(Or Google Slides, or any other
slide deck.)

So you have a slide deck that you want to turn into a Qwilr Page. This guide will show you how.

If this is your first Qwilr Page, we also have a Getting Started Guide.

Step 1: Gather your branding elements

First, make sure you have the right colors and fonts for your brand.

  • You’ll need the hex color code for each of your brand colors. If you don’t know what those are, you can use a free online tool to find them.
  • You’ll also need 1-3 fonts. You can look in PowerPoint for the fonts used in your deck, or use a free online tool to detect them. 

  • Here's how to add your brand elements to Qwilr:

    We also have these instructions in text form.

    Step 2: What visuals will you need?

    Qwilr Pages hold all kinds of visuals - images, videos, maps, tables, and even embedded content from other websites.

    It’s a good idea to collect all the visuals you want to use ahead of time - that will help you plan your Qwilr Page.

    You’ll probably also want to include your logo, so make sure you have a .jpg or .png file handy.

    Getting the images from your slide deck

    Tip: Getting the images from your slide deck

    If you have the original image files, they’ll look best in your Qwilr Page. But if not, you can try pulling them from your slides.

  • In PowerPoint, right-click on an image. Then choose Save as Picture from the menu.
  • In Windows, you can also use the Snipping tool to take screen captures of images.
  • On Mac, you can type Shift-Command-4 to capture sections of your screen.
  • Step 3: Let’s consider the layout

    Now that you have the foundations, let's think about the layout of your new page. It will be different than the layout of your slide deck.

    That's because Qwilr is built for responsive layout.

    Slide Deck

    Qwilr Page

    The size of your slides is always the same.

    A Qwilr Page might be viewed on a large desktop monitor or a phone screen. It has to be flexible.

    Each slide expresses one idea, and your client views each slide separately.

    A Qwilr Page is a document your client will scroll through. Each idea flows into the next.

    Slides are always in horizontal format.

    Your Qwilr Page might be seen in a vertical format, like a mobile device. (That flexibility, again.)

    ...So you won't be making an exact duplicate of your deck here.

    You'll be capturing its essence, and making it into a Qwilr Page.

    Tip: Working with a responsive layout

    Some things to remember as you build your page:

    (Incidentally, you can see all these ideas at work here in this very page.)

    Let's see these ideas in action!

    Below is a sample slide deck. Take a look at the slides, and then see how we used the same elements to build a Qwilr Page.

    Now take a look at the Qwilr Page.

    ...And notice how we used the responsive layout:

  • We combined some slides into single blocks. Blocks are flexible - you can have as much or as little content in a block as you need.
  • We added a navigation bar to the page as a Table of Contents.
  • We embedded some of the slides right into the page.
  • We used the same images, placing some inline and using others as Splash backgrounds.

  • Tip: Splash images vs. inline images

    Tip: Splash images vs. inline images

    Splash Blocks (like this one) are part of what makes Qwilr's layout responsive.

    Splash images are backgrounds. They'll be cropped differently on different-sized screens.

    If you need to see 100% of your image on all screens, it's best to add it as an inline image, like you see below:

    If you need a little more layout complexity...

    If you need a little more layout complexity...

    If you're looking to stretch the one-column layout a bit, here are some tricks to try:

  • If you need text and images to be in a specific arrangement, try formatting them together in an image-editing program, creating an image you can upload to Qwilr.
  • Try using a table to structure your text in more than one column.
  • Try embedding a PDF or slideshow into your page.
  • Feel free to reach out to us for suggestions!
  • Questions?

    Feel free to email us at, or click the ? Help button in Qwilr.