Introduction & Needs Assessment

Welcome to this sample proposal.

If you are reading this, its because you are interested in taking your business to the next level and want to get an idea of the process and costs involved.

Good news, you're in the right place! While we tailor each proposal to your business goals its still possible to give you some indicative costs and a 'behind the scenes' look into the way we approach our digital marketing campaigns.

In this section of your proposal, we will spend some time outlining our understanding of the 'problem' you are looking to overcome and/or the goals you are hoping to achieve by using Thrive Tech.

By clearly stating our joint goals working together, you know exactly what we are aiming for and the rest of the proposal becomes the road-map to get you there.

Cathrine Hosking | Lead Strategist

Our Three Stage Process


Seed Process

Lets create a rock solid strategy as the foundation to build out your campaign.

All the following activities will take place in the first 1-2 months of working together.

Everyone knows that if you want a thriving plant, it all starts with how you plant the seed. The first step to this process is understanding the unique requirements of that seed in terms of light, water, feed, soil and ventilation, and the second step is acting on that understanding.

A digital marketing campaign is no different. If you want the best chance to thrive in today's digital economy then we need to ensure that time is taken to understand your current landscape, then, with that understanding we can choose the right digital tools to achieve your ultimate goal.

Thing is, just like planting a seed in real life, this 'Seed Process' is a commitment of energy, time and passion without seeing any immediate result. We use this metaphor to help you understand the incredible importance of this first step. Trust the process, by taking the time to set out a proper strategy we are giving your company the best chance to thrive.

Cathrine and the team at Thrive Tech have been an amazing company to do business with. Driven to deliver measurable results, Thrive go beyond SEO and look at whether your company brand is on point to capture leads generated by your SEO. We found this work essential to streamlining our brand and what we are looking to achieve. We could not rate Thrive more highly and would happily act as a reference for anyone interested in discussing the process we went through.


Seed Strategy Process In Action:

> Step 1: Thrive Audit

The first step in any strategy must be to understand the current environment with the purpose of understanding what's working, what's not and where the opportunities are.

The depth depends on your goals but often includes auditing some or all of the following digital 'touch-points' in your company:

Your Website:

  • Check Google ranking for target keywords + associated pages
  • Determine on-page & off-page optimization (including a back-link audit)
  • Rank user experience on the site
  • Check conversion tracking has been set up & optimized correctly
  • Your Social Platforms:

  • Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Twitter business page optimization
  • Google My Business optimization
  • Your Paid Advertising Platforms:

  • Adwords and Facebook Ad Manager account set up
  • All tracking & conversions set up correctly
  • Ad text, quality score and image use audit
  • Google/ FB penalization
  • Competitor landscape:

    We will run keyword level audits of your top 5 competitors to understand who the 'players' are in the game and what is making them effective so we can get the quickest possible results by applying similar strategies. This also includes a brief audit of their social media strategies.

    > Step 2: Thrive Digital Workshop Session

    The goal of the Thrive Digital Workshop Session is to create a Digital Strategy Document. This document then forms the foundation we will build our entire digital marketing campaign on. This workshop can take place in person or via video conference and we recommend that management, sales and customer service be present.

    The workshop will cover:

  • Who your ideal buyer persona/s are
  • What the external, internal and philosophical problem is which you solve for them
  • Why you are uniquely qualified to solve this problem
  • The simple plan your personas can follow to solve the problem
  • How to tell that story on your website and social channels in a way that attracts, engages and converts them into loyal repeat customers.

  • Thrive Tech did a Workshop with our team to help us find out who our customers really are and why would they want to use our products and services. Cathrine was incredible and really guided us to understand whats important from a Marketing perspective. I highly recommend Thrive Tech!


    > Step 3: Costing Your Strategy

    Once we have our audit findings and have gone through a workshop with the team, we are in the position to suggest the appropriate digital marketing tools (SEO, AdWords, Social, Content, Video etc) and can suggest a budget allocation for each one.

    Without having a clear understanding of your current website, the competitive landscape and your target buyers it is almost impossible to cost out an effective monthly digital marketing spend.

    We understand most companies do not follow this approach but we find costing up front inevitably leads to companies choosing the wrong digital platforms and/or wrong budget for those platforms.

    Seed Process Quote

    Entry Level Seed Process Quote

    This Quote is based on your Strategist & facilitator being Cathrine Hosking. The prices below are in NZD and exclude GST

    Audits range from $500-2000 depending on the depth & complexity. Workshops start at $700+

    Being time poor and having worked with other marketing companies I was reluctant to go through another 'strategy session'. But this one exceeded my expectations! I found the Story workshop to be an exceptionally valuable step in clarifying my marketing strategy. Cath showed genuine interest in seeing my business succeed, understood what it would take to get me there and has backed this up with a consistent and professional approach since the workshop.


    Grow Process

    Lets execute! time to put that strategy into action and start getting results

    All the following activities will take place in the following 2-6 months of working together.

    Good news- the environment is now perfect and your seed is ready to start growing, so lets put that strategy into action and start measuring the results.

    Now remember, as we explained above, unlike most other companies, we don't immediately allocate budget to a specific 'tools' because its impossible to choose the right tools and allocate the right budget without truly understanding your companies unique needs & goals.

    That being said, most of our clients find it hard to commit to the Seed Process without having an indication of what our Grow Process 'tools' cost. For this reason we have provided a rough list of indicative costs for our most common services.

    Monthly Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    This service works to optimize your website so Google loves you, and your ideal customers find you. The full scope of this work will be determined by the Seed Strategy Document but will likely include the following.

