Keizer Chamber Case Study

Executive Director of the Keizer Chamber of Commerce, Danielle Bethell, approached Lewis Media Group in hopes of creating a functional website showcasing the beauty and heart of the local community.

The Challenge

Keizer Chamber's Inspiration

Chehalem Valley Chamber of Commerce

Danielle met with the CEO of Chehalem Valley's Chamber because she adored the style and easy usage of their website. After obtaining permission to mimic the appearance, Danielle asked us to move forward in creating Keizer's version.

Let's Begin

We absolutely loved the project because it posed a challenge for us to create something with specific inspiration rather than general concepts. With input from Danielle, the framework of Chehalem Valley, and our own expertise, we were able to accomplish the main goals:

• Show the beauty and heart of the Keizer Community

• Minimize Confusion in Navigating the Website

• Provide a Welcoming Appearance for Visitors, Businesses, and Others alike

The Process

Before & After

Keizer Chamber of Commerce Website Before

Chehalem Valley Chamber of Commerce Website

Custom Icons

Keizer Chamber of Commerce Website After


After the initial site launch, Danielle requested our video team to capture an interview of her as well as testimonials of members sharing Keizer Chamber's impact on them and their businesses.


Danielle Bethell


Chamber Members


We’re proud to say that after this project, Keizer Chamber of Commerce not only received incredible feedback but has since enjoyed over a year of a functional, beautiful, and engaging online presence.

"The few words that come to mind are patient, flexible, creative, and affordable. Ultimately, as an overwhelmed and busy chamber director, my ability to work with this family-run business was successful because of those key words. You guys always accommodated my schedule and were able to help me take each concept and bring it to life."

Danielle Bethell

Executive Director, Keizer Chamber of Commerce

We're Ready.

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