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Consulting Proposal

Asian Expansion Engagement

Prepared for: Big Corporation /// Prepared by: Acme Consulting

29 Feb 2025


Dear Rebecca & team,

Thank you for the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your needs last Thursday. We always enjoy working with you and your team and look forward to getting started on this exciting new phase for Big Corporation.

As always, if you have any questions about the below please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly.


Elizabeth Stephen

Partner, Acme Consulting


Big Corporation has had many years of success growing their business across the US and Canada. While there are many opportunities for internal growth, the company seeks to explore international markets. It is believed that Asia offers the best market for Big Corp's expansion - due to the lack of similar offerings and any serious competitors.

During this initial engagement we will test whether this theory is true. We will look at the opportunity, the risks, the costs and the potential growth that is available.

We will also prepare the way for an expansion into Asia with the help of our team of experts in this field. Acme Consulting has helped over 20 public companies successfully expand into parts of Asia over the past decade. We have a detailed knowledge of the major markets and have experts available for all other smaller developing markets. Our expertise, our proprietary data and our knowledge of Big Corp will enable this project to succeed.


1. Is Asia the right choice?

We know that Big Corporation has a range of options for further investment for growth - from acquisition, to investment in online, and more. Further, there are opportunities in other markets in the Americas and Europe. Acme will work with the Big Corp team to ensure that Asia is the right choice for them at this time.

2. Which Asian markets should Big Corp prioritise?

Asia is huge. While Big Corp has already identified a number of markets that they think would be worthwhile within Asia, we will do an initial evaluation across all major markets and a number of mid-tier markets too. We have experience rolling out test cases in smaller markets in the region (Vietnam, Taiwan, etc) before doing a larger roll out to major markets.

3. Build out a robust initial launch plan.

There are many issues to be thought through with regards to a launch into Asia - from local law and regulation, to competition, to market size, market fit, growth of market, language issues, hiring issues, and more.

Acme will be with you every step of the way to help ensure that all of the knowledge is right at your finger tips and that every opportunity is available for you within the market(s) that you have decided to focus on.


1. Research

Acme is well known for our research methodology. We will do a market analysis, competition analysis, opportunity analysis and a lightweight risk analysis. We request a small team of two to three analysts from Big Corporation be made available to work with us on relevant aspects of this.

2. Interviews

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of Big Corporation's internal structures will be key to Acme being able to deliver a good outcome that will work for the multiple stakeholders within Big Corp.

Further, this will allow our team to rapidly test out theories and discover problems with assumptions.

The senior executive team interviews will be handled by Elizabeth, the Acme Partner managing this engagement. She will be helped by Ronald McKinley, who is becoming a specialist interviewer, for the rest of the interviews.

3. Strategy Sessions

While steps one and two will be done in parallel, the strategy sessions will likely begin to take place towards the end of the research and interview cycle.

We will likely need three sessions of three hours in length.

4. Report & Workshop

The report will be distributed to the team and then discussed in an in-depth workshop.

Shortly after this workshop Big Corporation will either come to a decision, or if a second round of information is needed Acme will provide that second round of information free of charge.

5. Initial launch plan

If the go ahead is given we will work to build out an initial launch plan.

Note: The investment for this plan is a rough guideline.


1. Information & advice

Big Corp will have the information and the advice needed to make an informed decision. While Elizabeth will be the partner leading the engagement, you will have access to any other specialists or partners that you need to advise you on this matter.

2. Decision

Acme will work with you to ensure that a clear decision is made for FY2025 across:

A) Is Asia the Right Market?

B) If yes, which markets should we target in Asia?

3. Plan

Regardless of what decision is made, the early stages of an excellent launch plan will have been made and will continue to be the intellectual property of Big Corp. If you decide not to move ahead in FY2025, you will have the ability to use this work to inform future decisions around this opportunity - as well as potentially launch into certain markets incredibly quickly if an exciting opportunity emerges.

"Acme consulting gave our firm unparalleled service and advice for our global expansion - we saved millions of dollars and completed the initial rollout faster than we thought possible"

Jessica Johannes - J Corp


Note: As requested, this is a draft quote for STAGE ONE. The final proposal price may vary if needs / conditions change.

External research & strategy sessions


Research (Consultant)


Research (Partner)


Initial Strategy (Three sessions)


Internal Interviews


Executive Team


2 Country Managers


Initial Report & First Workshop


Initial Report & Presentation


Stakeholder Workshop (with our internal experts)


First Stage of Implementation


This is only an indicative quote. A full quote will be given by April.

Total Excluding Tax$64,600.00



This engagement will be lead by Elizabeth Stephen, Partner.

Consultants: Abraham Garfield, Grover Jackson & Ronald McKinley

We will be leveraging the full experience of our network of advisors, both internal to Acme Consulting & trusted experts we know and trust.


A culture of excellence.

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