendars. This will ensure they complete the lesson and assignment as they are kept accountable at these sessions.
  • d.Establish Purpose Buddies and/or groups where participants meet regularly to review and report on progress.
  • e.Include the completion of this course as a core area of their KPIs and/or performance reviews.
  • 8.How do we provide the course to new people who want to complete it?
    You may wish to offer the course to new recruits or other people who are keen to do it once they see results of others doing the course. (This is the quiet goal - to create a movement where people actively ask to bring their Purpose to work!). Once you have a further group of 50 participants, we will set up another course/program for you.
  • 9.What if we can't get 20% of our people to do the course, is it still worth it?
    YES! It doesn't matter if only 10% do it or even just your leadership team or one department of your company does it. The course will make an impact on each person and those around them, it just may not have large-scale company-wide impact.
  • 10.What if our company only has 20 employees and we want to offer them this course?
    Even though the minimum purchase package is for 50 people, you can still offer the course to just your 20 employees or expand the offer to your employees' family members or other stakeholders.
  • 11.What is the role of the Purpose Leader?
    The Purpose Leaders role is to facilitate learning and support participants in completing the course and achieving results. They are there to provide Purpose Coaching (private or in groups) and to run training and learning sessions. The leaders guide provides lesson plans, tools and exercises to help leaders facilitate learning and achieve results.
  • Your Investment

    Total the number of participants and leaders
    and place your number in the quantity box.
    Minimum order is for 50 participants.

    About Carolyn Tate

    This is me on the 31st December 2010 on the last day of a 6-month sabbatical in the south of France where I wrote my travel memoir Unstuck in Provence. After 20 years at Westpac and Merrill Lynch and 10 years in my own marketing consultancy, I was burnt out and needed time out to write, recharge and reconsider my career options.

    It was the beginning of my own Purpose adventure.

    Looking back on that experience now and my whole career. I can see clearly now that I didn't have to run away to France to become an author. I learnt that I could have been a banker or a marketer AND an author. I learnt that I could have pursued my Purpose inside (and outside) of work, if I'd had the foresight, mentorship and support of my leaders.

    The Purpose Project is the roadmap I wish I'd had when I first started on this adventure and it's the reason I've built The Purpose Project Course. I want to help your leaders keep your best people and help them reach their absolute highest purpose-driven potential.

    I'm here to be a Steward of Purpose in the workplace & create a global movement of Purpose-driven leaders.

    Carolyn Tate & Co. is an education and publishing company dedicated to unearthing a higher purpose in people and organisations.

    I'm a long-term marketer with a passion for purpose-digging, writing, speaking, teaching and community building. With a 20-year history at Westpac, Merrill Lynch followed by 17 years in my own business, I'm uniquely placed to help any company dedicated to building a “profit-for-purpose” entity. I'm a founding member of Conscious Capitalism Australia and my company is a Certified B Corporation.

    I'm the author of five books; Small Business Big BrandMarketing Your Small Business for DummiesUnstuck in Provence (a personal memoir), Conscious Marketing and The Purpose Project and I'm currently writing my sixth book - a novel.

    I can't wait to help you get started on the path to Purpose. It might just be the most personally and professionally rewarding project you'll ever undertake.

    What they say

    “Carolyn gave an amazing presentation to the International HRD Forum on finding your purpose in a multinational company in April 2019. It was one of the most popular sessions we’ve had in the Forum for a long time, and Carolyn left attendees with many inspiring ideas to take back to their workplaces, and practical tools to help bring purpose to life. If you’re struggling to find your own purpose in life or business, you must speak to Carolyn!”  – Neal Woolrich, Director, International HRD Forum
    “Through 1:1 coaching sessions and reading the Purpose Project, Carolyn has helped me get clear on what really matters to me and how I can be in immediate action through purpose projects. Her approach is supportive, thought provoking and authentic. I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent with Carolyn and am more connected to my purpose and what legacy I want to create than ever before!” – Bridie Rinaldi, lululemon
    Thought provoking, insightful, cerebrally explorative and challenging in all the right ways. Absolutely loved it. It was more than a workshop. It feels like the start of a new chapter and journey to be explored and shared together.” Belinda, Employee
    I absolutely loved your book. It's changed everything. It helped me identify a project and I'm now bringing my unique Purpose to work each day. Other people have definitely noticed too. Jen, Employee
    Carolyn’s energy, passion and conviction is infectious and palpable for everyone in the room. She is knowledgeable, relate-able and upholds integrity through sharing her struggles and failures alongside her success and optimism. - Robyn, HR Leader
    Carolyn recently facilitated an afternoon workshop for us as part of our Resourcing Leaders 100 lunch series. Our lunches often focus on talent acquisition challenges and topics so this was a departure from what we usually do. And it was so successful.  The feedback from our delegates was excellent. Many have taken back to their workplaces some ideas around working with their teams and talking more with their businesses about purpose. Carolyn was engaging, flexible to pursue ideas and created great energy in the room.  This was particularly brilliant when we gave her a speaking tie of 1.30 – 3 and after the delegates had a glass of wine!  She did not lose one person and the conversations we had were incredibly worthwhile.  Everyone left with their book written by Carolyn and renewed vigour as to going back to their offices and achieving.  There were some great messages on our private chat channel afterward letting the leaders that couldn’t attend that they had missed something special!  Thanks, Carolyn and we would love to have you at our events again!  – Andrea Kirby, Recruitment Events
    “After attending one of your fabulous dinners, I presented what I’d learnt to our leadership team. They’re now fully engaged and committed to exploring our Purpose and we’ve invited Carolyn in to host a special Deep Dinner just for us.” - Sally, HR Leader
    Carolyn inspires and transforms audiences with her powerful message, her congruence and her authenticity. Get ready to reconnect with your passion and purpose and be changed for ever. - Yamini, Professional Speaker

