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Iconic looks for brands that mean business.



We want to make sure your brand means business and is always recognisable, memorable and iconic. We want to work with you to understand your goals now and into the future.


First impressions last, so we make sure that every detail counts. Our talented design team is experienced in print, digital, web, social and experiential design platforms. And we always ensure timely and smooth path to deliver with an network of talented designers and producers that are experts in their field.


Perception driven by aspiration. We provide fully integrated branding services from initial brand development through to ongoing brand management. Delivering meaningful and valued strategies that help organisations connect their purpose to who they are and what they do, every day.


At Acme, words are part of design. We develop smart communication strategies and guidelines that perfectly match your brand's look and feel. Understanding your audience, identifying key messages and brand pillars, as well as defining your brand voice are just part of the work.



A brand recognised across the world.


The world's most popular handset.


A brand for life changing shoes.

Recognised, Memorable, Iconic

Our founders started Beta Brand in a small warehouse Nob Hill. They were a trio of designers that had a wealth of design studio, marketing and advertising agency experience who just wanted to make beautiful, memorable work on they could be proud of.

Now we’re bigger, but we still follow this ethos.

“We knew Beta Brand was the agency for us as soon as we saw their initial concepts. They understood the task at hand.”

Genie Hamilton, Head of Marketing, Kangaroo Shoes

The Team

Our people are dedicated team players that support each other in their office and across locations. With agencies routinely requiring specific expertise, advice or assistance, every one of us gets to work together in one way or another.


Beta Brand has offices in Portland, Sacramento and Vancouver.

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We want to make your business look like it’s ready to take over the world… so let’s do it!

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