The Power of the Web in every Proposal & Quote 

This is a sample Splash Image section. It can be any photo, full page or half page, & can be tinted in your brand colours. 


This is a Qwilr Project

All of our Quotes & Proposals are websites that can be created in minutes (and can be saved as PDFs too)

Each Qwilr Project is made up of sections of content. These sections are modular and can be rearranged in the doc and re-used between docs as you see fit. Every Qwilr Project is also a template that you can re-purpose.

We currently support Text, Images, Video (Youtube & Vimeo), Splash images and our awesome Quoting tool. 

Text comes in a variety of Styles

Brand colours can be set to give every quote / proposal the same consistent feel. 

You can add images and logos.

Our text editor supports all of the basics like: 

And more!! 

We have a Quoting tool

It is awesome - but you need to create a quote to really see the magic work. 

Please excuse my poor attempt at a Video Production Quote!

We have Video!

This particular example is my co-founder Dylan's band, Winter People

We work with both Vimeo and YouTube (in HD). Just paste in the URL and you're done. 

A bit more about Team Qwilr

Qwilr was founded by Dylan (developer, designer and all-round creative human) and Mark (business & sales guru who just returned from Google NYC), and the team includes amazing people from BCG, Microsoft, Google & Dropbox. 

At Qwilr, we're bringing the power of the web to business documents. Think web-based docs that are beautiful, interactive, smart, data rich & much faster and easier to create. Like this one! 

We want our customers to win more work, understand their clients better, present a consistently beautiful brand, and spend time doing business instead of fiddling with powerpoint & excel. 

That's it!  

We would love the opportunity to show you more in person - or to create an account for you so that you can play around with Qwilr. 

We are always happy to chat.

Mark: &