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We've helped hundreds of people and many non-profit organizations gain alignment and productivity by getting all of the cool things out of their heads and into an actionable plan.

How will you plan to be successful this year?

How We Help

WinSource Group is a certified consulting firm that helps non-profits and community-based organizations (CBO’s) benefit from the sophistication and perspective of strategic management through a simplified business planning process. With clear objectives, staff alignment, and board engagement, we help non-profits grow to maximize the difference they make.  

Our simplified, personalized planning methodology takes things from strategy to reality by converting your mission into actionable steps that are further broken into a set of objectives and concludes with a 90 day plan of action, including measurement and ownership each step of the way.

"Mark, Maren and Jim created, led and executed a strategic planning program that greatly enhanced my ability to lead my organization."

Howard Aronson, Managing Partner

The Challenge

Getting teams to agree to action can be easy; keeping them aligned and focused on the right action is the challenge. Often, organizations miss critical targets because their teams were simply putting time, effort and resources in the wrong places.

Lack of clarity will cause your team to pump the brakes.

Sometimes competing priorities or uncertainty can cause hesitation or distraction, leaving your team to focus on the work that feels most urgent—or that they enjoy the most. At the end of the year we look up and realize we didn’t achieve what we had hoped to accomplish. We look back and wonder if it was time well spent or if we could have done something different to deliver on the numbers we’d promised.

Whether it’s delivering on strategic objectives or hitting a target, the only way to create clarity, stay focused, and ensure alignment across an organization is through a concise, easily understood, visible, measurable plan.  

The Solution

Gain alignment, increase productivity, drive accountability, and hit your objectives.

A compounding strategy


Creating the right plan allows you to be on the same page with everyone else in the organization. You’ll know what the company is trying to achieve and how every department’s contributions, as well as your own, add up to the larger organizational objectives. In order to provide that clarity, plans need to be aligned from both the top down and the bottom up.


Team objectives are rarely divided evenly among the members of the team. In order to achieve results, each team member must be crystal clear on what it takes to win.


Having clearly written objectives and role responsibility allows you to hold your team accountable. More importantly, it allows them to hold themselves and each other accountable to achieving your organization's goals.

The Results

Here is what other leaders like you have seen through the planning process.

"One of the most difficult things to accomplish is to get people to do the paperwork.  Jim and his team introduced the One Page Plan which was not only easy to use, but provided a clear line of sight from their efforts to the company strategy. Most impactful was the guidance and support, offered by Jim's team, as we implemented the process and it became an integral part of our annual goal setting." - Wayne Larkin, President

"Our sessions could not have gone better! I admire their skillset at facilitating a single meeting across the levels of our organization, from the Board of Directors to my Admin Team. My team has embraced the professional development opportunity of participating in building the plan. They readily contribute to more strategic conversations and are empowered to act." - Leanne Noren, Executive Director

"Prior to the One Page plan being introduced by Jim and his team our planning process was inconsistent at best.  The one page plan simplified the process to make it tangible, quantifiable and thus demystified our planning cycle.  The actions that supported the strategies reinforced accountability throughout the organization.  Conversations became more productive around resource allocation as transparency of barriers to financial success were evident.  The magic in the one page plan is its concise and precise approach to setting and achieving company objectives that lead to overall constituency satisfaction.” - Eric Lynn, Regional Vice President

Your organization may qualify for reduced pricing on our planning services

WinSource is committed to helping non-profit organizations succeed:

In an effort to give back to organizations that help our communities, WinSource selects a few partnerships each year to receive planning services at a reduced cost or through an in-kind contribution.

Most often, this work is helping the Executive Director or CEO complete and share a one page strategic plan that will align their team, bring focus to the mission and goals, get better accountability, and in general, get stuff done.

To qualify for reduced pricing, your organization should meet most of the following criteria:

  • One period of positive P&L performance, can be any past reporting period
  • Have a clearly defined mission statement 
  • A mission that supports food, housing, or children  
  • At least one paid employee, even part-time
  • A Board of Directors that meets regularly 
  • Receives some funding from Corporate or Business donors
  • Regulary communicate with subscribers on an 'opt-in' list 

In exchange for reduced pricing, organizations should also be willing to do a couple of the following:

  • Send an e-mail to subscribers, introducing WinSource and our capabilities  
  • Social media postings about our engagement on your platforms
  • Let WinSource help present the plan to your board of directors
  • Offer introductions to your business and corporate donors, where appropriate
  • Announcement in your newsletter or co-author an article
  • Request a grant for coaching or other on-going training 
  • Share space at events (i.e. seats at a table, booth space, virtual presence)
  • Reciprocate with sponsorship, list WinSource as a sponsor
  • Allow use of picture, quotes, and videos for WinSource marketing purposes

If you would like to be considered, please reach out to us.

Strategic Planning can be intimidating, let us show you how to make it easy.

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