    Terms and Conditions

    This agreement sets out the terms and conditions (Terms) for Carolyn Tate & Co. Pty. Ltd. (hereinafter CT&Co.) to provide you, the person or entity identified in the proposal accompanying these Terms (the client, you or your) with The Purpose Project Course as further described in the proposal accompanying these Terms (Course).

  • 1.Copyright and Intellectual Property
  • a. CT&Co. is a book publishing and education company owned by sole director, Carolyn Tate. Carolyn’s work focuses on personal and organisational purpose in partnership with the clients nominated Purpose Leaders working with the principles and practices of The Purpose Project.

    b. All Intellectual Property in the Course, including any material provided or developed in connection with the Course (Course IP), is the exclusive property of CT&Co.

    c. CT&Co. grants to the client a non-exclusive use of the Course IP solely for the internal business purposes of the client for the specific people/participants nominated to complete this Course. The Course IP cannot be used by the client or the Leader for any commercial purpose without written permission from CT&Co.

    d. If you would like to use the Course IP outside of the agreed participant list, a written request must be made to CT&Co. prior to the expiry of the Term. Any continued use of the Course will be subject to CT&Co's then current conditions and any applicable fees.

    e. Except as expressly set out in these Terms, the client does not obtain any Intellectual Property rights from CT&Co. to the Course IP and no part of the Course IP may be copied, reproduced, distributed or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of CT&Co., except in the case of brief quotations and references embodied in reviews, marketing or articles published by the client.

    g. For the purpose of these Terms, "Intellectual Property" means all worldwide rights, title and interest in any present or future copyright, designs, patents, trademarks, inventions, know how, trade secrets, domain names, and any analogous rights, whether or not granted protected by a system of registration.

    2.    Disclaimer and Liability

    a.  CT&Co. makes every effort to ensure the information in the Course are correct at the time of press/presentation and hereby disclaims any liability to any party for any loss, damage or disruption caused by any errors or omissions.

    b. To the extent permitted by law, CT&Co, provides no warranties that the client's use of the Course will achieve any particular result, or that it will be fit for any particular purpose.

    c. CT&Co.’s liability to the client for loss or damage suffered in connection with a breach of these Terms by CT&Co. shall be limited to direct loss, and excludes indirect or consequential loss (such as, but not limited to, loss of actual or anticipated profits, loss of reputation or goodwill, loss of income or loss of contract) and shall be capped at an amount equal to the Fees paid or payable by the client in connection with the Course.

    d. CT&Co. holds insurance sufficient to cover its liabilities under Terms, evidence of which may be provided by the client on request.

    3.    Commencement, Amendment, Termination of Agreement

    a. The commencement of delivery of the Course will take place upon the client signing and returning these Terms to CT&Co. and when full payment of the Fees is received. The services offered are to be delivered within 12 months of the signing of these Terms and payment of the Fees, unless these Terms are terminated early (Term).

    b. Any variations to the Terms must be agreed in writing between the client and CT&Co. CT&Co. will notify the client in writing if any variation to the Terms will result in a variation to the Fees.

    c.  The client agrees to reimburse CT&Co. for all out-of-pocket expenses incurred in delivering the Course such as flights, travel, accommodation and taxi's. All out-of-pocket expenses will be agreed between the parties prior to these expenses being incurred. CT&Co. will issue the client with invoices in relation to any agreed out of pocket expenses, payable within 14 days of receipt.

    d.  If a dispute arises between CT&Co. and the client concerning any matter under these Terms, either party may give notice of that dispute and both parties agree to endeavour to solve that dispute in good faith within 30 days.

    e. These Terms are governed by, and will be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Victoria, and will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the State of Victoria.

