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The PosARTivity Project

an initiative of Shellharbour City Council

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The PosARTivity Project

Shellharbour Council is looking to develop a new series of art, art projects and/or performances for online streaming from a virtual gallery.



In this vastly different time, Shellharbour Council is looking for ways to continue to support and showcase our local creative community.

We are asking local artists/musicians/performers to show their work, and resourcefulness, by participating in the PosARTivity Project.

Council is looking for projects that artists can turn around within a timeframe of 1 week. This is important, as it is not an extensive fee and we want artists to be paid appropriately for the work they are developing. Submissions do not have to be perfect, or even complete, think of this as a chance to challenge yourself to think outside the box and push yourself creatively against a short timeframe.

Projects can be in any artform, but must be able to be presented online – a workshop, video of the work, sound file, stills image etc.

Projects must contain some sort of call to respond. We are looking to engage our community in a practice of creativity.

Artists will retain ownership of the work, so you can use this as a creative development to continue elsewhere down the line. We just ask that Shellharbour Council is given license to use the submissions, in this context, for as long as it is relevant.

The Fine Print

What we’re offering

Up to $1000 for a project that takes up to and no longer than one week of your time to deliver.  It may not be perfect, or even complete. It can be a continuation of work you’ve been developing, or a complete departure and chance to offer something new – in the end though, it must be able to be shown to our community online.  Our team will be here to help with this at any stage.

Eligibility and Selection

Are you eligible?

This opportunity is open to Shellharbour LGA-based artists, collectives and organisations.

Artists from the Illawarra Region, who have delivered a significant body of work here are also eligible to apply.

All artforms are eligible as long as you can deliver a digital outcome.

Key dates and selection process

This is a rolling program. You can apply anytime by EOI, however Council may need to change this program at any time to respond to changing circumstance, resources and environment. The program may also evolve over the course of its delivery.

If you are successful, you will be notified and provided with a date of completion that you must work to. New projects will be showcased each Tuesday for the life of the program.

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The PosARTivity Project

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