A note from our founder

Karla Morales-Lee

Given the urgency and complexity of many of the challenges facing the world today, it is vital for us all to ask ourselves one question. That is, "what can I do to solve the problems that matter?". As two heads are better than one, we create thinking environments for people to come together, the objective being to collectively design a better way forward. Our job is to curate the right people for that exploration and to design the optimum forum for thinking differently. It's as simple as it is magic.

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about us."

About us

We exist to be a catalyst for change.

Organisations work with us to diversify their thinking and partnerships. We help them to see what they can't see, work with who they don't know and decide on next steps faster.

Those accepted into The New Breed Network make it due to their proven ability to see across industries and make change happen. They are the best 'herd to run with' when it comes to answering the most important 'how' questions facing business and humanity.

We are the only intelligence network that actively excludes the establishment of old, favouring those leading next-practice.

We specialise in answering the questions that really matter.

As the saying goes, not all problems are created equal. There are those that your people already have the skills, knowledge and network to solve. For example, "who can we work with to design a new website?". Then there are those where the opportunity is known, but who to work with and the best ways to solve it are not.

They usually relate to:

  • A change in direction for the business
  • An exploration into the future
  • A problem impacting business, people and the planet

  • The New Breed Network is currently helping organisations with questions like:

    How can we use AI to take over a range of tasks traditionally performed by doctors, nurses and administrative staff, including diagnosing cancer on CT scans and deciding which A&E patients to see first?

    A question that Parashkev Nachev, a consultant neurologist is leading a programme at UCLH to answer, bringing the benefits of machine learning revolution to the NHS.

    How can we reduce air pollution in London (a bigger killer than tobacco)?

    A question that Daze Aghaji, a 19-year old climate activist (who recently ran for MP) is working on answering in collaboration with other New Breeds. Daze is an orginal member of Extinction Rebellion's youth wing and as a child, grew up with her family in a one bed flat experiencing “UK-relative poverty”.

    How can we tackle the increasing pressure on social care services?

    A question that Nina Salomans, a filmmaker and tech consultant is applying VR technology to solve. On behalf of social enterprise Cornerstone, Nina and her company created an experience for fostering and adoption recruitment and training. It is already being rolled out by local authorities in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead and Bracknell Forest Council and is having a huge impact.

    Our services

    Our research and workshops are a springboard for innovative thinking and products. They uncover previously unseen ways to drive more impact.

    Spefically, they:

  • Help you to identify, articulate and prioritise the problems that matter to your organisation and the people it serves
  • Connect you to the brightest minds in our network, their role being to expand your thinking around what could and can be done
  • Create the ideal conditions for your smartest people to take time out from BAU and explore the art of the possible
  • Speed up decision-making
  • Enable you to co-design solutions rather than outsource them (saving the organisations time and money)
  • "The buzz lasted for weeks....a true meeting of minds"

    Teresa Kotlicka, VP of people development, Sony Music

    "A visionary concept"

    Farrah Nazir, Innovation lead, The Wellcome Trust

    We are fortunate to be supported by an influencial advisory board that includes:

  • Campbell Unsworth, London's top start-up lawyer
  • Lizzie Shupak, working with some of the world's most well-known organisations to reframe their challenges, effectively engage their leaders and build their creative leadership skills
  • Charles Tiede, mentor to Women in Tech and seasoned Chief Technology Officer
  • Allisyn James, 25+ years in client multinationals including Cadbury and Glaxosmithkline
  • Dug Falby, 25+ years heading up customer experience teams at organisations including Accenture and Vodaphone
  • Jeff Taylor, founder of Londons leading start-up magazine Courier and previously VP of marketing for several leading global brands.
  • Our team

  • Karla Morales-Lee, CEO and head of talent
  • Martin Lucas, strategy and operations director
  • Katherine Templar Lewis, Chief Intelligence Officer
  • In addition to our team, New Breed has a global talent scout programme. They support us by identifying those leading what's next in their specific industry. Our scouts come from Fintech, science, technology and more.