Effective customer retention

Increase repeat business with a practical loyalty program

“Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.” 

Steve Jobs

Key solutions for increase repeat business

Solutions to increase repeat business effectively

4 major factors that affecting you engage with your customers at the best timing

  • Outreaching - reach customers with a FREE gift at the right timing when they are making enquiry about your products or services.
  • Connecting - The Loyalty Program helps you to engage new customers by offering a FREE gift for their first purchase.
  • Rewarding - A GREAT AFTER SALE OFFER is the best trick to bring your customers back from time to time.
  • Retaining - RELATIONSHIP IS EVERYTHING! Maximise your repeat business with the inbuilt SMS and email system to keep your customers in a close touch

  • Where the Loyalty Program makes the difference

    Branded WebApp

    Key Functionalities

    Brand-able Member WebApp allow business to promote their branding on Eber member system. Allowing it to be a unique program only to your respective business for better customer awareness and recognition.

  • Fully branded and customisable to your brand style and colour
  • Fully customisable home screen, linkable to any website or social media
  • View customisable digital member card with photo support
  • One-click login via SMS, no password needed to be entered
  • View list of rewards which can be instantly updated
  • Notification page to list recent activities
  • Sell of your gift card within the web app
  • Online transaction is linked to your payment gateway
  • Guide to add web app icon to home screen
  • Customisable terms and condition page
  • Viewable from any desktop browser and mobile devices
  • Birthday Rewards

    Automatically send birthday wishes, rewards or bonus points to your birthday members. You can even allow members to earn double points during birthday month while spending

  • Set combination of what to offer – points, rewards, and/or gift card
  • Set when to trigger – first day of birthday month, one week before, etc
  • Set different offer for different members based on their membership tier
  • Automated notification to notify member about their rewards
  • Customized wishes for your members
  • Digital Member Card

    Digital member card is issued instantly upon registration of membership online or on Eber Store-App in store. Members will receive SMS with their unique link to access Eber member Web-App to view their card and more

  • Use your own digital member card image
  • Different member card and setting for multiple membership tiers
  • Digital member card is created and issued instantly after member sign up.
  • Digital member card URL link is sent via SMS
  • Secure URL link in SMS cannot be reused
  • Add member’s photo on digital member card
  • Member Management

    Key Functionalities

    Manage your members data with your preferred information on your customised member system. Know what your customers wants and execute a great strategy

  • Manage individual member data information
  • Add new required custom fields
  • Access control for administrator
  • Manage data fields visibility.
  • Export to CSV file format
  • Rewards

    Dedicate rewards for your members to redeem with their accumulated points or stamps. Depending on your business operational structure, rewards your members with either monetary vouchers, discounts or gifts

  • Create unlimited number of rewards
  • Manage rewards in real time
  • Set terms and conditions for each reward
  • View rewards in Branded Web App
  • Redeem rewards using points or stamp
  • Redeem rewards in Branded Web App using claim button
  • Redemption of rewards using Store App
  • Use a reward to upgrade membership tier automatically
  • Full redemption activities and reports
  • Marketing Messaging

    Send customised marketing messaging and reach directly to customers through SMS and Email. Inform members on your latest events and promotions to encourage them to shop with you

  • Built-in email marketing
  • Built-in SMS marketing
  • Reports on each campaign
  • Customise automated SMS and email message
  • Export to 3rd party marketing software like MailChimp
  • Automate your marketing effort like Birthday Rewards
  • Gift Card

    Prepaid value gift card helps business generate more revenues. Existing members may send gift card as a gift to their friends or love ones on their special occasion, hence expanding your customers base

  • Support gift card digitally and physically.
  • Partial payment option available during purchases
  • Selling of gift card available in stores or online
  • Top up value available in store
  • Purchase and send as gift to someone
  • Kick-start Rewards & Member Program for Your Business

    Acquire Members Automatically

  • Points are automatically awarded to customers once purchases are done. There is no need to manually create member account or issue points.
  • Engage Your Customer With Ease

  • Welcoming new members or sending birthday wishes with a surprise reward. We have got it covered!
  • Rewards Automation

  • Members can claim and enjoy rewards without your interaction. For example receiving a discount code of your store or get upgraded to VIP tier.
  • Basic Pricing

    Service items

    Initial cost

    Ongoing cost

    Essential program

    Free setup

    $110 per outlet/month

    Advance program

    quote to your project

    quote to your project

    So where do I begin?

    So where do I begin?

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