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Mike Loomey
S.E.O. & Web Design C.V.
Updated July 2022

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An SEO Expert at an Affordable £40 Hourly Fee

In these difficult times, many people have lost their jobs and wherever you look, prices are soaring.

Some have started a new website in the hope of turning their hobbies into a viable business.

Others are trying to improve an older website.

Unfortunately, no matter how beautifully designed your website is, if it is languishing on page 37 of Google you are unlikely either to get any visitors or make any sales.


Under these circumstances, cash is often in short supply and most SEO agencies charge between £250 and £500 a month for their help.

Needless to say, there's usually a hefty set-up fee and most agencies tie you in with them for an entire year.

Hence, the very SEO advice from which you would most benefit is probably beyond your financial reach.


Keen to help out, Mike offers a super-viable, low-cost alternative ... A completely ad-hoc S.E.O. coaching service for just £40 per hour inclusive and you will be amazed how much can be achieved in that short time.

There is no contract to sign and you are under no obligation to book a fixed number of sessions (or indeed any at all).

You can stop and start, as you see fit.

As far as possible, I teach you what to do yourself.

My intention is not to try and persuade you to book me to do the whole job for you.

Recent Work 2022
Portobello Business Centre - Course Tutor

In 2022, I am again pleased to be working with Portobello Business Centre

I am part of their team of experts delivering various ‘Fundamental Digital Skills’ courses.

An up-to-date list of dates is shown here ...

Please check back regularly, as new classes are frequently added.


For 3 whole days in November 2022 (exact dates to be announced) you will be able to book a free, face-to-face, introductory session with Mike and/or any of PBC's other digital experts.


I have taught 3 courses for PBC so far in 2022 ...

SEO for WordPress - Beginners
SEO for WordPress - Intermediate
SEO for Shopify - Beginners


PBC ran a similar series of events in 2021

On that occasion, I looked at a website belonging to Dougal Stuart.

He runs a local removals company called Move On Up.

After the course, he wrote to say that he was "bowled over" by my support ...

Recent Work 2022
Portobello Business Centre
Business Help Desk Advisor

I am a long-term advisor on Portobello Business Centre's Business Help Desk.

The team offers FREE 10 to 15-minute consultations via Zoom.

My area of expertise is SEO or Search Engine Optimisation

Please contact Sandra, PBC's extremely helpful receptionist if you would like to book a FREE session.

020 7460 5050

There is no obligation to book paid follow-up sessions.

Recent Work 2022
Loughborough University
Lecturer for a Master's Degree Course in Sport Marketing
15 Students

After successfully tutoring just one of their MSc students in 2021 (See the next section below) ...

This year I was invited back to teach SEO to all 15 students studying for their master's degree in "Sports Marketing".

Session 1: Three Hours

Introduction to SEO – What it is, why it is useful/important, how it works etc.

Overview of SEO with an introduction to some typical SEO tools and an overview of how to use them.

Set the students a basic practical task using one of the tools introduced above to be reviewed in Session 2.


Session 2: Three Hours Minimum

Recap of session 1

Students to share outcomes from task refinement.

Mike to delve deeper into the main SEO tools.

Work in 2021
Loughborough University
One-to-One Mentoring for an individual student studying for an MSc Master's Degree in Sports Marketing

During the Summer lockdown of 2021, I was pleased to be asked to mentor Ms Lizzie Dodd, an MSc sports marketing student from Loughborough University.

Lizzie was working as an intern for Ince Umbrellas (1805) and knew almost nothing about SEO when we first met.

Unfortunately, SEO was not a marketing strategy that Ince Umbrellas had ever used either.

So I was invited to step in and help.

Together, Lizzie and I conducted an extremely thorough SEO analysis of the Ince Umbrellas website.

On completion, we were pleased to receive the following feedback from the company.

The thesis was submitted to Loughborough Uni for assessment.

Shortly after that, we received this excellent news...

I have been following Lizzie's blossoming career on LinkedIn and am delighted to have played some small part in her success ...

She writes ...

I am a Marketing Coordinator for "British Dressage", the UK's national governing body for the equestrian sport.
I also hold a distinction in MSc Sports Marketing, a 1st in BSc Sports Management, as well as relevant marketing internships and work experiences for both not-for-profit and for-profit organisations.

Work in 2021
Promoting Business Courses, not Websites
Using SEO

In 2021, I again ventured into completely new territory.

I have been using S.E.O. to successfully promote some excellent courses.

The LMS or Learning Management System in use was called "Teachable".

It's quite similar to "Udemy" but far more affordable.

The courses I promoted were named "Business Writing Skills" and "Chronic Pain Management".



John Kohut is from Canada but studied at Harvard University.

He has worked as a journalist, all around the world and has been employed by some very well-known and prestigious organizations.

His Business Writing Courses are extremely detailed and well-written.


Normally, my clients have products to sell, rather than courses.

So an entirely different SEO approach was required.

It has been very satisfying to see new students discover John's courses on Google and then sign up.

Work in 2021
University of East London
S.E.O. Lecturer ~ BSc General Digital Marketing Course

In May 2021 Via Zoom, I successfully taught a full SEO module for the students attending U.E.L. (University of East London).

The Course Organiser was Mr Kiran Patel (07988 742515).

Work in 2021
More Course, not Website Promotion
Specifically ~ Keyword Research using Ubersuggest

Additionally, in May 2021, I was delighted to be asked to advise on how best to use SEO to promote a forthcoming Computer Engineering course.

This project was very dear to my heart as it was for a superb college called E.L.A.T.T. aka East London Advanced Technical Training.

I was myself a (very) mature web design student there in 2015.

After numerous site updates and revisions, my ELATT testimonial still features on the college website 7 whole years after I qualified.

I guess I must have made an impression.

