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Thank you for being a Riipen partner.

We made this branding guide to help you engage your educators, community partners (companies, non-profits, alumni, etc), and students with experiential learning on Riipen. This guide will help you with website content, building landing pages, internal communication, and more.

How to use this guide: Each section has a heading and content please feel free to mix and match the sections and edit the content to fit your needs and your audience. If you are looking for some inspiration - here are a couple of great examples from our partner network.

  • Durham College - Partner Page
  • University of North Dakota - Partner Page
  • Arizona State University - Partner Page
  • York University - Partner Page
  • The post-secondary institutions mentioned above created these pages to inform faculty of the leadership endorsement of Riipen as a chosen platform to provide meaningful work-integrated learning opportunities to their students and the resources available. This allows institutions to ensure that faculty are well informed about Riipen and how to use the platform, which helps ensure a high level of engagement from faculty as well as a good stakeholder experience.

    Why does a dedicated central Riipen webpage help?

    For convenience and trust. The convenience of a page being central means that any promotion within the institution has a single source to easily reference from and direct stakeholders to. A central webpage hosted by the institution also informs educators, community partners, and students that the information within is both trusted and endorsed by their institution.

    We recommend that you add the following information to your faculty support information webpage or to your Teaching & Learning Center webpage.

    In order to provide the following information in a convenient format, we encourage you to create an initial section with high-level general information for all stakeholders, as well as separate pages for faculty, community partners, and students.

    The content below can be copied from this page and pasted directly into your website. Feel free to adapt the content to fit the tone or guidelines of your organization.

    What is experiential project-based learning?

    Experiential project-based learning is a teaching method that involves students designing, developing, and constructing hands-on solutions to a problem with a company or non-profit partner. Using project-based learning, students can build upon their creative capacity by working through real-world problems. The students typically work on these projects in small teams.

    What is Riipen?

    Riipen is the World’s leading project-based learning platform that empowers every student with employable skills. The platform enables students, educators, and organizations to connect through real-world industry experiences. Students acquire skills valuable in the workplace and get to build their employer network, organizations get to improve their talent pipelines and increase authentic engagement towards their brand, while educators provide better learning experiences for their students as well as grow their industry connections.

    The content below can be copied from this page and pasted directly into your website. Feel free to adapt the content to fit the tone or guidelines of your organization.

    About the partnership:

    We are excited to partner with Riipen, an experiential learning platform and marketplace for project-based learning. Riipen gives faculty the flexibility to embed experiential learning into courses and provides the tools for students to work as a team on real-world problems.

    Riipen is available for all faculty, in all disciplines, working with all levels of students, in-class, online experiences, and remote internships. Riipen offers end-to-end support, including course project ideation and design, technical support and student onboarding, and matchmaking with industry partners globally.

    Steps for Educators to Get Started on Riipen:

  • 1.Join the School Portal as an educator.
  • 2.Book a call with your dedicated Account Manager to discuss if Riipen is right for you.
  • 3.Riipen will set you up with a technical onboarding so you are comfortable with the platform and ready to connect your course.
  • 4.Once published to our marketplace, Riipen will get to work on matching your course with the best industry partners in our network of over 10K employers.
  • 5.You will approve the company projects that you want to pair with students.
  • 6.The students start working on the projects on a timeline you determine.
  • You have a team of people who will monitor your course proactively and reach out to offer support if you need it. If you need to get a hold of Riipen with any questions or concerns you can email Riipen at and a Customer Delight Specialist will be happy to help you.

    Riipen Learning Management System Integration:

    Riipen offers integration with all major learning management systems. Here are the step by step set up guides:

  • Blackboard
  • Canvas
  • D2L
  • Moodle
  • With this integration, an educator can link their course or internship program page in their LMS with their Riipen course page. Students in that course or internship program can access Riipen through their LMS without needing new credentials; an account is automatically created for them on Riipen through Single Sign On, and they have instantaneous access to the content their instructor has approved on Riipen.

    Here is a help article on the subject: What does LMS integration include?

    Our integration also offers user role type recognition for all systems but Blackboard. This means both educators and students can access SSO functionality, and have the appropriate account type created for them.


    We have developed a comprehensive guide for both novice and experienced educators on Riipen. The purpose of this guide and the links below is to provide valuable information and resources to enhance our stakeholders' experience. Copy-paste the following content to your website to provide your educators with up-to-date information and resources.

  • 1.What is Riipen?
  • 2.What type of user am I?
  • 3.What is a Course on Riipen?
  • 4.What is an Internship Program?
  • 5.What is the difference between a Course and Internship Program?
  • 6.Riipen's Experiential Learning Playbook (Canada & USA)
  • 7.Jisc and Emerge Education Insights for University and Startups (UK)
  • Open the section below if you would like resources to better communicate your partnership with Riipen to your network of employers and alumni to give your students a greater chance to connect with an employer on a project.

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    The content below can be copied from this page and pasted directly into your website. Feel free to adapt the content to fit the tone or guidelines of your organization.

    As a business, non-profit, or community organization in our network, we are happy to offer you free access to Riipen - the world’s leading virtual project-based learning platform. Companies use Riipen to more easily access educators and student talent to work on a business challenge or look into growth opportunities through courses and internships.

    Why use project-based learning? 

    Generate fresh ideas - Every business has projects sitting on the side of their desk. Work with our students to bring life to new ideas! With their fresh eyes, strategic thinking, and innovative lens students can help your business to grow.

