Capture The Data That Make Spaces Valuable

Enhance Development Value with SAPHI's Shellshock AI

Introducing Shellshock AI

Shellshock is a dynamic AI imaging system designed to capture development data that interests you the most with unparalleled accuracy.

SAPHI's Shellshock AI offers secure, portable, and cost-effective development data capture. Empower your development's success without vendor lock-ins or tech hurdles.

  • Traffic Monitoring
  • People & Passenger Counting
  • Crowd Counting
  • Loitering Time
  • Custom Models Available

Gather insights on infrastructure utilisation and more through pre-configured or custom models.

SAPHI's mission is to leverage the finest proven computer vision technology to provide unparalleled insights.

Why Shellshock AI?

Shellshock is an AI imaging system designed to capture the development data that interests you the most.

Check It Out In Action!

The video below demonstrates Shellshock AI's ability to capture key insights with unparrelled accuracy in a variety of environments.

How Are Our Clients Using Them?

Shellshock AI is reshaping the landscape of urban development, providing developers with actionable data to enhance their projects and maximize value. Here's how developers are utilizing this technology today:

  • Foot Traffic Analysis for Retail: Measuring the volume and flow of pedestrians near shop fronts to understand consumer behavior, identify peak hours, and optimize store layouts.
  • Loitering Time Monitoring: Analyzing the duration of time people spend in front of shops or displays, providing insights for marketing strategies and storefront design.
  • Heat Mapping for Property Valuation: Utilizing heat mapping to determine high-traffic areas, guiding pricing strategies and property value assessments.
  • Efficiency in Residential Planning: Monitoring pedestrian movements to design more efficient and user-friendly residential complexes.
  • Car Park Utilization: Optimizing the design and management of parking facilities based on actual usage patterns.
  • Public Amenity Usage Analysis: Understanding how communal spaces within developments are used to inform future design and maintenance plans.
  • Event Impact Assessment: Gauging the effect of local events on property traffic to inform future development and marketing strategies.
  • Construction Site Monitoring: Ensuring efficient use of resources and analyzing workflow patterns on construction sites for enhanced project management.
  • Safety and Security Enhancements: Using pedestrian and vehicle flow data to identify potential safety hazards or security needs within developments.

Developers leveraging Shellshock AI gain a competitive edge by making informed decisions based on concrete data, ensuring their projects not only meet but exceed the expectations of modern urban living.

The Pricing

The real innovation of SAPHI's Shellshock AI imaging system is the affordability! To put it into perspective, our system can capture multiple parameters for less cost than a single Road Rope Car Counter.