June 2022
Update to Web Design Platforms Mike Covers

I am very comfortable dealing with ALL the following platforms and have recently added Advanced Shopify Store SEO to my repertoire.

However, please don't be put off if you are using something different.

An SEO guy is pretty much like an accountant - Regardless of the platform used, the optimisation process is pretty similar throughout.

You just need to know where to start and what to measure.

I have been a qualified Adobe Certified Associate in Dreamweaver since 02/03/12

Exam Reference Number = #9045167

Only Limited Recent Dreamweaver Experience

Only Limited Recent Joomla Experience

Very Familiar with the latest version ~ WordPress v.6.0

Very Familiar with the latest 2022 version of Elementor Basic for WordPress.

Very Familiar with the latest 2022 version

Expert in the latest 2022 version

Expert in the latest 2022 version

Basic - Intermediate Knowledge

Basic Knowledge

Basic -Intermediate Knowledge

Basic - Intermediate Knowledge

Basic - Intermediate Knowledge


Shopify is the latest web design platform for which I have trained and can offer advanced Search Engine Optimisation advice.

In June 2022, following some intensive training, I successfully ran a class teaching advanced, up-to-date Search Engine Optimisation techniques. This was delivered to 15 enthusiastic Shopify Store owners via Zoom. My seminar was just one of a suite of Digital Marketing Skills training courses offered regularly by Portobello Business Centre.

June 2022 & Prior
Mike's SEO Reviews

My written reviews are shown below.

However, if you would like to speak personally to one or two of my clients, instead of simply reading their reviews, any of these guys would be happy to chat with you about my work.

Paul Howes - I.T. Consultant - 07739 350197

Marianna Kisandraki and Sandra Camalo both work for the Portobello Business Centre.

I have run several SEO courses and Help Desks for PBC and have helped dozens and dozens of their clients.

You may call them on 020 7460 5050 to discuss my work or email


Section 08 - Mike's Background

Mike Loomey is a freelance, independent S.E.O. guy, lecturer, university student tutor, WordPress web designer and business coach.

Prior to that, for many years, he owned and ran Stargazer Discos, an extremely successful, London-based Entertainment Agency.

Mike is married to the lovely Shelley Harrington. We live in Barking in East London and have two cats.


In 2012, Mike qualified as an "Adobe Certified Associate" in web design using Dreamweaver.

Exam Reference Number = #9045167


In 2013, whilst honing his S.E.O. skills at Morley College in Lambeth, from over 300 nominees, Mike won the London-wide SEO Creativity Award during "Adult Learners Week".

(See letter of confirmation and certificate below).

In 2015, Mike spent 6 months away from the Entertainment agency and attended E.L.A.T.T. or the East London Advanced Technical Training College and further increased his web design skills.

He qualified in web design using the platforms Joomla & WordPress plus a host of other Microsoft and Adobe programs.

Many years later, Mike is still recognised as a "student of note" on the E.L.A.T.T. college website. Check out the link below.

Since leaving E.L.A.T.T. Mike has been in great demand both as a freelance SEO guy, web usability tester, SEO lecturer, a personal student tutor and general business coach.

He has familiarised himself with the backend of all the major web design tools and some lesser-known ones too ... Smugmug anybody ???

Inspired by his successes at Morley College, Mike has developed and delivered over 75 Different lectures on S.E.O. and related topics.

Regular venues include the Portobello Business Centre, City Business Library and the Idea Store in Whitechapel

In early 2020, Mike taught the advanced SEO module to the 2nd-year "media students" at South Bank University.

In 2021 he was invited to teach the same advanced course at U.E.L. (University of East London) via Zoom.

Mike regularly works with the Portobello Business Centre.

He is part of a panel of experienced lecturers/professionals helping local businesses to improve their presentation, digital marketing, and financial skills.

Section 09 - Mike's Photos

Mike during lockdown - 2020.

Mike speaking at Economy of Hours (aka Echo)

Mike in his famous SEO Geek T-shirt, teaching SEO to a 2nd year Media Studies class at London's South Bank University

One of many classes run by the Portobello Business Centre to help local businesses whose livelihood was affected badly by the Grenfell Tower fire.

Another 1-2-1 Business Advice Clinic at Portobello Business Centre. Mike is at the front with his back to the camera.

Mike's Contact Details

(a) Text on 07967 044282. (This is Mike's preference & you will definitely get a quick reply.)

(b) Call Mike (during office hours) on 020-8594 1320 and leave a message.

(c) Email

Mike Loomey - Current Professional Indemnity Insurance

Mike Loomey ~ Disclaimer

Google's search algorithm can and often does change. S.E.O. methods viewed as perfectly reasonable by Google one day, can suddenly and without notice become unacceptable (or insufficient) the next. This may result in a penalty in the form of a drop in rankings.

The tools Mike recommends and the advice they give are offered in good faith.

Every reasonable effort has been made to ensure they are both accurate and completely up to date.

Please bear in mind that no S.E.O. agency or individual, can 100% guarantee your S.E.0. project's success and anyone who emphatically claims that they can do so should be avoided.

Please bear in mind also that S.E.O. is an extremely effective long-term marketing strategy.
It is NOT a quick fix!

Essentially when you engage an S.E.O. guy, you are paying not only for the time spent on your account but for the years it has taken to acquire the level of skills necessary to optimise your site quickly and effectively. The fee also covers payment for an ever more expensive suite of SEO tools.

An SEO agency or freelance SEO guy should be able to provide you with an ongoing timeline detailing the work they have done. They should be able to explain in layman's terms why they have taken every course of action and be willing to provide documented evidence to show what their strategies have been and whether these have proved successful (or not).

Mike Loomey

36 Park Avenue
Barking Essex
IG11 8QU

Call 020-8594 1320

Text 07967 044282