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Dear Sunscape Consulting:

Thank you for taking the time to discuss your company's challenges and opportunities with me. I speak for our entire firm when I say that I truly believe an effective public relations campaign is one of the wisest investments you can make right now. We'll share why we feel that way throughout the proposal, but for now I just wanted to say personally that I enjoyed our time discussing (key client pain point / opportunity / need) , and I believe we have the skills and experience need to drive results for you and your company.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to your thoughts on this proposal!

-Kris Asleson, Principal

It's no longer enough to just sit back and hope that running your business with integrity leads to word-of-mouth growth. You need to be proactive, and Reynolds PR knows exactly how to facilitate that effort.

-Pivotal Marketing

Executive Summary

PR can and will re-establish Sunscape Consulting as an industry leader.

Sunscape Consulting has built a strong reputation over the last four decades. However, in our fast moving world, a stellar image can quickly be overcrowded by crafty competitors using both digital and traditional PR tactics to gain more exposure and brand awareness than previously accessible. New fly-by-night brands have been encroaching on Sunscape Consulting market share through clever avenues and Sunscape Consulting brand has become less visible than in years past.

The time is now to strike back. In addition to re-establishing media relations to put Sunscape Consulting back in the public eye more frequently,
Sustain campaign is about to launch and offers a perfect foundation to build not just a strong PR campaign for the short-term, but a powerful, continuous effort going forward across the entire company.

This PR effort will consist of the following elements over the next year:

  • Strategic public relations plan - we will begin by working closely with Sunscape Consulting to build a bonafide game plan, identifying a cohesive vision, setting goals and outlining deliverables and ROI targets.
  • Media list development - we will work with Sunscape Consulting to identify and establish relationships key media partners across TV, radio, print, and digital platforms.
  • Press releases & media pitching - We will write, distribute, contact and follow up with media prospects across all relevant outlets for Sunscape Consulting.
  • Monthly review of all media coverage, social media mentions, website traffic and other key analytics to track sustainability and overall success of campaign.

Situation Analysis

In this section we will review Sunscape Consulting's strengths and weaknesses against its key competitors with significant consideration given to current market and consumer trends.

Market Share Analysis

Over the last five years, Sunscape Consulting market share has been diminishing.

The chart below offers a bird's eye view of the challenges that Sunscape Consulting is facing. Market share is being lost due to new competitors entering the market and gaining greater visibility despite offering a lesser product.

Audience & Awareness Review

Despite owning the greatest share of the market, Sunscape Consulting is lagging in many key areas related to brand recognition.

The chart below offers a strong argument for why Sunscape Consulting is losing market share to competitors with greater visibility and audiences.

Strengths & Weaknesses

While changes are necessary to improve Sunscape Consulting market positioning, the road is paved for success.


  • Has been in business over 40 years
  • Superior product line
  • Operational systems in place for growth
  • Brand viewed with integrity


  • Relying too heavily on word-of-mouth business
  • No existing PR plan for improving visibility
  • Less digitally-minded than competitors with marketing efforts

Goals & Objectives


Here are our primary high-level targets:

  • Re-connect with past media relationships and develop new ones at target media outlets and influencers.
  • Build and implement an aggressive PR strategy to recapture market share and increase Sunscape Consulting's visibility.
  • Improve audience sizes and engagement opportunities across all relevant social media platforms.
  • Create and implement an excellent product launch campaign for Product X, leveraging this the perfect opportunity to reignite media relationships and create viral buzz.
  • Establish and work towards KPIs to evaluate the sustainability and success of the PR campaign


Here's how we will achieve our goals:

Build Media Contacts

  1. 1.Create a database of media contacts organized by media outlet, title, name, phone, email and beat to begin establishing and building relationships with TV, radio, and magazine outlets.
  2. 2.Begin building relationships through weekly contacts with known social media personalities to identify collaboration opportunities through influencer marketing tactics.
  3. 3.Sync media contact strategy with overall PR plan to stay on top of seasonal opportunities to land valuable media coverage by executing quarterly outreach.

Successfully Launch Product X

  1. 1.Write a press release and send a media kit to key media outlets and influencers; track engagement and follow up efforts through the media list database.
  2. 2.Plan and implement a social media giveaway to create buzz and engagement around Product X.
  3. 3.Track all media mentions and social engagement against competitors and target KPIs.

Improve Social Media Followings and Performance

  1. 1.Add social media integration to Sunscape Consulting's website.
  2. 2.Run weekly Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads to increase visibility and fan base.
  3. 3.Begin creating weekly blog content to share via social media.

