MAXIMISE your brand’s exposure to the Chinese market

Maximise your sales opportunity

from the Chinese tourist market

The fastest growing market that you can't miss out

During Feb 2017 - Feb 2018, China continued to drive growth in visitation with an increase in visitors and increased their spending in accommodation by 8% and other spendings by 8%. China alone accounted for 52% of total growth in international visitor spend during the year.

China has a population of 1.38 billion people, 679,354 visitors came to Australia for holiday. Chinese tourists spent $10.4 billion while in Australia in 2017. The most popular destinations were Sydney, Melbourne and Gold Coast.

Promote your website and marketing collaterals with your target audience's language

  • China is a Mobile-First nation (, where their locals are practically doing everything on their smartphones. It's very helpful to have your websites, booking platforms and marketing collaterals are effectively engaging with the Chinese target audiences, your branding and marketing content need creative Translation.
  • Creative Translation can effectively adapts your branding and marketing messages from one language into another, whilst maintaining the original message intent, style, tone-of-voice and context.
  • Transcreation evokes the same emotional and contextual relevance of your source content, at the same time creates that visual imagery in the minds of your target readers.

  • Professional website & marketing collaterals translation

  • Translate website contents and optimise it towards the target market
  • Landing page design in Chinese and other Asian languages
  • Instant online booking service setup in Chinese
  • E-commerce website set up in Chinese
  • Marketing campaigns tailored for Chinese market

  • Short-Video & Banner Ad design and placement on popular Chinese mobile Apps (discount packages available)
  • Ad placement to Chinese customers in Australia ( total subscribers 70,000 in major cities)
  • Ad placement to the overseas Chinese tourists who will visit your city in the next three months (Exclusive Advertising channels)
  • Ad placement to the overseas Chinese tourists who are visiting your city now (Exclusive Advertising channels)
  • Our Media partner - with a well-established WeChat platform

    First Media WeChat & Multi-media News Outlet


    A daily news platform that provides objective reports on current affairs and reliable resource for property, real estate trends and lifestyle recommendation.


    Australia wide 70,000+ subscribers

    Main Audience Group:

  • Chinese subscribers who lives in Australia - age between 23 to 63
  • Chinese tourist who visit their friends and families - age between 25 to 55
  • Exclusive Media Channels:

    500+ chats groups (with 200-500 members) and access to any local WeChat groups.

    Update Frequency:

    Daily & weekly

    Content Description:

  • Current affair
  • latest information in the industry of real estate, finance market and economy
  • Lifestyle and trending
  • Services and pricing

    Service items

    initial cost


    Translation for Website content

    From $350 per page

    English to Chinese

    Translation for business collateral

    From $250/500 words

    English to Chinese

    Landing page in Chinese

    (design & develop)

    Start from $450

    Once off

    Multilingual Online booking/ordering

    Starts from $100

    Once off

    Digital campaigns on WeChat Channel - First Media Australia &


    Advertorial - Australia wide

    $550 per article

    Per article

    Banner Promotion - Special deals

    $400 per week/location

    2 weeks minimum

    Chat group campaigns

    $200 per week/location

    4 weeks minimum

    Statistic reports of campaigns

    included in all packages


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