Software Testing One-Time Release Readiness Model

Prepared By Moolya

Prepared for Jupiter

June 2022

Client Introduction

Jupiter Money is India's first co-created digital banking experience app. It was founded on Sep 10th, to give its consumers an experience that is consumer-centric and friendly. Wanted to change the entire landscape of banking in India. Jupiter Money wants to convert the traditional way of banking into a much more delightful and amazing experience for its users.

Jupiter Vision: Enable people to live financially healthy, stress-free, and responsible lives. We want to become the go-to financial wellness platform for all our consumers.”

Test Objective

Test Deliverables

Testing Types

API Testing Types


The requirements were not consistent, the product was still under development when it came to testing, and these challenges existed until we went live.

Moolya Value Delivery

  • Active and continuous follow-ups across Dev, PM, and Design teams helped to GO LIVE with zero bugs and the high-quality product was delivered as per the timelines
  • Test Process implemented to maintain stability
  • Test ideas moved from Excel sheet to Test Rail
  • Maintained test data in confluence
  • Mentored a couple of QA Interns, thereby helping them to compound their skill set in both Android and iOS mobile testing using the COP FLUNG GUN approach
  • Product KT and Walk-through have been given to respective POC
  • Compared Jupiter features with the other competitors(Paytm, Gpay, Phonepe, Slice, Fi, etc.) to ensure that we are not missing anything
    • Executed Performance testing to ensure the response time of Jupiter is on par with competitor apps
  • Used retool dashboard to check errors behind processing transaction states.
  • Testing app events(Rewards and Home) on the Amplitude tool

Lessons Learnt

Moolya took advantage of the latest tools available(like Amplitude, and Retool) and provided cutting-edge solutions to the client

Test Coverage in contrast to application scale



Quality Coverage

Tools Used

Jenkin Test Execution Report

Jenkin Trend Report

Performance Test Reports

Load Reports-Response time at diff user load

Error% at diff user load

Throughput at diff user load

Usability Test Reports

Total Usability observations 65

  • Usefulness 13
  • Learnability 8
  • Memorability 2
  • Effectiveness 21
  • Efficiency 3
  • Desirability 15
  • Intuitiveness 3

Total UI Observations:28

  • App-specific checks 1
  • Clarity 5
  • Readability 1
  • Consistency 19
  • Interactivity 2

Bank Payments Usability test overview

  • Total no. of test ideas 355
  • No.of passed test ideas 299
  • No. of failed test ideas 54
  • No. of observations 32
  • No. of Recommendations 48


Product Updates At Moolya

At Bugasura, We look at user feedback and reviews to provide pure value and serve them the best we can.

We found out that our users were having trouble with Jira sync. And last week's sprint was all about it.

We got this Big Big Jira Update for you!

Bugasura and Jira are now in complete sync

Mapping Fields: Map both the system and custom fields between Bugasura and Jira.

Auto push: Sync all issues in one click

Pull feature: Changes made to issue details inside Jira, will also reflect in Bugasura.

Auto-sync: Issue details, comments, and attachments are all synced automatically when an already synced issue is changed.

Moolya Capabilities

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