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Custom Wedding Services

Calligraphy + Mural Work

2020 - 2021

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

I am so delighted that you’re interested in working with me for your wedding calligraphy and paper design needs. I can’t wait to get to know you a little bit better and start dreaming up all of the special details for your big day.

The Process


I like to start off all projects with a quick consultation call or email. We’ll chat briefly about you, your vision for the wedding, and the scope of the projects you’d like to do. I’ll also quickly discuss timelines, materials, and other inspirations for the project.


After our initial meeting, I’ll send you a proposal with pricing estimates based on our conversation. If prices are approved, I will follow up with a formal contract. In the contract, I’ll map out deadlines, scope of work, and spell out all of the fine details. You’ll review and sign if you approve all terms. I will start the design process after I’ve received the signed contract and a 50% deposit.



I will explore numerous iterations of your design inspirations, and will present you 3 design ideas. You’ll have the opportunity to choose one concept and provide feedback at this point.

Using your feedback, I will refine the winning concept and finalize the design and execute the project.


You will be notified of the completion of the project and will be sent photos and a final invoice. The final invoice must be paid prior to delivery.

Common Questions

When should I contact you for these services? Anything that needs to be printed (for example, menus),
I require at least 12 weeks notice. This is because there is a lot of back and forth between us before designs are finalized, plus the time to get things printed & shipped! Anything that needs to be hand done (day-of signage, name cards, etc.) require at least 4 weeks notice.

Is there a bulk discount? Given the nature and time invested into handmade and design projects, I cannot offer any bulk discounts. I can offer my best pricing for printed/materials costs, if you do not have a printer in mind.

Can I rent a chalkboard/mirror from you?
I do not carry an inventory of chalkboards mirrors.

Can you source this material for me?
If you’d like for me to source additional materials for your project
(envelopes, place cards, etcs.), I will quote you the best price I can
find, and charge you my cost. Payment for all materials are due prior
to ordering.

Are you available to be on-site the day of my wedding?
Unfortunately, no. I schedule all of my deadlines and deliveries prior to your wedding date to save you any stress or headaches. Just enjoy
your big day!


Below is some general pricing for common projects. If your project is not listed below, or you have a specific request outside of the scope of this price list, please contact me directly for pricing.

Rush Fees - A 25% additional rush fee will be added onto your proposal if the deadline requested is not within my minimum notification requirements:

  • 4 weeks for handwritten projects
  • 12 weeks for printed projects
  • 16 weeks for murals
  • Want a formal quote for your wedding?

    Send an email to me at with the following:

  • Project(s) List
  • Project descriptions with any details you may have regarding the project (size, materials, count, colors, etc)
  • Project Deadline
  • Thank you for
    considering my work
    for your big day!