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Environment Strengths profiling

What if you could optimise every single tiny gear in the development environment? When each aspect of a young athlete's development experience works at its peak efficiency, it creates a developmental climate that empowers them to fully translate their potential into achievement.”

Dr Andrew Mills PhD

The challenge: Creating the optimal environment for developing athletes

While outstanding natural ability is a crucial ingredient for success as an athlete, raw potential can often remain unrealised if not effectively nurtured along the developmental pathway. For this reason we believe elite athletes are largely built, not born. Most athletic directors and coaches would agree that creating the right environment is key to establishing a strong, high-performing athlete pathway. Get it right and it provides a powerful source of competitive advantage. Get it wrong and it can significantly hinder an athletes' progress. But what exactly is the 'right environment' and how can it be built?

The solution: Leverage your environment strengths

Based on our cutting-edge talent development research in elite sport, we've built a clear picture of the factors that underpin optimal development environments. Collectively we call these environment strengths. In total, we've identified 27 strengths that are grouped into 9 core strength domains. As the building-blocks of optimal development environments, these strengths dynamically work together to shape athletes who model the resilience, intelligence, self-management, drive, and fortitude required to successfully develop to - and excel at - the elite level of sport.

"Environment strengths are psychosocial factors within the coaching environment that act as catalysts to foster key psychological attributes associated with optimal performance and adaptive development.”

What is Environment Strengths profiling?

ES profiling is a simple yet effective way for sport organisations to optimise their athlete pathways and establish a powerful source of competitive advantage. By identifying, building and activating their unique environment strengths it helps create the 'right environment' to optimally nurture their athlete's potential.

How ES profiling works in 4 simple steps

The fundamental goal of ES profiling is to provide athletic directors with strategic insights and actionable recommendations geared towards optimising their athlete development pathway. We like to think of ourselves as the 'team behind the team' working diligently in the background to help you create a strong, dynamic, high-performing development environment for your athletes. All the heavy-lifting is done by us so you can focus on leveraging the intel we provide to create competitive advantage for your program. The key steps in this process are outlined below.

Step 1: Understanding your unique development landscape

We fully understand that no two sport organisations are alike. From Premier League football academies and NCAA colleges through to Olympic development programs, we take the time to learn about your organisation and athlete pathway. This discovery or reconnaissance phase is key to understanding your culturally unique sport development landscape. Once we understand that, we can see exactly where our optimisation focus will have the greatest impact by designing custom tools and solutions that are tailored to your pathway.

Step 2: Taking the pulse of your development environment

Based on the outcomes of step one, we design your custom ES​Pulse® profiling tool that captures athlete feedback regarding their perceptions of the development environment. Importantly, we have no involvement with your athletes while gathering this intel. We simply send you a weblink which you distribute as you see fit using your own internal channels.

Step 3: Identifying your environment strengths profile

Our scientifically-driven ES​Pulse®​ ​profiling tool enables us to identify the current strength of your development environment as viewed through the lens of your athletes. The intel generated informs a host of key performance metrics including your overall environment strength index (ESI), 9 core strength domains, 27 individual environment strengths and your Net Promotor Score (NPS). These KPM's allow us to build a clear picture of your unique environment strengths profile so we can see what's working and what's not. Specifically, it will provide you with a deep insight into the strengths of your pathway as well as identifying any ‘pain points’ or potential gaps that might require optimisation. Powered by best-in-class data visualisation technology we create your ESScorecard®​ insights dashboard which helps tell the story of your environment by mapping the strengths visually to identify the key drivers and influencers. With in-built filters, the dashboard allows you to discover the big picture and then drill down to a granular level to see the fine-detail and nuanced experiences of your athletes.

Step 4: Translating insight into action

Here at ModelAthlete®​ we're laser focused on delivering the so what? Our world-class team distills your data into pearls of insight you can act on with confidence. Driven by your environments unique strengths profile, we help 'connect the dots' by explaining how your current environment strengths help shape key mental and behavioural strengths in your athletes. We then co-create evidence-based, practical strategies that you can implement to strengthen your environment and further nurture these psychobehavioural strengths. While ES profiling works great to provide a standalone snapshot of your environments current strength, it is at its most powerful when used as part of an ongoing 'close-the-loop' program that tracks your KPM's over time and evaluates the impact of your optimisation inititiaves. Certainly, with younger athletes entering the pathway while older athletes depart, the development lanscape is continually changing so its crucial to keep your 'finger on the pulse' of your environment's health.

Case study: Optimising the elite player pathway of an EPL youth academy

Want to get a better feel for how all this comes together? Why not check out this case study which showcases how we strengthened the elite player development pathway of an English Premier League Youth academy.

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