Who do you want to become?

Are you the kind of person that wants to lead an exciting, meaningful, and impactful life?

  • Do you aspire to be a leader who works towards a greater purpose and truly changes the world?
  • Do you aspire to be a leader who helps solve society's most pressing problems?
  • Do you aspire to be a leader that shapes industry and impacts the lives of millions?

  • To kick-start your path to becoming a leader, our Career Accelerator is:

  • Focused entirely on developing you as a leader, where you learn practical 21st century skills and build traits demanded by leading employers.
  • More impactful than an ordinary job, internship or graduate program, where you work for world-changing organisations, actually contributing to their success.
  • More interesting than a gap year, where you move outside your comfort zone to help improve society, discover your unique purpose, and build an amazing network of friends, professionals, and mentors.
  • The traditional academic path is too narrow and fails too many people. Do not let it fail you too.

    We are living in a world with an ambiguous future; a world that needs more than academics. We need people like you who have strong character traits and skills, and are willing to adapt and thrive in the ever-changing 21st century.

    Some of you are in university, some have just finished university and some may not have been to university. Whatever your situation, your potential is restrained because the education system only focuses on academics. We have created a revolutionary pathway that helps exceptional people become the future leaders our world truly needs.

    At The Proving Ground, we are on a mission to find exceptional future leaders like you and unlock your potential.

    We have created our Leadership Accelerator as a better alternative to typical graduate and internship programs, and even university. It will challenge and develop young adults into leaders in a whole new way. The program starts by carefully selecting Associates based on character traits and 21st century skills, not academics. We then place you on a 6-month program that includes four elements:

    Work placements as Associates to exceptional companies and business leaders

    Giving you the opportunity to learn from seasoned business leaders and help them solve real business problems.

    A Personal Board of Directors

    Mentorship from a select group of high-achieving professionals who have succeeded in their own careers.

    Online learning modules

    Focused on helping you develop key life skills and knowledge for your future (e.g., career guidance, self-knowledge, emotional intelligence, open-mindedness, personal finance).

    Amazing life experiences

    To ensure you build a global perspective and experience life-shaping moments (e.g., trips abroad, volunteering immersions, community leadership, extra-curricular challenges).

    Do you have what it takes to become a future leader?

    If you have the following attitude, character, soft skills and technical skills you qualify for entry into TPG's Leadership Accelerator.

  • Attitude - You are driven to succeed. You have a growth mindset and believe you can learn anything. You have the resilience needed to pick yourself up when life gets tough. You have appreciation for the blessings in your life. And you are optimistic about the future..
  • Character - You have grit to push through the hardest challenges. You have courage to get out of your comfort zone and do things that you're afraid of. You have curiosity for, and an open mind about, the world around you. You have self-control to help you maintain focus on what is important. You are proactive at grasping opportunities rather than waiting for them. You respect people from around the world. You have integrity to do the right thing even when nobody is watching. And you have compassion for others.
  • Soft skills - You enjoy thinking and solving complex problems with creative solutions. You are socially skilled and know how to work well with others whether that include motivating or influencing them. You are efficient and well organised with your time and resources.
  • Technical Skills - You have other unique technical skills. Perhaps you are skilled at creative writing, video production, data analytics, programming, or any other interesting technical skill relevant to the workforce. And although you might not be fully skilled yet, you have a passion and desire to learn.
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