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Phoenix Rising™

The Only Women's Event You Need.™

We're gathering a group of high-achieving, brilliant, imperfectly getting-it-done women (hint: this is you) who are committed to embracing decisions so your life is an experience, instead of a trap brought on by circumstance.

Sounds lovely, right? But, you're also just a human trying to live your best life. You don't know it all. And you don't have patience or time to sift through B.S., caveats, and half-truths.

You want trusted people around you to help expose your blind spots and give you fresh new perspectives. Those pats on the back are great and push you through hard times, but the real value is in the folks who will look you dead in the eye and say, "that sounds like an excuse" or "maybe pass on that "opportunity"... next!"

You want to explore crazy ideas. You want unreasonable optimism.

You want to leverage other people's experiences and perspectives.

You want to be surrounded by people who know how to work, appreciate downtime, and love their life.

Have you been called intimidating? We have, too.

It's hard to grow, share, and be vulnerable with people who don't get you or who can't have a conversation about building wealth or making unconventional choices.

We want to spend time building each other up, challenging each other's assumptions, growing our empires, and giving each other permission to really be the women we want to be. All the while making sure we don't lose ourselves to any one part of our lives.

The Phoenix juxtaposes the transformation and permanence, death and life, struggle and victory that every woman faces.

It's time to rise.

The Event

21-22 September 2021

We'll spend two transformational days together in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. We'll talk about taboo questions for high-achieving women, challenge our assumptions, and relax into who we really are.

We'll laugh at ourselves. We'll find joy in new relationships. We'll tear up about past lessons. We'll celebrate each other.

We'll dress for dinner, we'll dance, we'll get outside, we'll eat food grown in the rich soil of the local farms, we'll eat meat grown by the local cattlemen, we'll feel the freedom of the West.

We'll commit to carrying on our journey - to continue to rise.

The Questions

How do we admit defeat (or do we)?

How do we give ourselves permission to do something different?

How do we face down expectations - including our own?

Does work-life balance actually exist?

How do we deal with failure?

How do we deal with success guilt?

How do we not cry when we're *really* pissed?

How much should I care about what other people think?

Submit your questions!

Dinner and Dancing

On our first night, we'll give you time to dress for dinner - whether its boho flow or off-the-shoulder formal. Our gorgeous meal will be followed by the lights going down, drinks flowing, the DJ queuing up the music, and letting our inhibitions go.

(We will have transportation available to and from local hotels and the venue for this portion of the event.)


We'll have a few hours to process outside, by ourselves or with others. We will provide a delightful experience, while allowing you to think through those big questions that arise when we have more than a moment to consider them.

The Beginning

At the end of our time together, we'll make commitments to ourselves. We'll spend the evening enjoying the big skies, local food, and the incredible women we've come to know.

We'll leave changed women - having found the courage to see beyond today and given ourselves permission to build a more beautiful future.

The Venue

The gorgeous Barn at Aspen Acres will be our home base. A women-owned business, this venue is all about lightness, elegance, and joyfulness.

What to bring:

Your appetite to receive from others and to give of yourself.

Your curiosity.

Your self-reflection.

Your favorite dress (or leggings!).

Your best belly laugh.

How Much?

Register by clicking on links below!

Just You: $975

You + One Colleague/Friend: $1,755 (A savings of $195!)

You + Two Colleagues/Friends: $2,340 (A savings of $585!)

Included: Perspective-altering content, 3-course gorgeous dinner with wine pairing, dancing, optional early-morning hikes, outdoor backyard-style local-food BBQ, locally roasted and brewed coffee, experienced small-group facilitators, all other meals and snacks for two days. (Oh! and complete freedom from partners, children, roommates, parents, siblings, or other typical distractions.)

Does not include: Overnight accommodations, transportation, or bar tab. Or Zoom/Teams/GoToMeeting.

We expect the space to fill quickly - register today!

***For those of you who would like Continuing Education credit, we can provide the appropriate information to submit to your association/society/organization.***

Please contact Brett McCue with questions, concerns, issues, funny stories. Or if you're interested in advertising at this event, she can be reached at or 605.580.1891.

Your Hosts

Meg and Rachel will make you laugh and bring you to tears. We'll ask you scary questions, and we'll celebrate your journey.

We get you. We ARE you.

Meg Kokesh McNeese

Dr. Rachel MK Headley

Meg and Rachel are COO and CEO of Rose Group Int'l, and international management consulting company specializing in the integration of Mergers and Acquisitions and other intense and complex transformation.


Nearest Airport: Rapid City (RAP); regular flights with Delta, United, American

Car rentals at RAP: National, Enterprise, Avis, Hertz, Alamo, Budget

We do not have reliable Lyft/Uber service.

Venue: The Barn at Aspen Acres; 11011 Kellem Lane, Spearfish, SD 57783

Nearest town: Spearfish, South Dakota

Hotels: Pretty typical chain hotels. We have decent AirBNB options, but they fill early.

Plan to arrive on the 20th and depart on the 23rd. If you would like to arrive early or stay late, we are happy to provide you with epic itineraries in the local area.

Please contact Brett McCue with questions, concerns, issues, funny stories. She can be reached at or 605.580.1891.

Phoenix Rising™

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