A guide to protection options

Let’s start with Link Secrets

Available for: All accounts

Qwilr Page links are already protected by default, so you can share them with confidence.

We embed a “link secret” in each page URL. It keeps your page from being seen by search engines.

But there might be cases where you want to add even more security. Let’s look at some more options.

Making limited-time-only Pages

Available for: Business and Enterprise accounts

You can set a Qwilr Page to expire after a specific amount of time. This is great for limited-time offers or just limiting exposure to a page.

To get started adding a time limit, click the Share button:

Anyone who tries to view the page after your expiration date will see an error message instead.

🔎 Learn more about time limits here.

Setting a view limit on a Page

Available for: Business and Enterprise accounts

You can also have a page disable once it’s been viewed a specific number of times. This is helpful when you’re concerned about someone on your client’s side sharing the page link widely.

Click the Share button to get started adding a view limit:

Anyone who views the page after the view limit is reached will see an error message.

🔎 Learn more about view limits here.

Add password protection to your Page

Available for: Business and Enterprise accounts

For some documents, you might want your client to enter a password before they view the page.

Click the Share button to set up a password:

Here’s what your client will see when they view your page.

🔎 Learn more about password protection here.

Add identify verification to your Pages

Available for: Enterprise accounts

You can also require your clients to verify their identity before they view your page, using their email address, Google, and/or LinkedIn accounts.

Click the Share button to set this up:

When your client visits the page, here's what they'll see (depending on the identity options you've selected):

You can even restrict a page so that only specific email domains can view it.

🔎 Learn more about identity verification here.


Feel free to email us at, or click the ? Help button in your Qwilr account.