Develop Overall Strategy & Evaluation Campaign ROI

  1. 1.Collaborate to build strategic public relations plan within the first quarter of the campaign.
  2. 2.Use software to track media mentions and other metrics related to PR performance.
  3. 3.Review progress at quarterly review meetings.
"If I was down to my last dollar, I'd spend it on Public Relations."

-Bill Gates, Microsoft Founder

Strategic Plan

Now let's take a look at all the components of this public relations proposal.

Target Audience

Sunscape Consulting needs to engage Millennial car enthusiasts.

Our target audience will consist of those who:

  • Are ages 22-35
  • Live on the East Coast
  • Consume media related to the automobile industry
  • Have a household income above 65k

Target Media

Sunscape Consulting needs to re-establish their authority among automobile media.

We will be working to target several key media outlets:

  • Automobile magazine
  • Car & Driver
  • Auto Enthusiast (Digital)

Key Messages

Several primary messaging strategies will let the world know that Sunscape Consulting is back and better than ever.

Key public relations messaging ideas include:

"Sustain is not just here to revolutionize the automobile experience, but it represents Sunscape Consulting's commitment to investing in more cutting edge products."

"Sunscape Consulting has been in business longer than any of their competitors and is seizing new opportunities to serve the modern customer."

"Sunscape Consulting has recently invested in several new technologies and approaches to take their historically dominant business to even higher levels of success."

Campaign Tactics

A strategic public relations effort will leverage a variety of tactics to reposition Sunscape Consulting as an industry leader.

The tactics we will be using for this campaign include:

Media Outreach and Management - We will create a comprehensive database of all relevant media outlets, contacts and influencers. We will track correspondences and engage in appropriate outreach around key company activities.

Press Releases - Copywriting, media kit assembly, distribution, tracking and all other components of a press release around Product X and other appropriate products from Sunscape Consulting.

Social Media & Influencer Marketing - A heavy emphasis on digital strategies will be utilized to capture new and lost customers through modern tactics, driving traffic to Sunscape Consulting's blog, website and online store, while also building strong social audiences.

Speaking Opportunities - We will work to secure speaking and interview opportunities with key publications, enabling the leadership at Sunscape Consulting to directly drive forward their new position in the market.

Campaign Timeline

Here's how we envision the next 12 months going:

By 1st of Month

Proposal accepted, contract signed and program prepped to begin.

Months 1-3

Strategic plan development, media list research and development, key information gathered around Product X and prepped for promotion.

Months 4-6

Media outreach around Sustain launch, including press release and media kit distribution, digital strategies fully deployed.

Months 7-9

Cultivate successful media relationships established, promote speaking opportunities and interviews, run social media giveaway promotions.

Months 10-12

Review strategic plan and evaluate campaign success; develop an ongoing strategy for year 2.

Project Scope

It's always good to be on the same page going into a partnership.


  • Media list development, outreach and tracking
  • All related copywriting requirements
  • Social media strategy and consulting
  • Monthly reporting


  • Graphic design services
  • Social media management and ad buying
  • Printing & shipping costs
  • Other 3rd party fees not described in the estimate below


Here's how we will evaluate performance:

  • Instant notifications of all media mentions
  • Monthly reports tracking all KPIs
  • Quarterly review and strategic planning sessions


Proposed budget for the upcoming year. Does not include hard costs of advertising or other third party fees.

If you have any questions about this quote, feel free to get in touch anytime at

Strategic Planning


Strategic Plan Develpment


Monthly Management


Media List & Outreach


Build Media List


Outreach & Relationship Tracking


Product Launch Campaign


Product Launch Campaign: Media pitching, press release, media kit distribution and comprehensive tracking


PR Management Retainer


Agency fee covers all campaign administration, consulting, expertise and complete delivery as outlined in this proposal

Total Excluding Tax$21,750.00


Our Team

Ready to drive great PR for Sunscape Consulting!

Reynolds PR has been in business since 2003 and has grown by maintaining a fierce commitment to adding value around every corner. Our 360 degree model brings ideas on the front end, evaluation on the back end, and clear communication and delivery all the way through.

Our 4.9 Google star rating should say more than anything we can about how we approach business. We are serious but also understand that a working relationship has to be enjoyable and fun for everyone. We consistently hit deadlines, meet ROI goals and smile on our way to success.

With 5 offices across the U.S., and consistent engagement at media events, Reynolds PR is a known name across key media publications and personnel. We are devoted to continuing our commitment to excellence with this campaign opportunity!

The Sky is the Limit!

Thanks for your time and we look forward to reviewing this proposal with you. Just schedule a time below to review and we will talk to you then!


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