Trouble Finding the Right Sales People?

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Here at WinSource Group, we only staff sales people so we are experts at finding the right, productive, accountable, professional sellers who understand your business and will help you gain and retain customers.

We specialize in sales, providing industry expertise in outside sales, inside sales, sales leadership, sales operations, sales engineering, marketing, client service, and unique or strategic revenue generating positions.


We focus on people who are currently employed as sales people. Let's face it, in this economy the best sales candidates are those currently working in a sales position. Over 90% of the interviews we set-up for our clients are with people currently employed in sales.

We recruit based on an in-depth ideal candidate profile that we co-create with our clients to ensure that we accurately capture the right skill-set, experience and fit for their organization.

  • You will have a dedicated Talent Manager
  • Your Talent Manager will develop an Ideal Candidate Profile that meets your specific needs and expectations
  • Your Talent Manager will customize Recruiting Strategies based on your specific Ideal Candidate Profile
  • Your Talent Manager will spend 1.5-2 hours with each candidate conducting a customized in-depth behavioral interview assessing both mindset and skill set including simulation evaluations of key components of the position
  • WinSource Group provides 3 qualified interviews per position and does so within 3-4 weeks of receiving the request
  • Payoff

    The average cost of a bad hire is up to 30% of the employee’s first-year earnings according to the U.S. Department of Labor. This does not even take into account the opportunity cost of interviewing unqualified candidates and the position remaining open.

    By using WinSource you signifcantly reduce the chance of a bad hire as you will only be interviewing truly qualified candidates who meet your ideal candidate profile. Reducing the drain on hiring managers and decreasing the time to hire.

    We also stand behind our hire and will replace any hire within 90 days if they do not work out or leave to take another position elsewhere.


  • One time search is an investment of $14,000, which ensures 3 qualified talent interviews that are guaranteed to match the ideal candidate profile for the position and result in minimally one hire (our clients frequently hire more than one of the candidates we send even if they were only originally looking to fill one position.)
  • A commitment of 3 searches within 12 months is an investment of $11,000 per search, which ensures 3 qualified talent interviews that are guaranteed to match the ideal candidate profile for the position and minimally one hire per position. 
  • WinSource guarantees the hire in each search, meaning, if for any reason we need to provide additional interviews until at least 1 hire is made, we will do so. Our ratios suggest you will minimally hire 1 of the 3 candidates provided.    
  • WinSource offers a 90-day replacement guarantee.
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