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Were on a mission to redefine the American garage.

When was the last time you entered your home through your front door? If your customers are like most Americans, the answer is likely, “Um… I can’t remember.” That’s because most people enter their homes through the garage. But be honest; how welcoming do garages typically look, really?

That’s where we come in.

Backed by more than 45 years’ experience in the concrete and foundation industries, Hello Garage is elevating the humble garage from cluttered junk drawer to America’s true front door. More than anything, though, we’re redefining the entire garage improvement industry by making the entire Hello Garage experience so remarkable, our customers will want to tell their friends about it.

What we do.

We transform peoples’ homes by upgrading the things that most make an impact on their garages: Flooring, Storage and Organization.

Beautiful, Durable Floor Coatings

Say goodbye to cracks, stains and dirty concrete with our premium polyaspartic floor coating formula. Our flooring offers granite-like looks and durability and can be installed in about a day.

👉  8 color options to match any garage

👉  Industry-leading warranty

👉  Superior alternative to epoxy

👉  When professionally installed, it can last a lifetime

Ours Versus Theirs

The HG Flooring System uses proven polyapartic technology that has been protecting floors and other industrial surfaces for more than 30 years. Here’s why it’s better than everything else.




New Look




Easy to Clean




Excellent Chemical Resistance




Environmentally Friendly



Professional Finish



1-Day Installation


24-Hour Return to Service


Resists Hot Tire Pickup


Excellent Abrasion Resistance


Won't Yellow


Customizable Storage

The HG Storage System is versatile enough to organize any garage space on any budget. And it's only available from Hello Garage.

👉  Modular system can be configured a variety of ways

👉  Shelving, Cabinet, Drop Zone and Workbench options

👉  Industry-leading lifetime warranty

👉  Made in the USA

Personalized Organization & Accessories

Organization and accessories transform even the most cluttered garages into something truly unique.

👉  Strong, attractive slatwall sets available in multiple colors

👉  Hooks, baskets and other accessories organize clutter

👉  Adjustable overhead LED lighting brightens up any space

👉  High-strength storage hooks get large items off the floor

Hello Garage solutions have the features your customers are asking for. Our product development team is obsessed with taking America's garages to the next level, so they listen, learn and innovate.

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The Hello Garage Difference

Each Hello Garage franchise is dedicated to helping homeowners reimagine the garage space and elevate it from cluttered junk drawer to true front door. The goal of every Hello Garage employee is to provide a customer experience so remarkable people will want to tell their friends about it.

We have an average 4.9-star Google rating. In other words, our work speaks for itself.

Everything we offer comes with an unbeatable warranty.

We offer homeowners an unmatched customer experience.

Why partner with Hello Garage?

Whether you’re constructing new homes or selling existing properties, upgrading the garage differentiates you from the competition in the mind of potential homeowners.

They can immediately imagine what they’d do with the space—beyond simply using it to shelter their vehicles and store a few tools. In that way, you’re really offering them an extra usable room… without the cost and hassle of extra construction.

The bottom line: A Hello Garage home is one that’s truly been taken to the next level by opening up the possibilities of the garage space.

Partnership Opportunities

Hello Garage offers a variety of partnership opportunities, both locally and on the corporate level, that can build credibility with potential customers and benefit everyone involved. If you're an Influencer, home builder, contractor, realtor or someone who is just a big fan of our brand, let's connect. We offer:

👉  Mutual referral partnerships

👉  Influencer opportunities

👉  Guest blogger options

👉  Social media cross-promotion

👉  YouTube feature

👉  Lunch and learn presentations

👉  More

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