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Digital tools to help you grow on-farm and across the value chain.

Farmers know their land and produce better than anyone. At Geora, we know technology.

Geora is a digital platform that provides simple and secure technology for farmer networks to track and finance global agri-supply chains.

How it works




In partnership with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation, the ITU, and the Government of Papua New Guinea.


  • Farmers can track the lifecycle of pigs, and share records with financiers and industry
  • Protect against fraud and authenticate high value animals
  • Integrate with physical asset in a low level digital environment
  • Solution

  • Mobile application for smallholder farmers to capture data and photos
  • Pig assets created and tracked as digital records on Geora blockchain
  • Farmers upload data about each pig by scanning a simple RFID tag that is unique per animal
  • Asset record can be shared with potential buyers
  • Extension to this project tracks the pig through market and the secure payment to the farmer
  • Cotton Finance

    In partnership with Australian cotton farmers, AgriDigital and Raw Cotton Australia (RainAg).


  • Allow growers to access asset-backed finance across ginning and storage phases
  • Streamline data transfer with financiers to allow risk assessment and valuation in real-time
  • Growers have flexibility to make better marketing decisions
  • Solution

  • Integrate data along supply chain to create data-rich digital asset records of cotton
  • Asset record created to represent the cotton bales at warehouse
  • Finance registry allows financier to inspect each bale with real time data provided from the warehouse
  • Financier makes financing decisions based on risk profiles of the growers and the data linked to cotton bale asset records
  • Finance delivered using traditional banking rails

    A blockchain platform built for agriculture.

    We believe agriculture deserves the best tech has to offer. For five years we have championed the piloting of blockchain in agriculture. Now we are making it accessible for everyone.

    Geora’s multi-layer architecture powers our user interface, developer API, and customer applications, through secure, private, and verifiable technologies.

    All data is stored and verified on Geora’s permissioned Ethereum network.

    Geora Tech-Stack

    You don’t have to pick a winner with emerging technologies.

    Avoid protocol lock-in and expensive custom builds with a blockchain platform built for agriculture. Geora upgrades the base technical components, while providing uninterrupted service to the our customers. 

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