The Green New Deal (GND) is an idea to radically change our economies and societies in order to save the planet and create a more fair and equal way of life for everyone across the globe.

What could a Green New Deal involve?

In order to limit the worst effects of our climate catastrophe, we need to reach net-zero emissions within 10 years. That's going to require systemic economic and social change. The GND provides a blueprint for managing this change, while boosting equality and quality of life.

Completely replacing fossil fuels with community-owned and managed renewable energy sources - within ten years.

Improving the way we produce and distribute food - while also ensuring everyone can afford a healthy, balanced diet.

Ensuring we all have access to safe and affordable housing - while improving how we power and heat/cool our homes.

Making the way we travel more sustainable - through electric vehicles, bike lanes and cheap, accessible public transport.

Providing skills, training and well-paid jobs for everyone that's impacted by the changes in the new industries created.

Improving safety nets to support people through the changes - including free healthcare, child care and education.

Most importantly, these investments will need to be global. Richer nations will have to help countries and populations most at risk.

These are necessary investments

These changes will be expensive. Yet they'll be cheaper than doing nothing. They'll also create millions of jobs, increase equality and create more fair and just societies. We'll need our governments to borrow money and pass legislation to bring this to life.

Think it sounds impossible? We already have a blueprint for how it could work...

In the 30's, President Roosevelt promised 'a New Deal for the American people' in response to the Great Depression, mass unemployment and a man-made environmental crisis.

What followed was a mass mobilisation that saw 10 million employed to build infrastructure across the USA, with 800 new State Parks created and 2.3 billion trees planted. Dozens of laws were passed to reign in the banks, establish social security and ensure government prioritised the rights of the people over corporations. Its effects are still felt more than 80 years later.

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  • Right now, the Green New Deal is just an idea. It needs a lot of thought and support. Our communities across the globe need to get involved. You have a part to play - from consuming less, to getting involved with organisations that support the GND. Here's a few...

    What our planet needs is "not a piecemeal approach that merely trains a water gun on a blazing fire... but a comprehensive plan to actually put out the fire."

    Naomi Klein

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