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Blooming with purpose

We're still on a high from our Refresh Session with the ladies at Haven for Women last June 3! There was an abundance of creativity brought out in the ladies' floral arrangements, and an overall air of love and light throughout the room. 

Thanks to our flower donors and the volunteers who spent their Sunday with us to brighten up someone else's. We're thankful too to our friends at Sinaya Cup for joining us and giving the ladies a safe and convenient alternative to menstrual care that's no longer a pain to them or the environment! 🌿

It's through these generous partnerships that we can truly Create Good.

Blooms & cheers

I love the idea to be honest and this was specifically the reason why I decided to volunteer. Kudos to you for that!
The event was well facilitated and that the idea is very appealing to a lot of first time volunteers which gives you a very good platform to inspire them to continue volunteering - which I hope you do.


To Create Good, one does not need to look further from what one already has - what we have can easily be something others can have too.

Create Good's initiatives are spurred by the act of reusing and repurposing existing, pre-owned goods with the aim of sending a resounding and relevant message that urges this generation redefine how we can create good.