    Access talent - Get to know our students before you hire them. Complete short-term project-focused work that is faculty-supervised and let us show you what our students can do. Identify top talent to join your organization.

    To be added to our portal, contact us at [contact info]. To learn more about Riipen, visit

    Step by Step Overview:

    Step 1: Sign Up

    If you haven’t already received an email invitation, please sign up for Riipen using this special link: insert link for the school

    As part of the sign-up, you’ll be walked through creating both a personal profile and a profile for your company, which you can invite colleagues to.

  • What is a Company Profile on Riipen?
  • Step 2: Create a Project

    In order to get connected to students, you will need to Create a Project on Riipen. Your project will be a description of what you would like students to do for your company.

    If you are setting up your account based on an email invitation from Riipen, you may already have a draft project started for you! You can check this by going to your dashboard. In order to publish a project, you will need to click on the project, and then click on the “edit” button in the top right corner (pen/paper icon).

    Step 3: View Available Courses or internships

    After you’ve signed up using the access link, you will be able to see all of the courses and internships that are currently being offered at your partner institution. Click ‘Schools’ in your dashboard to see the school(s) you are working with.

  • What is a Course on Riipen?
  • What is an Internship on Riipen?
  • What is the difference between a course and an internship on Riipen?
  • Step 4: Apply to Work With a Course or Internship Program

    If you see a course or internship program that looks like a good fit, click on “Submit Project” in the top right corner of the posting. This will prompt you to select a project that you have created.

    It is also possible to browse courses and internship programs before creating a project. If you see a posting that you’re interested in, clicking on “Submit Project” in the top right corner will take you straight to the Project Wizard in order to create a new project from scratch.

  • What makes a good project?
  • Open the section below if you would like resources to better communicate your partnership with Riipen to your students, introduce them to the possibilities offered by the platform and provide them with tools to succeed.

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    The content below can be copied from this page and pasted directly into your website. Feel free to adapt the content to fit the tone or guidelines of your organization.

    What is project-based learning? 

    Project-based learning is a teaching method in which students gain knowledge, experience, and skills through the study and resolution of authentic, interesting, and complex issues, problems, or challenges in close collaboration with business or nonprofit partners.

    Why is project-based learning more important than ever? 

    As a student, in order to be successful in the job market after graduation, you will need experience and contacts, but also employable skills. Here is where experiential learning, also known as project-based learning (PBL) comes into full force. 

    Through meaningful collaborations with employers on projects, you have the opportunity to apply your knowledge and develop valuable skills through project work, while creating lasting connections that could make all the difference at the end of your studies.

    Here is where Riipen comes in!

    As part of our commitment to providing our students with quality project-based learning opportunities, we are excited to partner with Riipen, the leading experiential learning platform and marketplace for experiential learning.

    A Riipen project or remote internship is a challenge or opportunity that an organization wants to explore that educators can embed into their course or provide you as a remote internship opportunity. You then work on the project to provide valuable insights, recommendations and deliverables to the employer.

    Add this video to this section if you haven't already done so on the general information page.

    What can Riipen do for you as a student?

    Build and Nurture your Professional Network - Access the Riipen network and connect with companies of all shapes and sizes through your courses or remote internships. Engage with large multinationals, local businesses, non-profits, governments, etc. in the Riipen marketplace and open yourself up to the possibilities of collaborating with companies outside of your network.

    Gain Valuable Experience - Gain experience navigating a real workplace by working with actual employers on real-world projects embedded in your courses or provided as remote internships. These experiences will help you gain career clarity and find a job you love.

    Build and Develop Employable Skills - Employers are looking for employees with technical knowledge, professional skills and soft skills, like communication and problem-solving. Learn and practice these skills that top employers value and look for to help you stand out.

    Create and Build your Virtual Riipen Portfolio - Complete projects and receive valuable feedback from real companies on the skills and knowledge you demonstrated while completing your projects on Riipen. Easily link to your Riipen portfolio on job applications and LinkedIn to showcase your quality of work to future employers.

    How to get started:

    Get real experience in a way that works for you.

    Step 1: Speak to your professor about bringing Riipen to your classroom, and create an account on Riipen using your email or LinkedIn account. 

  • How do students benefit from using Riipen?
  • Step 2: Join a project for your course or discover approved remote internship opportunities. Your course or remote internship program will be matched with one or more industry partners looking for your fresh insights and skills.

  • How do students start Projects on Riipen?
  • How do students access projects for Remote Internships on Riipen?
  • Step 3: Work with the industry partner to complete a real-life project for their company. Use Riipen's chat and milestones feature to communicate and track progress.

  • How do students communicate with employers?
  • How do students track their progress?
  • How do students complete the project milestones and deliverables?
  • Step 4: Exchange feedback with your industry partner and build long-lasting connections. Prove your skills, and get verified feedback from real companies added to your virtual portfolio.

  • How to add your Riipen virtual portfolio to your LinkedIn profile?
  • Riipen Academy for students

    To better understand the entire process for in-class project-based engagements and remote internships, Riipen created a learning resource called Riipen Academy. More than just help articles, Riipen Academy will explain what is expected of you based on best practices and our users' experience. From connecting to producing high quality results, a host of topics are presented so that you can get the most out of the experience and the benefits of project-based learning.


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