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Courageous Allyship in the Corporate World

We believe

traditional workshops, learning opportunities, and corporate trainings don't cut it. When it comes to understanding race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and ability in the corporate setting we need courage. We need allyship. We need guided conversations to navigate difficult topics. And we need to trust the skill, knowledge, expertise, and emotional intelligence of those who help guide us.

That's where we come in. We go beyond passive learning to facilitate allyship. Through our challenging yet non-threatening style, we create an understanding of how we can all work together and contribute to a better workplace and a better world.

We're excited to share our work with you and create an atmosphere of allyship together.


Simone Ross and Virginia Santy

Allyship is a muscle we must exercise if we want it to grow and remain strong.

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All of our educational opportunities are grounded in the most recent research on bias, adult learning, vulnerability, and business outcomes. Simone Ross, MBA, MA, and Virginia Santy, Ph.D., co-lead each session, uniting their perspectives and experiences in service to learning.

Our range of engagement opportunities is designed to best serve a variety of needs:

  • Courageous Allyship Introduction
  • Our one-time virtual introduction learning opportunity is a 90-minute session for up to 70 participants (70+ participants will require additional workshops). This session includes an overview of allyship, what it means for the workplace, and how we can all show up as allies to create a positive, healthy, and cooperative working environment wherein all individuals feel respected and valued. Participants will walk away with a toolkit of action items to deploy as well as a list of resources for further exploration.

  • Courageous Allyship Series
  • The Courageous Alllyship Series builds upon the introduction to further explore how intersectional identities manifest in and overlap with our places of work. The series is tailored to your sector, industry, and any specific challenges your business may face. The series includes four virtual 60-minute sessions for up to 70 participants. After completing the series, participants will possess a range of skills combining allyship and business outcomes in service to professional development and a stronger corporate environment.

  • Courageous Allyship Series and Support
  • This offering provides additional support to clients as they engage in their journey to courageous allyship. In conjunction with the series, clients receive support with sensitive and compelling strategic messaging around their efforts to reduce bias, build a strong and informed workplace culture, and engage in allyship. Strategic messaging is tailored to client needs and stakeholder audiences.

  • Have additional needs? We are happy to work with you on a tailored plan and approach.
  • What if we could look to corporations for lessons in courage?

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    In an effort to catalyze change, elevate, and create visibility surrounding issues of workforce equity, Simone founded Simone D. Ross, LLC, a consulting firm with the vision of catalyzing human thriving through effective and integrative change management. Simone uses her 15+ years of corporate experience to bring voice to the importance of creating equitable and sound business enterprises. Simone has been recognized by the Denver Business Journal as a “40 Under 40” business leader; the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce as one of the Top 25 Most Powerful Women; the Association for Corporate Growth as a David Sloan business scholar; and was recognized by the Colorado Black Chamber of Commerce as a community service champion. She is a graduate of Leadership Denver, the Colorado State Chamber of Commerce CACI Executive Leadership Program, and is an Urban Leadership Foundation Chamber Connect alum.


    Virginia (Ginna) Santy has spent her career dedicated to diversity and inclusion via a number of nontraditional paths including city planning, workforce development, and recruitment and retention. She is a sought-after expert for city planners, elected officials, and corporate executives in building diversity and inclusion initiatives and exploring the intersection of culture, the built environment, and diverse representation. She has presented her research on work and equity at conferences around the world and worked with a variety of clients to implement programs supporting diverse needs in the public and private sectors. Virginia is a recognized leader in the business community. She is the recipient of the Top 25 Women in Business Award and the Change Maker of the Year Award from the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce. 

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