    > Technical & UX Website Changes

    Fixing crawl errors and broken links, sitemap & robot txt submission, URL fixes, page speed, compression, mobile optimization etc.

    Additionally we will look at your buyers journey and ensure the website is set up and optimized for conversion and an exceptional User Experience (UX).

    > Keyword Optimization & Weekly Analysis

    Competitor keyword research, target persona keyword research, top 10 keywords optimized on site, position tracking and competitor bench-marking reports set up.

    The ongoing optimization of your chosen keywords is essential. We look at the reports weekly to ensure we lock down what approaches are working and change the ones that are not.

    > Editorial Content Calendar

    Creating valuable content is an essential part of any SEO strategy. In order to keep content flowing smoothly, we’ll create a collaborative editorial calendar designed to facilitate the creation of (at minimum) 1 piece of content (blog, video, image) per month. We don’t write for search engines, but we do want to consider how people are phrasing their searches when we are creating and prioritizing content.

    > Initial Site Offer & Quarterly Offers

    Offers are high value content e.g an eBook/ guide/ indicative quote/ tool which is usually 'locked' behind a form. This provides an easy way to collect leads for your company. As part of our SEO launch strategy we’ll take existing content that you have and re-purpose it into a downloadable offer/guide. This will allow us to begin collecting leads immediately, while we work on creative new offers in the future months. Usually we aim to create 1 high value offer every 4-6 months.

    > Off-page SEO efforts

    After conducting an in depth back-link audit we will be in the perfect position to clean up your existing links (if toxic) and build out new links to match and outrank your competitors. As back-links are one of the highest ranking factors for Google we usually work to build around 2-3 valuable back-links to your site each month (minimum), additionally we will work to improve your Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) by encouraging reviews, getting citations.

    Indication of costs for all the services outlined above:

    Level 1 SEO optimization: $1500- $2500 per month

    (Best for companies wanting to optimize for specific high traffic keywords in a competitive landscape)

    Level 2 SEO optimization : Full inbound marketing with content at every stage of the buyers journey + increased backlink generation $3000- $5000 per month.

    (Best for companies with an in-house marketing team looking for an agency to assist with launching, refining or executing their inbound marketing strategy)

    Cathrine is one of most knowledgeable online marketers I’ve ever met. She is easy to work with, has awesome ideas and always delivers no matter how hard the deadlines are. I would 100% recommend her services in all areas of the digital space


    Paid Advertising Strategy

    There are many different ways to use paid advertising to boost traffic to your site but throwing money at paid ads without a strategy is not something we recommend at Thrive.

    Based on your strategy document we are likely to consider one or many of the following platforms:

  • Re-marketing on Google and Facebook using Display ads
  • Targeted carousel ads on Facebook
  • Google Adwords for high buyer intent keywords
  • Our management fee for paid advertising is 30% of the value of your total spend. This includes all conversion tracking and call recording if required .

    Most of our clients have a management fee between $300-600 per month and spend a budget of between $500-2000 on each platform.

    Social Media Strategy

    Social media is an incredibly effective digital marketing tool which can be used to engage and convert your target audience. Depending on the insights learned through the audit and your digital marketing workshop we might suggest.

  • Sprucing up the design and content on existing profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.
  • On-boarding a dedicated content manager to post, tweet and share on your behalf in a manner that is consistent with your brand voice, goals and values.
  • Social media training to help internal staff leverage your social media channels effectively.
  • Leveraging Neighbourly and other 3rd party review & community platforms.
  • All social media channels managed & updated from $400 per month

    Social media training & Neighbourly pricing on request

    Monthly reporting

    We like to give our customers the data they need in a format they can understand. Each month you will get a comprehensive custom report which we tailor to focus on the information that matters to you. Our strategists look through every report individually and write a summary each month showing our achievements, identifying any trouble areas, and laying out the steps for the following month so you have a good understanding of where we are currently and where we are heading.

    This is included by default in all our plans at no extra cost.

    Both Ian and Cath are extremely professional, very knowledgeable and always happy to help. They have sorted our website from design to copywriting as well as helping us with our very specialized marketing needs. We highly recommend Thrive Tech.


    Thrive Process

    At this stage the results are starting to show and its time to optimize.

    This process starts around the 6th month of working together.

    Great marketing is a process, you have to test and iterate, lock down whats working and throw away whats not.

    At Thrive - we don't believe in guessing or opinions when it comes to digital marketing, we believe in data, and the data doesn't lie.

    At the 6 month point (depending on your roll-out schedule), you should be seeing clear sustained data showing our efforts have been effective in achieving all the goals set out and agreed upon in the Seed Process.

    We are so confident in our approach that in the highly unlikely event that the data doesn't show this - we will continue to work for you - for free- until it does, no matter how long that takes.

    The usual Thrive Process is as follows:

    > Half year review and goal setting workshop

    At this stage we arrange a 3 hour Review Session. In this session we go through all the data and insights we have collected over the last 4-6 months and have the opportunity to adjust budget across the tools (up or down) and add new tools for the following 6 months (if required).

    We also re-look at our buyer personas at this stage and see if there are any new insights we have learned about them which encourage us to try an adjustment in strategy or messaging (this is often the case).

    This session is included in your month fee at no additional charge.

    > Enter Maintenance Period

    If you are happy with how things are going at this point, then you have the option to enter into a Thrive Maintenance Period. For every company this looks different but more often then not, this period equates to a reduction in your monthly spend without a reduction in results.

    The reason for this is that most of the hard work is done in the initial setup and optimization of your tools and strategy. Once we have that humming along smoothly its a matter of ensuring that the engine keeps turning (which is far less work) and definitely something to look forward to.



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