    f. CT&Co. agrees to provide the Course with all reasonable care and skill in the time agreed with the client.

    h. Services may be provided from time to time through CT&Co.'s associates or independent contractors in agreement with the client (such agreement not to be unreasonably withheld or delayed) where Carolyn Tate may be unable to perform the relevant services.

    i. Where services are provided on the client’s site or at public venues organised by the client, the client must ensure they provide a safe workplace and suitable induction to the site, equipment and personnel. The client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless CT&Co. from any loss or damage incurred on the client’s site, or any external site organised by the client, and warrants that it holds sufficient insurance to cover its liabilities under these Terms.

    j. The quote accompanying these Terms is valid for 30 days from the date of receipt. If the quote and Terms are not accepted within 30 days, CT&Co. reserves the right to amend the services on offer, terms and conditions and fees at its sole discretion.

    4.    Privacy and Confidentiality

    a. Both parties agree to comply with, and ensure that each of its employees, contractors or associates comply with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and any other similar laws applicable to either party's performance of its rights and obligations under these Terms in relation to personal information held and shared.

    b. Both parties agree to keep confidential any Confidential Information disclosed by the other party (Disclosing Party), including the content of these Terms, unless permission is granted in writing to share this information by the Disclosing Party.

    c. For the purposes of these Terms, "Confidential Information" means any and all information relating to the operations of the parties that is not in the public domain, is held to be, or is marked as, confidential, including client information, and information about a party's supplier, employees, contractors or products.

    d. The obligations under this clause 4 continue during and after the end of expiry of these Terms.

    5.    Fees Payable

    a.    The Purpose Project Course: The costs for the Course is as follows:
    1-50 Participants; Set at $29,950 + GST (or $599 per person).
    This is the minimum viable cost to run this Course.
    51-250 Participants: $499 per person + GST.
    250+ Participants: $399 per person + GST.

    In addition at no extra cost, I offer one Leader Training Induction Day and two days of implementation support to be used as we agree. Any out-of-pocket costs such as travel and accommodation are payable by the client. Additional Purpose Leader Training Days are costed separately.

    c.  The Purpose Project Book: Each participant and leader receives a copy of The Purpose Project book as the foundation of this work. The book has been self-published via Ingram Spark which means books are printed on demand and are delivered to you within 7-10 working days. These books will be delivered at no cost to your nominated address under these Terms. Additional copies (minimum of 10) can be ordered at any time here and incur a shipment fee. These must be paid for prior to ordering and shipment. Should participants want an electronic version of The Purpose Project they are to be purchased by them at any online bookshop here.

    e. Additional Services: Should CT&Co. provide additional services such as project implementation, additional Purpose Leader Induction Training Days, workshops, speaking or coaching in addition to those set out in the proposal accompanying these Terms, separate fees are quoted and invoiced. 50% of the fees for additional services will be invoiced on acceptance of these Terms and are to be paid on the due date on the invoice or no later than 14 days from receipt. The further 50% of fees for additional services are payable as at the due date on the invoice, generally on delivery of the service. Unless otherwise agreed between the parties in writing, these Terms will continue to apply to any additional services provided to the client.

    f. For long-term ongoing services, such as consulting or coaching, fees are paid as agreed in advance. 

    g. For all future book and course orders, invoices are issued separately and must be paid before the books are ordered and the course is distributed to the client.

    h. All Fees are billed in AUD with various payment options offered as per the tax invoice issued. A surcharge may apply where your chosen payment option is a credit card/debit card. No surcharge is applicable on full payment or entering into a direct debit agreement where settlement is via EFT.

    i. All Fees are quoted exclusive of GST unless otherwise marked, which is payable in addition to the fees, for the amount set out in the relevant tax invoice.

    j.  All remittance advices can be emailed to

    k. Where work is still being delivered but the date is altered, there may be an additional fee payable to be negotiated with the client.

    l.   Incidentals such as travel, accommodation, taxi’s, catering, meal costs, venue hire, printing etc are either organised by the client directly or charged to the client by CT&Co. for payment within 14 days of an invoice being issued to the client.

    6.    Account Management & Quality Review

    a.    Your Leader/s agrees to work with Carolyn Tate or the agreed appointed account manager at CT&Co. to enable the services to be delivered in a timely, professional and quality manner so that all terms and conditions and services offered are met to the highest standards.

    b. Within 30 days of acceptance of this offer, the proposal and these Terms, the client and Carolyn Tate will plan the execution of the Program during the Term. Both parties will agree to this plan and our roles and responsibilities in order to achieve the agreed outcomes.

    c.    Both parties agree to conduct regular check-in meetings and reviews with CT&Co. to ensure the services are being delivered and are meeting the expectations of both parties.

    d.    Reports and recommendations may be issued verbally and in writing as, and when, agreed between both parties at agreed times.