Thank you for your interest in learning more about Kander JCI to N4 database conversions! You can expand the sections below to see the answers to frequently asked questions.

If you have questions that are not answered here, please reach out to or give us a call at 414-207-8555.

What does Kander need in order to give me a quote?

We need the JCI database in order to quote the conversion. Click here for detailed database collection instructions. If you need help, let us know when you will be on-site ( so we can schedule an engineer to support you over the phone or through remote connectivity if the site has internet access.

What is brought over from the JCI database?

Points, controllers, parameters, configurations, alarms, trends, histories, totalizations, schedules, data shares, multiple commands, and CS model points are all brought over from the JCI database as part of the database conversion. Then we have engineers that will translate any complex logic objects such as GPL, LCT, control systems, interlocks, signal selects, etc, into the wire sheets of the N4 station. Point and controller names are brought over from the JCI system by default, but can optionally be modified to conform to your standard.

Is anything not brought over from the JCI database?

Kander does not do anything with graphics, trend studies, user views, or summary definitions. There are some controller types (particularly on old PMI systems) that are not compatible with newer systems and need to be replaced (DCMs for example).

Does Kander build the server to sit over the JACEs?

No. We provide the N4 stations for the JACEs. If a server/supervisor will be sitting on top of the JACEs, it is up to you to build that and pull in points you need from the JACEs.

What does it cost to have Kander convert a database?

There are two main parts to what Kander does...

Build the station
Our tools bring in everything except the complex control objects. This station generation costs between $1200-$1800 per station.

Translate complex control objects
Our engineers translate GPL, LCT, control systems, interlocks, signal selects, and things of that nature into wire sheets in the N4 station. The cost for this is variable depending on the amount and complexity of the logic. It can range anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars. Because of the variability, it is important we review the database and give you the fixed price quote before you give the customer your broader bid.

What other services does Kander offer?

Kander can make mass updates to the database in order to conform it to your specifications. This includes custom naming conventions, tagging, parameter changes, and pretty much anything else you can think of. The price for these additional services are variable depending on the scope and the database.

We also offer an expedited delivery option. The efficiency of our tools allows us to deliver all projects in a timely fashion, and often the standard delivery timeframe is quicker than required for the project. But for those exceptional circumstances where there is an emergency or Kander is brought in last-minute to save a failing job, we can expedite our services to help meet a demanding deadline. Sometimes this means we call in extra help or work a bunch of overtime. Long story short: we will do what it takes to get it knocked out quickly.

Who is Kander?

Kander is a small software/engineering company that has dedicated itself to database conversions. Since 2012, we have built and refined tools to convert JCI databases into Niagara stations. We have a strong commitment to saving our customers time, money, and headaches. Kander is your answer for making JCI to N4 conversions easy.

Where did Kander come from?

After working for Johnson Controls for 10 years (in the training institute and tech support), Dave Hagemann created Custom Computer Systems (CCS) in early 2000. At that time, Dave served JCI branches with consulting, training, and custom software. In 2009, CCS took on their first database conversion at the Pentagon in Arlington, VA. From that moment on, there was such a need for database conversions that it quickly became the biggest part of the business. In 2012, CCS incorporated as Apex. Shortly after this, Apex ventured into the world of Niagara. Out of Apex, Kander was born. Dave's son Matthew (who joined the business in 2009) owns and operates Kander. Kander is solely devoted to serving Niagara controls contractors, using our tools to make JCI to N4 conversions an easy, streamlined process.

I want to talk with someone from Kander. How do I get in touch?

We would love to hear from you! You can email us at or call/text us at 414-207-8555.

Does Kander sell JACEs or do installations?

Nope. Our sole focus is database conversions. We do not sell JACEs, service buildings, execute installations, or do anything else a controls contractor or distributor would do. We simply build the N4 stations and send them to you.

Does Kander come on-site?

All of the work Kander does is remote. You send us the database, we send you the stations.

Does Kander convert other systems?

Kander focuses solely on JCI to N4 database conversions. This includes old or new JCI (N30s, NCMs, NAEs, SNEs, NCEs, etc), but we do not currently convert from any other systems. This narrow focus allows us to refine our tools and processes to a level that could not be achieved without such a dedicated focus.

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