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Commercial & Residential Solutions

The Industry Challenge Is ParkCo’s Opportunity

  • Developers are overbuilding costly parking capacity
  • Landlords are leaving substantial money on the table
  • Parking enforcement is labour intensive
  • COVID-19 is accelerating the move to cashless and touchless

Enter ParkCo!

The Genesis Of ParkCo

ParkCo's solutions are impactful because its founders are actual real estate owners.

Its principals are drawn from Momentum Developments who understands the logistics and operations that are critical and more importantly, how value is generated.

Meet the ParkCo Team!

Brock Boehler - President & Principal

Brock is a founder of Momentum and has a rich entrepreneurial background, having launched and sold multiple successful businesses in the past.

Bryan Hopps - CEO & Principal

Bryan is the CFO of Momentum and a CFA charter holder. Prior to Momentum, he worked in the hedge fund and real estate development industry.

Brian Prudham - Business Development & Principal

Brian is one of the founders of Momentum and has since become a well-recognized face in the Kitchener-Waterloo hospitality, development and tech business community.

Seth Yutzi - Corporate Counsel & Principal

Seth is a partner at Momentum and has led a distinguished legal career, most recently at Sorbara Law. In addition, Seth sits on a number of charitable boards.

Andrew Dick - VP of Sales

Andrew is the founder of Enercents security company and a sales team architect for startups. With experience in designing and developing sales divisions, he has managed multi-national teams of 100+ people.

Jennifer Steele - Business Development Executive

Jenn has a decade of international experience in networking and business relations. Her skillset has grown from her work in fashion, philanthropy, digital content, and television broadcast for one of Canada’s largest media companies.

Mano Dhanoa - Sr. Analyst

Mano is a graduate from the Ivey Business School with strengths in strategic and financial decision-making. He has previously worked as an M&A analyst in investment banking.

Jordan Wickens - Software Engineer

Jordan is a versatile software engineer with many roles in tech, ranging from product management to software architecture.

Welcome To ParkCo's Smart Parking With Our

Insight Suite

ParkCo’s InsightDetect

Parking Sensor & Software Analytics

Data is King! Transform Your Parking into a Data Driven Profit Center!

  • Intended for use in a non-dedicated, 'floating' parking system.
  • An intuitive dashboard for owners to analyze the usage patterns of their parking asset.
  • Clear and actionable AI powered recommendations provided to you based on your lots' activity.
  • Our software does the work!
  • Sit back and earn more income while watching your parking asset grow in value.


Using algorithms & AI, InsightDetect’s software is able to forecast future usage patterns. The results are clear, actionable recommendations provided directly to the user.

1) Identify Slack Capacity

InsightDetect identifies excess parking and recommends the number of additional parking passes that can be sold to monthly resident and office passholders.

In commercial buildings, slack capacity allows the landlord to offer additional parking passes to current or prospective office tenants, enhancing the parking per square footage and desirability of the lease.

2) Mix Optimization

InsightDetect’s software analytics also provides insight into the optimal mix of parking spaces by type. Find the best and most profitable use for your parking real estate!

ParkCo’s InsightRoute


Get To Where You're Going Faster!

  • Eliminate aggravation and congestion in your parking lot with ParkCo’s wayfinding solution.
  • Leveraging real time data from our electromagnetic space sensors.
  • LED signage gives vehicles an immediate snapshot of where those empty spaces are located!

Choose from a range of signage configurations. We have something for every site.

ParkCo’s InsightSecure


Introduce Some “Teeth” Into Your Parking Enforcement!

  • Streamline and strengthen your enforcement strategy.
  • Find that people ignore your site’s “2 hour” parking sign or shouldn’t be there in the first place?
  • ParkCo installs License Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras at the lot's entry and exit points.
  • Ensure your precious real estate is being used by registered, paying parking passholders.
  • As infractions occur, InsightSecure sends a push notification to the property manager in real time.
  • Vehicle and infraction details are sent to the user's inbox or mobile app.

ParkCo’s InsightProtect

Access Control

LPR Enabled Garage & Gate Access

  • ParkCo installs License Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras at the lot entrance.
  • Registered parking passholders gain immediate uninterrupted access.
  • Unregistered vehicles are not granted access, keeping your lot secure!
  • You and your property management maintain full control at all times.
  • Authorized parking pass holders can use their ParkCo mobile app to bypass the LPR system in rare cases where a plate cannot be read (weather conditions).

  • ParkCo can also install an LPR camera at the exit so that registered parking passholders enjoy a seamless exit in lots where space is shared with paying visitors. Now that was easy!

ParkCo’s InsightPay

Next Generation Of Payment Terminals

A Payment System That's "Tap-in & Tap-out"

  • Sleek, 55-inch, floor-mounted terminals fully integrate with ParkCo’s InsightProtect access control offering.
  • The crisp LCD screen displays the following on exit:
      • Time stamped entry & exit photos
      • Time parked
      • Amount owing
      • Ability to pay via credit or debit tap
  • Ability to introduce advertising

ParkCo’s full suite of products is here to help!

Let's transform your parking into a data-driven profit center!

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