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A collection of stories
and memories written by you, the fans of Boston United

Estimated for release later this year

Who remembers standing in the driving rain at Hayes when we won promotion?

These stories shouldn't be left in the past because let's be honest, it's easy to forget the details as time passes by.

This book will be written by every Boston United fan who has a story to tell and a special memory to share. You will have the chance to read through the occasions you may have forgotten and discover new ones through the eyes of others.

Together, we will preserve yours and the clubs history for future generations.

Imagine future generations reading about your big day out to Rochdale in the F.A Cup with your mates!

Submit your best memories here on our easy to use form:

Here's some early entries...

*Spot the household name (it's not Duncan)

16 questions to write your way into pilgrims folklore...

You can answer them here using this easy to use form:

  • Anything from a sentence to a paragraph, it's up to you!
  • Answer as many questions as you want and hit send when you're done.
  • Please try and keep your stories appropriate and family friendly.
  • We reserve the right to remove any inappropriate material.

  • 1.Earliest memory of watching the pilgrims
  • 2.Your all-time favourite player
  • 3.When do you feel we had the best team
  • 4.What did York Street mean to you
  • 5.Most memorable home game
  • 6.Best away day adventure
  • 7.Best atmosphere you’ve experienced, home or away
  • 8.Memories of the 1985 Wembley final
  • 9.In addition to Wembley, what other notable games do you remember most
  • 10.Strangest thing you’ve seen at a Boston game
  • 11.One memory you love to reminisce about
  • 12.When did you feel most proud of the club
  • 13.Current match-day routine
  • 14.People you remember most fondly, that are unfortunately no longer with us
  • 15.What are your hopes for life at Pilgrim Way
  • 16.What does Boston United mean to you

  • Alternatively, copy these questions into an email and send your answers to

    If you choose this option, please include:

  • Name
  • Where you sit/stand at Pilgrim Way
  • Number of years following Boston United (approx)

  • *If you wish to remain anonymous that's fine*


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    Portions of the profits from book sales will be going to
    Boston United Supporters Association (BUSA)

    Who's doing what?

    Callum Bates

    Years supporting the pilgrims: 25

    Pete Brooksbank

    Years supporting the pilgrims: 33

    Christian James

    Years supporting the pilgrims: 16

    You, the fans, are the heroes of this story.