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High Business Efficiency Suggestions


GPS Tracking 

GPS tracking is a great way to not only keep your company vehicles and expensive equipment safe, but also to manage staff. GPS tracking options will allow for increase efficiency when scheduling and managing your team and vehicles. 

Tracking Benefits

GPS tracking has a great deal of benefits including monitoring

-       Employee productivity

-       Actual time spent on jobs

-       Real time vehicle alerts

-       Locate expensive vehicles or machinery

-       Driver management

-       Timesheets


On Site Payments

Invoicing efficiency only gets you so far without an efficient payment method. Online field payments can get you paid fast with no delay and options to receive client signature and sign off. 

Software’s such as Square accommodate for easy and rapid payment directly on-site needing you to simply carry around a small device which can be used to make EFTPOS payments. 


An Integrated Accounting Package

Efficiently being able to record purchase orders is great, but ensuring you are not double entering these into your accounting package is also crucial.  Make sure that whichever current workflow you use does not require the data you have collected to be re-entered into your accounting package. 


Consider a system that can automatically import your supplier invoices, or even automate your business altogether. 


Avoid Using Multiple Programs and Spreadsheets To Track Your Business 

As you get bigger, you may find that you continue to search for additional systems to try and solve different issues that arise. 

The more individual systems you use means more data entry. If you currently use a few systems, potentially think about reducing the number of subscriptions try find one software that can do it all. 

Job Management Software To Consolidate All Of These Systems

If you are at the point where you currently use four or more individual systems, you may want to look to see what else is out there to help you out. For example, you might have different systems that you use for:

o   Quoting

o   Timesheets

o   Document/photo storage

o   Receipts 

o   Invoicing

o   Accounting

If your business is running multiple individual systems that don’t communicate or are not all in one, it is likely that you could be a lot more efficient in your workflows and you may want to consider a job management software to consolidate all these systems.


Custom Reports

Having your information in a central online location means that you can use that information to generate valuable business reports. With your efficient workflows in place, look to generate and customise reports to ensure you are being proactive and gaining valuable business insights. 

Report Directly From Your Management Software

If your current workflows require you to export data and manipulate that information in Excel or If you don’t currently have a system that allows you to make your own custom report and save them, consider a system that accommodates this. Having a system that not only allows you to put information in, but also valuable information back out is top-tier business efficiency. 

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We hope that these suggestions can help benefit the efficiency within your business.

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